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Plans for COR Station at Wellington

A blueprint of the proposed new COR station at Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Drawn by John Dunlop Evans, Chief Engineer. Published by the Office of Master of Bridges and Buildings G.T.R. on March 23, 1911.

Evans, John Dunlop, P.L.S.

COR Station at Bloomfield Plans

A blueprint planning the COR passenger station at Bloomfield, Hastings County, Ontario. Plan features floor, platform plans, elevation and sections. Drawn by John Dunlop Evans, Chief Surveyor/Engineer - July 24, 1909.

Evans, John Dunlop, P.L.S.

City of Belleville on hardware advertisement

A map of the City of Belleville in 1950, on an advertisement for Walker Hardware Company Limited. The map itself features street names and major water ways. Street names are at the bottom of the map. Published by S. A. Renouf Advertising Co. a...

S. A. Renouf Advertising Co.

Plans for Intelligencer and CJBQ Radio Station

  • CA ON00156 M/M450-2127 - 2158
  • Series
  • Jul 1963 - 2 Oct 1977
  • Part of Map collection

A series of architectural drawings for the Ontario Intelligencer Limited and C. J. B. Q. Radio Station;From July-August 1963, plot, floor and interior plans.From April 1964, floor, elevations, walls, windows, stairs, and entrance plans.From 1977, ...

Barnett and Rieder Architects

Plan of New Fire Hall No. 2

Part of a set of blueprints for the New Fire Hall No.2 in Belleville, Ontario. The hall is located on West Moira Street, between Boswell Street and Wallbridge Crescent . Drawn by John Arnold Thomson and signed October 25, 1948.

Thomson, John Arnold

Belleville Arena Seating Plan

A blueprint of the Belleville Arena Seating Plan. The (Memorial) Arena is located on Market Street, between Pinnacle and Front Streets. Drawn by City Engineer, Charles A. Mott, and signed January 5, 1929.

Mott, Charles Allan

Plan of the Quinte Cultural Centre

A coloured drawing of the front entrance to the The Parrott Library & The Parrott Visual Arts Centre at the Quinte Cultural Centre in Belleville, Ontario. Drawn by Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd. with Shoalts & Zaback Architects Ltd.

Shoalts and Zaback Architects Ltd.

Plans for Proposed Hastings Heritage Centre

Plans for a Proposed Hastings Heritage Centre in former Thurlow Township Municipal Hall and Offices, located at 154 Cannifton Rd. North. By Gerry Boyce, Susie Boyce, Carson Cross. The former Historical Society and Archives until 2016.

Boyce, Gerry

Reproduction map of Trenton village and bridge

A reproduction of a Tracing of a Part of the Village of Trenton showing the names of some of the principal streets. Original map made in 1873 and held at the Archives of Ontario. Scale 4 chains to an inch.3 tracings of a bridge located in the vil...

Haslett, John James, P.L.S. & D.P.S.

Street plan of the City of Belleville 1965

A map detailing local streets, schools and their respective names, in Belleville, Ontario. Published by the Belleville and Suburban Planning Board in October 1965. Scale 1:9500.

Belleville and Suburban Planning Board

Street Plan of the City of Belleville 1982

A map showing street plans within the City of Belleville. The map was copyrighted 1982 and published by the Belleville Chamber of Commerce.

Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Regional Map of Belleville, Trenton, Sidney Township, Picton

A Regional Map of Belleville, Trenton, Sidney Township and Picton. Including advertisements around map. Composed by the Belleville & District Chamber of Commerce. Published by the Ontario Mapping Company in 1995.Donated by the Belleville Pu...

Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Bird's Eye View Map of Napanee

Reproduction of an 1874 Bird's Eye View of Napanee, Ontario, showing buildings that existed at that time. The original map was drawn by Herman Brosius and printed by Charles Sober & Co. of Chicago.Donated by the Belleville Public Library...

Front Street Heritage Building Study

A study of Front Street Heritage Buildings. The study was completed in 1980 by the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee and funded by the Summer Youth Employment Program. A reference map (in two sheets) corresponds to drawings of ...

Heritage Belleville

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