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Depth of the Moira River for Channel Plan

A map showing, primarily, the depth of the Moira River within Belleville, Ontario. Together with a written report, it proposed a channel to the New Ferry Slip. Major streets and some lots are also labelled. By John D. Evans, P.L.S. on April 28, 1881 or 1887. Scale: 66 feet : 1". Note the interesting colouring at dimmed edges.

Donated by the Col W. N. Ponton Estate.

Evans, John Dunlop, P.L.S.

Quaker Cemetery Huntingdon (Moira) Baker Family

This file contains 4 clippings pertaining to the Quaker Cemetery located in Moira.

  1. A newspaper article from the Ontario Intelligencer dated 2 October 1958 titled "Many Pioneers of District Buried in Moira Cemetery". The article references family names: Swetman, Mullett, Baker, Wood, Hudson, Howe, Denyke and Grass
  2. A handwritten genealogy of the Baker Family beginning with William and Ann Baker from Ireland
  3. An article titled "The Quaker Church" giving a brief history of the church and referencing family names: Mullett, Swetman, Merrill, Latta, Hockey, Wood, Haight, Ostrom, Baker, McTaggart, and Ketcheson
  4. A copy of a page taken from an unknown publication with family information for the Vantassel Family, the Baker Family and Later Families with names Diamond, Denike, Outwaters, Emerson, McGowan and Lafferty.

Flood Risk Maps of the Moira River

Flood risk map numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the Moira River. Part of the Canada-Ontario Flood Damage Reduction Program.

Ontario. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Holbert Family Papers

This file contains original copies of the Holbert Family Papers including: mortgages, deeds, insurance policies, correspondence, extension agreement, Sheriff's notice, indenture and abstract, dating from 1895 to 1925. Names include Phoebe Holbert, William Holbert, James Holbert, J. Wesley Holbert, Mouck and Geen.

Map of the Moira Region Watershed

A map of the Moira Region Watershed. Polychrome colours symbolize the varieties of soils and land use surveys, see Legend. Not dated, circa 1950. Published by the Ontario Department of Planning and Development, Conservation Branch. Dimensions 58.5cmx 69cm.

Ontario. Department of Planning and Development

Reforestation Land and Existing Woodland in the Moira Watershed

3 parts of a map entitled "Source Areas [of] Reforestation Land and Existing Woodland" in the Moira Watershed. The varieties of land use include existing woodland, scrub areas, source areas, crown land, and timber licences. Published by the Ontario Department of Planning Development, Conservation Branch in 1950.

Ontario. Department of Planning and Development

Land Use Survey of the Moira Watershed

"Moira Watershed Land Use Survey [for] Recommended Land Use." The varieties of land use include unrestricted, conservation farming, restricted use, permanent vegetation and woodland. Published by the Ontario Department of Planning Development, Conservation Branch in 1950.

Ontario. Department of Planning and Development

Map of the Moira Watershed

A map of the Moira Watershed showing conservation areas, authority forests and the location of large bodies of water.

Zoning Map of Belleville 1959-1970

A map showing, primarily, zoning limits within the City of Belleville. The limits are coloured in crayon and can be referenced on the legend (left). The map was first created c. 1959 (as written in pencil). However, more recent revisions were made June 4, 1970. Scale: 1:12,000. Additional information about by-laws is available on the map's border.

Note the two names listed on the top left corner: K. Murray and D. Williams - possible authors or owners.

South and Central Hastings Map

"Cummins Rural Directory Map:" A map of South and Central Hastings, in 1923, featuring post offices, hamlets and lot owners. Map is surrounded by advertisements. Published by Cummins Map Co., Toronto. Dimensions 71cm x 50.5cm.

Cummins Map Company

Map of Watersheds of the Moira and Napanee Rivers

A map of the Watersheds of the Moira and Napanee Rivers, 1950. From the Department of Planning and Development by A. H. Richardson, Chief Conservation Officer. Dimensions: 48cm x 35.5cm.

Richardson, A.H.

Collection of materials relating to Moira village and Huntingdon Township, Ontario

  • CA ON00156 2019-013
  • Collection
  • 1900-2019

Digital reproductions of photographs and research materials relating to the village of Moira, Ontario. Paper materials include an edition of the Ontario Intelligencer of 7 August 1934, reporting on a reunion at Moira and notes on the history of the Methodist/United church compiled by Owen Herity

Farrell, Linda

Hastings Booklets

File contains a publication from the Moira River Conservation Authority, titled “Progress and Achievements 1947-1962; a newspaper article from the Intelligencer dated January 20, 1965 with a photo of the County Warden; a publication from the Corporation of the Township of Sidney, Historic Highlights 1790-1967

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