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Vilneff, Randy

  • Person
  • fl. 1956-1974

Randy Vilneff was a high school student in Madoc in 1974.

Village of Stirling

  • Corporate body
  • 1858-1997

The Village of Stirling in Hastings County, Ontario was incorporated as a municipality in 1858. In 1998 it was amalgamated with the Township of Rawdon to become part of the Township of Stirling-Rawdon.

Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Company

  • Corporate body
  • 1905-1963

The Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Association opened in 1905 on Lot 4, Concession 11 in Hungerford Township, Hastings County. The various officers operated the joint-stock corporation continuously until 1963.

The first President of the Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Company was Robert Sayers (1901 – 1904). His successors are as follows:

William Gordon (1905 – 1911) Joseph Bateman (1913) Herbert Sayers (1913 – 1922) Wesley Bodgely (1922 – 1925) S. McRea (1926 – 1929) Clarence Graham (1930 – 1932)
*W. E. Bateman (1933 – 1942).

The company ceased operations in 1963 because of a lapse in their insurance coverage, and the stakeholders were reimbursed.

Van Tassel, William Henry

  • Person
  • 1827-1910

William Van Tassel was a Wesleyan Methodist farmer who lived in Sidney Township, Hastings County, Ontario.

van Skiver, Leighton Adelbert, O.L.S. & D.L.S.

  • Person
  • 1874-1949

Leighton Adelbert van Skiver was born on December 4, 1874 at Sophiasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario, to Dutch parents John van Skiver and Elizabeth Way van Skiver. He married Eleanor Francis Jones on March 12, 1919 at York, Ontario. They had two children - George Leighton and Lois Lorraine. Throughout his career he worked as an Ontario Land Surveyor. He died on March 27, 1949 at the age of 74.

Van Blaricom, Earl Winfield

  • Person
  • 1890-1980

Earl Winfield Van Blaricom was born in Sidney Township, Hastings County, Ontario on 13th May 1890. He was a student at Albert College, Belleville, Ontario, until 1907, when he went on to Queen's University in Kingston, graduating in 1912. He studied law at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating in 1916. Van Blaricom served as a gunner with the Canadian Field Artillery during the First World War (personnel record at

After the war, Van Blaricom opened a law office in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. He served on the town's Council and as its mayor. He retired in 1957 and moved to Kelowna, British Columbia, where he died in 1980.

Valentyne, Dana

  • Person
  • fl. 2011

Dana Valentyne worked as the Economic Development Officer for the Town of Deseronto, Ontario.

Usher, Tom

  • Person
  • fl. 2003

Tom Usher was a resident of Deseronto, Ontario and, with his wife, Irene, was the proprietor of the Town's Edge Bed and Breakfast at 73 Main Street, Deseronto.

Usher, Amelia Elizabeth

  • Person
  • 1881-1980

Amelia Elizabeth Usher was born on March 1, 1881 in Cushing, Quebec, the daughter of James and Louisa Watson. She was married to Edward Owen Keatley in 1904, and after he died, to Reverend William Usher. She visited her daughter Lois Wishart frequently in Belleville. Mrs. Usher was active in the Women's Christian Temperance Union at the national and provincial levels. She was a member of St. Mungo's Church in Cushing, Quebec, and died on November 11, 1980 in Stirling, Hastings County.

Unwin, Murphy and Esten, O.L.S.

  • Corporate body
  • c. 1820–2001

Unwin, Murphy and Esten Ltd. was the first land survey firm located in Toronto, Ontario. Their surveys allowed much of the land within the city to be developed.
Their records currently lie with a successor - Krcmar Surveyors Ltd. in Thornhill, Ontario.

Uniondale Women's Institute

  • Corporate body

Uniondale Women's Institute was based in Sidney Township, Hastings County.

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