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Reproduced plan of Point Ann Railway

A photocopy of the "Plan of the Point Ann Railway in the Township of Thurlow and County of Hastings and Province of Ontario." The area includes from the Grand Trunk Railway, Lots 13-16 Concession 1, Lots 16-19 Broken Front Concession and south to the Bay of Quinte. Originally printed January 17, 1903. Scale 400 feet to an inch. Surveyed by Henry Carre, O. L. S.

Donated by the Belleville Public Library in 2014.

Carre, Henry, O.L.S.

Reproduced plan of Thurlow Railway Company Location

A photocopy of the "Thurlow Railway Company Location Plan Profile & Book of Reference, Province of Ontario." The area included extends from Lehigh Portland Cement Co. in Point Ann, First Concession of Thurlow Township and Lot # 23.

Buiy, Rayman R.

Plan of Point Ann village in the Township of Thurlow

A certified reproduction of the "Plan of the village of Point Anne, parts of Lots # 18 to 25, Broken Front Concession of Thurlow Township.” Surveyed by Charles D. Campbell, O. L. S. of J. Walter Evans & Company, Engineers & Surveyors. Signed May 1, 1929.

This copy was made in 1972 of plan #573 registered in the Hastings Land Registry Office.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, P. L. S.

Campbell, Charles Donald, O.L.S.

South and Central Hastings Map

"Cummins Rural Directory Map:" A map of South and Central Hastings, in 1923, featuring post offices, hamlets and lot owners. Map is surrounded by advertisements. Published by Cummins Map Co., Toronto. Dimensions 71cm x 50.5cm.

Cummins Map Company

Hull, Bobby, Point Anne, 1966

File contains a Maclean's magazine article, 22 January 1966, entitled “Bobby Hull,” profiling the NHL player and cattle breeder, originally from Point Anne. Also includes an Intelligencer article, 6 May 1966 concerning the erection of a sign at Point Anne honouring Hull.

Photograph of staff of Canada Cement Company Plant No. 5

  • CA ON00156 2011-48
  • Item
  • 1943

Photograph of staff at Plant Number 5 of the Canada Cement Company Limited, Point Anne, Ontario.

Names provided by Jackie Gilbert (formerly Hull):
Back row: Peter Stalkovistch; Bud Doxtator; ?; Mr. Roluf; Franklin Bennett; Phil Loft; Mr. Basisty?; Walter MacDonald; Joe ?; Earl Wilson?; Mr. Moslo Sr; Leonard MacDonald; Reg File; Mike Basisty?; Charles Dedore; W. Akey; Joe Sutherby; ?; ?; Bill Insley; Cummings?; Murney Carter; ?; Mr Logue; ?; ?; ?; ?; ?; ?; ?; John Maher; ?; ?; ?
Second row: Daly Cummings; Sedore ?; ?; ?; Ned Campbell; Johnnie Bennett; Sam Belack; Mr. Pitt; Tommy Bennett; Raymond Bailey; Peewee; Mr. Gurnick; Mr. Horewood; Mr. Conly; Bert Lloyd; Mr. Rosebush; Bill Gray; ?; Mr. Deforge; ?; Art Whitehead; ?; ?; ?; Tom Bowler; Sonny Legate; Stan Luffman; Chester Shepherd; ?; Mr. Bonokowski; ?; ?; Dell McConnell; Mac McKay
Third row; Jimmy Sero; ?; Chuck Lloyd; Josh Maracle; Bill Hull; Maurice Bradshaw; ?; George King; Percy Akey; Hep Payne; Ralph Payne; Dorothy King; Mr. Gaulin; Mr. Hamilton; ?; J. H. Legate; George Armstrong; Pete Hart; Herb Scholar?; Fred Clark; Mr. Brown?; John McConnell; ?; Mr. Jenkins; Joseph Huck; ?; Elijah Brent; ?; Walter Hull
Front row: Peter Moslo; Earl Deforge; Jack Insley; Mike Yosepanko; Murney Green, jr; Jack Whitehead; Murney Green, sr; Dorothy Goodfellow; Dorothy Bennett; Evenlyn Loft; ?; Marion Deforge; Euretta Juby; Gertrude Payne; Lena Hull; Irene Derushie; Mary McTurney; Madeline Bennett; Mrs Bailey?; Mrs. Gurnick; Mrs. ?; Milton Bowers; Bill Juby; ?; ?; ?; John Zurgee

Canada Cement Company Limited

Research materials on Point Anne

  • CA ON00156 2014-05
  • Collection
  • 1910-2013

File of photocopied newspaper clippings and photographs relating to the history of Point Anne; original photograph of two boats labelled 'Plant 4 Field Day, local fish & Game Inspector Fred MacDonald, 1952; original photograph of Murney Carter in his boat May-be?, 1956; and one original typewritten letter from the Belleville Portland Cement Company concerning Michael Whalen, 1910.

Whalen, Vern

Student Assignment

A school interview assignment conducted by Stephen G., Bradd D. and Don K.
Text of interviews with:

  • Maurice S., who was born in 1894 and worked in Brockville, Ontario during the Depression
    *Rocco C. [Campoli], who immigrated to Canada from Italy in 1904 and worked in Point Anne, Ontario during the Depression

Point Anne Clippings, 1956-1967

File contains newspaper clippings from The Ontario Intelligencer concerning the opening of Ste. Anne Church and separate school at Point Anne in June, 1956. Also present is an Intelligencer article 30 December 1967 concerning layoffs at The Canada Cement Company, the principal employer in Point Anne.