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  • 1902-1933

The Kilties Band of Belleville, Ontario, was one of Canada's most popular international touring bands of its day. Thomas P.J. Power and William F. Robinson were its first bandmasters, and its membership at times included cornetist, Mr. Voss, and pipe sergeant, David Ferguson (who also recorded bagpipe solos for Berliner). Playing at parks and touring on the vaudeville circuit, they eventually performed in 20 countries, appearing at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904 and giving two Royal Command Performances in Britain. From 1908 to 1910 they went around the world, and in 1915 played to great critical acclaim at the Panama-San Diego Exposition.

Bethel-Zion Women's Institute

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  • 1912-

Bethel-Zion Women's Institute was organized in Phillipston in January 1912.

Belleville & District Shrine Club

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  • 1946-

The Belleville & District Shrine Club was incorporated in 1946. Its headquarters are at 51 Highland Avenue, Belleville, Ontario, a property built in 1881 by barrister Nathaniel Baldwin Falkiner (1838-1905).

Township of Wollaston

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  • 1880-

Wollaston Township became part of Hastings County in 1858. It had previously been combined with Tudor, Cashel and Limerick, but became a separate municipality in 1880. In 2019 it had a population of around 700 people.

John Street United Church

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  • 1847-1937

The John Street United Church (originally John Street Presbyterian Church) in Belleville, Ontario, was dedicated on 11 January 1852 and destroyed by fire on 31 October 1936. In February 1937 the congregation voted to disband.
The pastors of the church are listed in W. C. Mikel's 'City of Belleville History' as follows:
1847-1857 Rev. William Gregg
1857-1859 Rev. William F. White
1859-1870 Rev. William McLaren
1870-1879 Rev. John Burton
1880-1886 Rev. David Mitchell
1886-1891 Rev. J. Henry George
1891-1895 Rev. J. L. George
1895-1902 Rev. T. J. Thompson
1902-1913 Rev. A H. Drumm
1913-1917 Rev. E. C. Currie
1917-1928 Rev. D. C. Ramsay
1928-1937 Rev. Robert Hall

Steele & Co.

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  • 1893-c.1913

Steele & Co. was a firm of photographers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Tabernacle United Church

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  • 1877-1995

The cornerstone for Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church was laid in 1877 on Church Street in Belleville, Ontario. The church was demolished in 1995 after its congregation merged with Holloway Street United Church to form St. Matthew's United Church.

Belleville Scout-Guide Museum

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  • 1975-

The Belleville Scout-Guide Museum began as a private collection in the home of Ron Moon of Corbyville.

Belleville Arena Company Limited

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  • 1929-

The Belleville Arena Company was formed to construct an arena in downtown Belleville, Ontario.

R. H. King Academy

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  • 1922-

Scarborough High School opened in 1922 and was renamed Scarborough Collegiate Institute in 1930. In 1954 it became the R. H. King Collegiate Institute, until 1989 when it was renamed again as R. H. King Academy. Wikipedia article:

Friends of McGeachie

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  • c.1995-

The Friends of McGeachie are a volunteer group which supports the McGeachie Conservation Area on Steenburg Lake in Hastings County.

Island Creamery

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  • fl. 1898

Belleville District Runners Association

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  • 1984-

The Association was formed in 1984 under President Larry Boyle. It was renamed the Belleville Runners Club at some point in the 1990s.

Leslie's Shoes

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  • 1919-1997

Leslie's Shoes was established on Front Street in Belleville in 1919 when William Leslie bought out the business of John McKeown. It remained in the hands of the Leslie family until its closure in 1997.

Abú Media

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  • 2000-

Abú Media is a video production company based in Galway, Ireland.

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