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Philip Etter records

  • CA ON00156 2012-12
  • Fonds
  • 1935-2012

Photographs from World War Two, Philip Etter's identification cards, literature on the navy and military, correspondence with the Canadian Merchant Navy Veterans Association, newspaper articles, newspapers from World War Two, House of Commons releases, the journal "The Red Duster".

Etter, Philip Herbert

Hobbs family Royal Flying Corps photograph collection

  • CA ON00156 DA 2012.10
  • Collection
  • 1917 - 1918

Album of photographs compiled by a member of the Hobbs family. Teddie Hobbs appears in one of the photographs and there is also a photograph of the grave of J. E. Hobbs. The majority of photographs are of the First World War Royal Flying Corps training camps in North America: Camps Borden and Mohawk in Ontario and Camp Taliaferro in Texas.

Leo Bates Riggs

This series contains the following textual records and graphic material from the life of Leo Bates Riggs:

  • Documents, financial records, memberships ca. 1895-1956
  • Personal correspondence, business correspondence, Invitations, and Cardsca. 1901-1954
  • Pamphlets and Brochures ca. 1916, and 1952
  • Newspaper clippings dating from 1928-29, 1953, and 1956
  • Musical Notes, Documents, and Papers ca. 1911-17, and 1934
  • Photographs
  • Scrapbook

Riggs, Leo Bates

A New and Accurate Map of Part of North America

A reproduction of "A New and Accurate Map of Part of North-America, Comprehending the Provinces of New England, New York, Pennsilvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island & Part of Virginia, Canada and Halifax, For the Illustration of M. Peter Kalms Travels." Written at the bottom is "Publish'd according to Act of Parliament Mrahc 7th, 1771."

Reproduction Map of Upper Canada East Part

A reproduction of a map of "Upper Canada East Part" by L. J. Herbert in January 1839. Scale in British miles. Published by the Lithographic Establishment Quarter, Master Generals Office.

Archives of Ontario

Reproduction of an Accurate Map of North America

A reproduction of an "Accurate Map of North America Deferring and distinguishing the British and Spanish Dominions on this great Continent." Original map made in 1775 and held at the Archives of Ontario.

Archives of Ontario

Reproduction Map of Amerique Septentrionale

A reproduction of "Amerique Septentrionale divisee en ses principales parties ou sont distingue's les vns des autres Les Estats" map by Nicolas Sanson. Original map made in 1695. Includes area in modern day Canada and USA.

Canada. Department of Energy, Mines and Resources

Reproduction Map of Le Canada and Nouvelle France

A reproduction of Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France map by Nicolas Sanson. Original map made in 1656. Includes area extending from west Lake Superior to Newfoundland.

Canada. Department of Energy, Mines and Resources

Parts of Ontario and USA in 1834

A map showing settlements of Ontario and part of the United States in February 1834 by J. Arrowsmith. The total area extends from Lake Huron East to Montreal and south Ohio to Long Island.
Received from the Archives of Canada's map collection - 11 May 1977.

Arrowsmith, John

Copy of a Map of the Province of New York and Jersey

A reproduction of "A New & Accurate Map of the Province of New York and Part of the Jerseys, New England and Canada. Showing the Scenes of our Military Operations during the Prejant War- Also the New Erected State of Vermont." Originally published by J. Bow on October 31, 1780. Date of reproduction is unknown.

Donated by the Belleville Public Library in 2014.

Map of Upper Canada and United States

A map showing settlements of Upper Canada and part of the United States in 1834 by J. Arrowsmith.
Received from the Archives of Canada's map collection - July 9, 1971.

Arrowsmith, John

Road Map of Central Canada 1939

A map of Central Canada detailing various roads, towns and cities. The total area extends from west Sarnia to east Prescott and north Algonquin Park to south Lake Ontario. Map dated 1939. Published by Imperial Oil Limited. Scale: 15 miles to 1 inch.

Imperial Oil Limited

A Map of the Atlantic Gateways

  • CA ON00156 M/M400-3036, 3038 - 3041, 3044/M400-3041
  • Item
  • Mar 1983
  • Part of Map collection

A map showing the gateways of the Atlantic Ocean in North America, by the National Geographic Society's Cartography Section. Scale: 1 centimeter = 13.2 kilometers or 1 inch= 20.8 miles. Dated March 1983.

National Geographic Society

A Map of the Great Lakes

  • CA ON00156 M/M400-3036, 3038 - 3041, 3044/M400-3040
  • Item
  • Jul 1987
  • Part of Map collection

A map showing the Great Lakes of Canada and the USA, by the National Geographic Society's Cartography Section. The totally area shown includes west Manitoba to east Quebec and north to Lake Nipigon and south to U. S. A. Scale: 1 centimeter = 23 kilometers or 1 inch = 36 miles. Dated July 1987.

National Geographic Society

National Geographic Maps

  • CA ON00156 M/M400-3036, 3038 - 3041, 3044
  • Series
  • March 1972 - July 1987
  • Part of Map collection

Various maps published by the National Geographic Society's Cartography Section, covering areas of just Ontario to the entire globe.

National Geographic Society

Canadian National Railway System Map

"The Only Railway Serving All Ten Provinces of Canada:" a map showing the Canadian National Railway System in 1952. The map includes: Canadian National Railways, Grand Trunk Western Railroad Company, Central Vermont Railway Inc., Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railway Company. Composed by C.N.R. Montreal. Scale 10/16 of an inch to 50 miles.

Donated by Bruce Polmanter.

C.N.R. Montreal

Wanamaker records

  • CA ON00156 MG 27
  • Fonds
  • 1778-1984

The Wanamaker fonds consists of textual records and graphic materials of genealogical histories of various families. The fonds also contains records, brochures, pamphlets, publications, books, and other textual records from towns and cities throughout Ontario, predominantly from the Quinte Area and Hastings County.

  • Family Photographs of the Sayers family, Ralph Wanamaker's family, the Hodgen family, of Loral Wanamaker's family, Parliament family, Van Cott family, Post family, as well as loose photographs of the Parliament family, the McTaggart family, various snapshots and negatives of scenery and views, as well as 2 boxes of slides
  • 1 box of Books and Binders with genealogical records, as well various records of various towns in Ontario ca. 1816 - 1957
  • Genealogical notes, histories, birth records, death records, pages from family Bibles, receipts, and other textual records for over 40 individual families
  • Genealogical charts, and ancestral charts
  • Genealogical correspondences
    *Newspapers, and News clippings from Hastings County, Hastings County Museum, Historical Society, Lennox and Addington, Prince Edward County, Trenton, Tyendinaga, and United Empire Loyalists
  • Legal documents, seals and original deeds, and land records ca. 1803 - 1848
  • Genealogy forms, research materials, reference materials
  • Various artworks and postcards (of Hastings County, the Quinte Region, the British Military and Navy, the Belleville Art Association, and travel)
  • Quinte region, Belleville, Trenton, and Prince Edward County miscellaneous publications, newspaper clippings, brochures, pamphlets, notes, directories, histories, records, and tourism guides and publications
  • Ontario, New York , and Canada pamphlets, magazines, calendars, and an Ontario Liquor License Act, 1891
  • Land Abstracts for Prince Edward County
  • Maps and plans: 1778-1779 Blue Print Surveys from General Washington, New York Historical Society; 1784 Ontario (printed by Ministry of Natural Resources), 1984; 1860-1861 Hastings County, 1860-1861 from the Hastings County Directory; 1928 Lloyd's Map of Hastings County; c. 1930 Belleville Post Office Carrier Route #8, North Front and North Park Streets
  • Scrapbooks ca. 1958-1972
  • Miscellaneous Publications (almanacs, newspaper clippings, miscellaneous pins belonging to Loral Wanamaker, blue print surveys)

Genealogical family research names:

  • Allison
  • Alyea
  • Babcock, John
  • Bailey
  • Belnap
  • Benson
  • Blair/Snider/Mumby/Spenser
  • Brickman, Lewis
  • Brighton
  • Canniff
  • Clapp
  • Cole
  • Cunningham
  • Embury
  • Finkle
  • Fraser
  • Gallagher
  • Gerow
  • Giraud/Gero-Gerow
  • Hodgens
  • Johnson
  • Loveless, Absolam
  • McTaggart
  • Meyers, John W.
  • Mitchell, Alfred
  • Orser
  • Parliament
  • Peck
  • Redner
  • Roblin
  • Scott
  • Spencer
  • Sprung
  • Van Cott, John
  • Vander Woort
  • Waite (see also Sprung and Putnam)
  • Wallbridge
  • Wanamaker
  • Wanamaker, Judge George Washington
  • Wanamaker
  • Weese
  • Whitney
  • Williams and Schermerhorn
  • Yarrow

Wanamaker, Castello Loral Roy

Lock Companies of Belleville records

  • Fonds
  • 1839-1985?

A mix of catalogues showcasing locks and associated building hardware for all the companies involved, but focusing on Corbin. Box of files includes inter company correspondence, newspaper clippings, log books, photographs and shares. A number of other books include a job book for cylinder keys, manufacturing order books and department specific log books. Two awards are also included, 1 for the efforts of a flood control team in 1981 and 1 safety award received in 1960. The fonds also includes a plastic Corbin sign and a key made at the plant.

International Hardware Company

Records of Dr. Lester D. Riggs

  • CA ON00156 2018-018
  • Fonds
  • 1914-1930

Items relating to the life of Lester David Riggs.

1) Certificates:

  • License to practice medicine in California, 1914
  • License to practice medicine in Arizona, 1916
  • License to practice medicine in New Mexico, 1918
  • License to practice medicine in New York, 1918
  • Appointment as First Lieutenant in the United States Army Medical Corps, 1918
  • License to practice medicine in Wyoming, 1920
  • Membership of the Associate of Military Surgeons, 1920
  • Licentiate from the Post Graduate Course in Pulmonary Tuberculosis, 1925
  • Licentiate as Fellow of the American College of Physicians, 1929
  • Certificate in Internal Medicine, 1937

2) Other materials

  • Two photographs of Lester D. Riggs in army uniform
  • 'Symptoms and Treatment of Tuberculosis' paper by Lester D. Riggs, c. 1926
  • 'Chronic Diseases Found in Association with Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Their Influence on Prognosis and Treatment' paper by Lester D. Riggs, 2 December 1926
  • 'Tuberculous Activity Following Tonsillectomy' paper by Lester D. Riggs, 25 May 1928
  • 'Definite Terminal Signs in Pulmonary Tuberculosis' paper by Lester D. Riggs, c.1928
  • 'Artificial Pneumothorax and Tuberculosis' paper by Lester D. Riggs, 26 March 1929
  • Copy of letter of recommendation from George H. Kress, 15 May 1929
  • Printed program for the Convocation of the American College of Physicians, 1 May 1935
  • List of books [possibly owned by Lester D. Riggs]
  • Biography of Dr. Lester David Riggs

3) Journal of 'Artificial Pneumothorax Notes', including names of patients, 1929-1930

Riggs, Lester David

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