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Photographs and negatives

Photographs of members of Hastings County Council for the following years:
1 1913
2 1920
3 1929
4 1933
5 1936
6 1939 (2 copies)
7 1941-1942
8 1962
9 1963
10 1964
11 1965
12 1966
13 1967
14 1968
15 1969
16 1970
17 1971
18 1972 (2 copies)
19 1973
20 1974
21 1975
22 1976
23 1977
24 1978
25 1979
26 1980
27 1981
28 1982
29 1983
30 1984
31 1985
32 1986
33 1987
34 1988
35 1989
36 1990
37 1991
38 1992
39 1993
40 1994
41 1995
42 1996
43 1997
44 1998
45 1999
46 2000
47 2001
48 2002
49 2003
50 2004-2006
51 2011-2014

There is also a photograph taken c.1961 of officials standing in front of 235 Pinnacle Street with a CJBQ radio microphone (52) and a 1988 photograph of the County Chain of Office (53).

There is also a series of envelopes holding negatives dated 1963-1997 (54), mainly of portraits of County Wardens and of the group photographs of County Council. Some include prints of the negatives. Other images include:
1964 "County Roads Committee" Smith, Mackay, Jerome, Gerrn, Hass, Sabine, Armstrong, Bird, Flynn
1964 "County Court Judges [Lennox & Addington 1864-1950]
1965 "County Assessment"
1982 "Presentation of keys to rescue vehicles"
1986 "Field workers" S. Lowe, Eric Fry, L. Varon, E. Wickert, B. McPherson, L. MacDonald, T. Cassidy
1986 "Carl Bateman & Dorothy Bowen for Plough Match Brochure"
1989 "Warden's chain of office"
1993 [negative reproductions of earlier photographs] "Wardens from Sidney Township: Baltis Rose, S. T. Wilmot, H. G. Bleeker, Jas. Farley, J. S. Dench, J. A. Holgate, Chas. Ketcheson, Col. R. Vanderwater, Harleigh Hamilton, J. Fred Wilson, Lee Grills; also Henry Haryett of Carlow Township, Wm. R. Mather of Stirling Village, Robt. Lancaster of Dungannon, W. C. Farley of Thurlow, Wm. Rodgers of Rawdon; "

Photograph of Hastings County Council

Names of officials: Front row: K. Smith (Elzevir & Grimsthorpe; D. Card (Bangor et al); B. Allen (Tweed); A Donnelly (DR Bancroft); C. Gibson (Warden); C. Bateman (Administrator); P. Merrill (Exec. Sec.); C. T. Rollins (MLA Hastings); G. Boyce (Author, Hutton of Hastings); J. Brown (Bancroft). Centre row: J. Bush (Sidney); M. Waite (Bldg. Supt.); J. McKenzie (Faraday); D. Bateman (Solicitor); K. Yorke (Admin. Hastings Manor); T. Barton (Madoc V.); B. Forsythe (DR Thurlow); S. Cassidy (Hungerford); M. Heath (DR Rawdon); F. Pinder (Engineer); G. Hunt (DR Hungerford); D. Lougheed (Deputy Clerk-Treas.); C. White (Dungannon); R. Sills (Huntingdon); C. Gordanier (Deloro); H. Casey (Thurlow); F. Peever (Herschel). Back row: G. Caldwell (Admin. Hastings Centennial Manor); R. Shortt (Rawdon); G. Wilman (DR Sidney); W. Rose (Frankford); L. Walsh (DR Tyendinaga); G. Lyons (Deseronto); R. Anderson (Stirling); R. Hannah (Mayo); J. Reynolds (Marmora V.); J. Carr (Monteagle); M. Douglas (Carlow); R. Sprackett (Tudor & Cashel); G. Wood (DR Huntingdon); M. Hamm (Limerick); A. Vader (Wollaston); J. Wilkes (Marmora & Lake); C. Woods (Madoc T.). Absent: R. Tucker (Director, Social Services).

Riley, William E.

Collage of photographs of Hastings County Council members

Names of officials: J. A. Moore, Simon Fox, W. H. Nugent, Geo. E. Weaver, T. J. Naylor, T. Montgomery, E. Maxwell, W. F. Farrell, J. V. Walsh, W. H. Hubbell, Robert Cook M.P.P., D. H. Morrison, P. McLaren, W. E. Tummon, F. E. White, J. A. Gunter, J. E. Sills, P. P. Clarke, N. Vermyler, R. P. Coulter, H. Maloney, J. W. Shaw, Chas. Ketcheson, J. E. Brown, L. E. Allen Eng., T. H. Thompson Warden, H. G. Bleeker Supt., A. Kiak, J. A. Stewert, W. A. Hubbell, Chas. Vanderwater, A. Chapman Clerk, B. Mallory Trea., W. J. Duglass, E. W. Hawkins.

Clarke, W. S.

Hastings County directories

Physical copies of the following directories: 1860-1861 (5) 1864-1865 (5) 1868-1869 (1) 1879-1880 (1)
*1889 (5)

And digital copies of the above directories and the following (held elsewhere): 1877 Hoogs & Milette directory of Belleville 1884 Kimballs' directory of Belleville 1884 Farmers and Business Directory for the Counties of Frontenac, Hastings, Lennox, Addington, Prince Edward 1886 Farmers and Business Directory for the Counties of Frontenac, Hastings, Lennox, Addington, Prince Edward 1893 Union Publishing Company Farmers and Business directory of Durham, Hastings, Lennox, Addinton, Northumberland, Prince Edward 1899 Farmers and Business Directory for the Counties of Frontenac, Hastings, Lennox, Addington, Prince Edward
*1899 City of Belleville directory

Home for the Aged Committee report

Report of the Hastings Manor Board of Management of July 1967, with lists of recipients of application forms for employment in May 1968 and petty cash statements for the home in Bancroft.

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