Scrapbook compiled by Joyce Bell Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
399 Photo of Bonnie Conley who loves gardening in Belleville. Item 2003-10--4
407 A brief history and photo of the Bellevue Terrace on Patterson Street in Belleville. Item 2003-12-20
422 Photos of Belleville Collegiate Institute and Vocational School demolition in Belleville. Item 2004-05-22
427 Letters to the Editor about Mayor Mary Anne Sills and Belleville Collegiate Institure and Vocationa School monument completed today. Item c. 2005
438 Photo of a painting 'Boys and Girls First Aid Week' by Norman Rockwell. Item c. 2001
442 Photo of a painting 'The Boy Who Put the World on Wheels' by Norman Rockwell. Item c. 2001
444 Photo of a painting 'Merry Christmas, Grandma...' by Norman Rockwell. Item c. 2001
447 10 photos of Canadian Wildlife Item c. 2000
449 Photos of paintings of ice fishing and a scenery. Photos of Belleville City Hall at sunset and a walk through a park. Item c. 2004
451 Photo of a painting of working in the Sugar Bush and a stream. Photo of a flower and a sunset. Item c. 2004
453 Time Capsule a photo of Queen's Hotel in Belleville. Item c. 2000
459 A brief history about the fires at City Hall in Belleville. Item c. 2000
460 A brief history and a photo of the Docter's Hotel on Station Street in Belleville. Item 2004-11-27
464 A brief history and a photo of Henry Corby Jr. and his house on George St. Belleville. Item 2004-06-12
465 A brief history and a photo of the children who came to Canada from England to live. Photo of the Marchmont home at 193 Moira Street West in Belleville. Item 2004-06-26
466 A brief history and a photo of Corby Bath House in Victoria Park Belleville. Item 2004-05-29
469 A brief history of Walker Hardware on Front Street in Belleville. Item 2004-08-07
473 Photos of Dafoe House, The old Quinte Hotel, fire at the Quinte Hotel in 1907 and the Clarion Inn (Quinte Hotel) on corner of Bridge and Pinnacle Street in Belleville. Item c. 2000
474 Photos of sun rising and the sun setting. Item c. 2000
477 Photos of renown conductor Kerry Stratton. Item c. 2006
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