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Hutton Family Papers

This file contains an original journal belonging to William Hutton, Toronto it contains hand written copies of letters sent to Wm. Ponton, Esq. Belleville appointed Barrister in March 1857 to manage both Mr. Hutton's and his late son's estates. The journal also records financial records for the years 1857 to 1860. From the W.N. Ponton Estate, 1983, donated by Dorothy Sargent.

Hutton Family Papers

This file contains original documentation for William Hutton (1801-1861) and descendants: * Lease between William Hutton and Thomas Briggs dated July 1834;

  • Power of Attorney between William Hutton and Joseph Hutton dated January 1853;
  • Lease between William Hutton and Edward A. Copleston dated 1859;
  • Will of William Hutton dated April 1859;
  • Mortgage between Mary S. Hutton and Frances Hutton dated April 1867;
  • Will and Codicil of Frances Hutton dated Oct 1870 and Dec 1872;
  • Declaration James Hubbard Meacham dated March 1886;
  • Will and Probate for Anna Hutton Ponton August 1902;
  • Copy of Will of Anne Elizabeth Hutton and Probate dated August 1905;
  • Will of May ? Ponton dated January 1917

Sheriff's Sale

The file contains a copy of the notice of the Sheriff's sale of all right and title of Lewis Day & Henry Day to the South half of Lot No. 14 in the 2nd Conc. of the Township of Kingston, dated 3-December-1828.


File contains a printed poster advising municipal residents to vote for the reduction of licensed drinking places in various municipalities, including Belleville. Also present is a newspaper clipping announcing an upcoming talk entitled “The Man that Rum Makes,” by Dr. W.J. Fairfield on 21 November 1887, and a clipping about a horse theft in Sidney after a drinking episode by the perpetrator.

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