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Warren, Marilyn

  • Person
  • fl. 2020

Marilyn Warren is a photographer and resident of Belleville, Ontario.

Warren Marrow, Sandi

  • Person
  • fl. 2019

Sandi Warren Marrow is an artist from Belleville, Ontario.

Wanamaker, Castello Loral Roy

  • Person
  • 1896-1985

Loral Wanamaker was born in Sophiasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario, on 29th December 1896. He married Mildred Parliament in 1921 and died on 22 October 1985. He worked for the Post Office for 27 years and was a member of the Hastings County Historical Society and keen genealogist.

Walsh, Dorothy Annette

  • Person
  • 1912-1977

Dorothy Annette Walsh was born on December 10, 1912 in Kenora, Ontario. She was the daughter of Leo Mark Chambers and Annie Elizabeth Hamilton. Dorothy Walsh was predeceased by her husband, Ralph. She was educated at the University of Saskatchewan (B.A.). Mr. and Mrs. Walsh lived for some time in Deloro, Hastings County where he worked as manager of the smelting plant. They later moved to Belleville. Dorothy Walsh was a member of Bridge Street United Church in Belleville and a member of the University Women's Club of Belleville. She died on December 4, 1977 in Belleville.

Wallbridge, William, P.L.S.

  • Person
  • 1825-1863

William Wallbridge was born on July 13, 1825 to parents Asa Wallbridge and Hannah Every, in Clarke Township, Durham County, Ontario. He received his land surveying license, in Ontario, on January 8, 1853. He died of scarlet fever on February 3, 1863.

William's grandfather was the local pioneer Elijah Wallbridge.

Wallbridge Women's Institute

  • Corporate body
  • 1907-1991

Wallbridge Women's Institute was founded in 1907 with 32 members from the eastern part of Sidney Township, Ontario. It closed in 1991.

Wallace, Robert

  • Person
  • 1855-1932

Robert Wallace was born in Kirknewton, near Edinburgh, Scotland on 6th March 1855. His family left Scotland for New Zealand in 1862, arriving on September 20th. In 1870 he started work at the Dunedin water works office. He resigned in May 1879 and went to London, where he studied at Spurgeon's College with the aim of becoming a missionary. He visited Belleville in 1882 and stayed with Ellen Bilbrough, assisting with her work at the Marchmont Home. Wallace married Bilbrough in Croydon, Surrey, on 15th February 1887. He continued to work at the Marchmont Home until 1913, when he left Belleville for Toronto. From 1915 to 1929 Wallace served at the Canadian Treasurer for the China Inland Mission. He died on 18th October 1932 in Toronto.

Waldorf, William H.

  • Person
  • 1865-1937

William Horace Waldorf was born in Trenton on September 7th, 1865, the son of James Waldorf and Minerva Hollister. He married Edith Emily Cathcart and the couple had two sons. Waldorf was the proprietor of W.H. Waldorf Grocer in Trenton at the turn of the 20th century. He died at 30 Burton Street, Belleville on December 14th, 1937.

Waddell, J. Clarence

  • Person
  • 1892-1970

Jesse Clarence Waddell was born on 9 February 1892 in Thurlow Township, Hastings County, Ontario. He married Mary Elinor Humphreys (1887-1968) and the couple had one daughter, Doris (1919-1990). J. Clarence Waddell worked at the Post Office in Belleville, Ontario.

Waddell, Doris

  • Person
  • b.1919

Doris Waddell was a resident of Octavia Street in Belleville, Ontario.

W. C. Chewett and Co.

  • Corporate body
  • 1861-1869

A publishing and printing company owned by William Cameron Chewett of Toronto, Ontario.

Volunteer and Information Quinte

  • Corporate body
  • 1966-

Ruth Burrows established The Volunteer Bureau in August 1966 as part of United Community Services (United Way). The Bureau provided services such as driving services, a housing registry, a furniture exchange , clothing depot, English for Newcomers, Seniors' drop-in centres and literacy programs. It became an independent agency with a board of directors in 1970 and was incorporated in 1972. In 1997 the Bureau established information and referral services and became known as Volunteer and Information Quinte (VIQ). Website:

Vinklers, John, O.L.S.

  • Person
  • fl. 1973

An Ontario Land Surveyor, owner of John Vinklers Surveying located in Scarborough, Ontario.

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