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Sidney South Women's Institute

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  • 1961-1998

The Sidney South Women's Institute was formed in November 1961 in the southern part of Sidney Township, Ontario. It was closed in 1998.

Chatterton Women's Institute

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  • 1905-1976

Chatterton Women's Institute was organized in 1905 in Sidney township, Ontario. It was closed in 1976.

Kitchener's Red Cross Society

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  • 1917-1919

The Kitchener's Red Cross society was organized in the Wallbridge area of Hastings County and held its first meeting on 16 October 1917 and the home of Mrs. Nelson Beatty. The group made trench caps, bed socks and property bags for troops overseas.

Scott's Women's Institute

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  • 1919-1924

The Scott's Women's Institute was organized on 24 April 1919 at the home of Mrs. Rufus Spencer in the Frankford area of Sidney township, Hastings County, Ontario. The first president was Mrs. Nelson Beatty.

Bancroft Public Library

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  • 1901-1909, 1918-

The first library was located at W.N. Simmons' Tailor Shop, later at Athens High School. In 1918, the Women's Institute made a library their first peacetime project. Beginning as a small travelling library, it later was established in the basement room of the Community Hall, built originally as a jail, until it moved in 1960 to 14 Flint Avenue. (Reynolds, Nila. Bancroft: A Bonanza of Memories. Bancroft, Bancroft Centennial Committee, 1979, pp. 161-165)

Alcoholics Anonymous

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  • 1935-

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international mutual aid fellowship whose stated purpose is to enable its members to "stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety." It was founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Bob Smith in Akron, Ohio

Smith Photo

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  • fl. 1938

Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County

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  • 2010-

The Community Archives was established in 2010, as a result of an agreement between the City of Belleville, the County of Hastings, and the Hastings County Historical Society. Its remit is to collect, preserve and make available the records collected by the three founding organizations and other materials which reflect the people and communities of Belleville and Hastings County.

Village of Stirling

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  • 1858-1997

The Village of Stirling in Hastings County, Ontario was incorporated as a municipality in 1858. In 1998 it was amalgamated with the Township of Rawdon to become part of the Township of Stirling-Rawdon.

Harold Cheese Manufacturing Company

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  • c. 1888-1990

The Harold Cheese Manufacturing Company was on Harold Road in Rawdon Township, Hastings County, Ontario. In May 1990 it was sold to Keith Henry of Henry Foods.

Ashcroft Audio Publishing

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  • fl. 1999

Audio publishing company run by Don Edwards.

Windswept Productions

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  • 1989-

Video production company based in Belleville, Ontario.

A Cappella Quinte

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  • 1973-

A Cappella Quinte formed in Trenton, Ontario in 1973 as a regional chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. The group was originally known as The Trentones, changing its name to A Cappella Quinte in 2011.

Gainsboro Studio

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  • fl. 1922-1929

The Gainsboro Studio was a photography business active in Toronto between 1922 and 1929.

Life Portrayal Series

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  • fl. 1941

Life Portrayal Series was a publishing firm based at 120 Wellington Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

Argyll Chapter IODE

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  • 1910-2001

The Argyll Chapter of the Imperial Order of Daughters of Empire was established in Belleville on 10 November 1910. Membership was open to the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of active members of the Argyll Light Infantry regiment, with the Commanding Officer's wife (if there was one) taking the position of Regent. The organization raised funds for local service personnel and charities. It was disbanded in 2001.

Griffin Opera House

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  • 1884-1933

The opera house at the southwest corner of Church and Bridge Street East opened in 1884 and operated under various names (the Belleville Opera House, Queen's Opera House, Carman Opera House, and finally the Griffin Opera House or Griffin Theatre). It was demolished in 1933.

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