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Heritage Centres in Hastings

The file contains brochures for: 1. The Belleville Scout/Guide Museum,; 2. North Hastings Heritage Museum (Bancroft); 3. Hastings County Museum of Agricultural Heritage (Stirling); 4. Quinte Education Museum & Archieves

Sarah Ann Bowers

The file contains correspondence from Dr. Barnardo's Homes, Migration Department, London, England; dated 15-May-1956, they are certifying that Sarah Ann Bowers (married name Lyon) was a former ward of Marchment Homes, born 3-May-1894 in Manch...

Forester's Island 1904

The file contains a photocopy of an article taken from The Mohawk Drummer, Spring 2004 issue, titled Forester's Island in 1904 about the dedication ceremony held August 27, 1904 for the Forester's Orphanage on the Island the work of Dr. ...

The Marchmont Home

The file contains a newspaper clipping from the Intelligencer dated June 26, 2004 and titled "England's orphans find new lives in Belleville", about Marchmont Home once located on 193 Moira St. West, Belleville.

C. Rathman & Son; Rierdon Coal Co;

The file contains: 1) A paper bag from C. Rathman & Son, Flour, Feed and Seed Merchants, 363 Front St. Belleville; 2) A receipt dated November 21, 1920 received from Mr. Dafoe $35 for covered cutter from I.G. Willard; 3) A receipt dated Feb. 6...

Ontario Business College

The file contains a newspaper article from the Intelligencer, dated July 10, 2004 and titled "Remember When - Preparing students for a future in business", about the history of the Ontario Business College in Belleville.

Gwen Lazier Braidwood, UEL

The file contains a newspaper article from the Intelligencer, dated July 24, 2004 and titled "Remember When - Belleville teen rides horse into international history". About Gwen Lazier (married name Braidwood) who went on an unprecedente...

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