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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
M410-1047 Map of the Trent Canal Item 1 Sept 1918 View
M420-1103 South and Central Hastings Map Item 1923 View
M410-1051 Map of Facilities within the Moira River Watershed Item c. 1950 View
M420-1114 Road Map of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Item 1958 View
M430-1196 Thurlow Township Land Division Item 10 May 1874 View
M440-1271 Map of Parcel of Area #1 - Land Settlement Item 1881 View
M410-1049 Map of Rivers and Lakes of Prince Edward County Item Jan. 1989
M420-1136 Map of Hastings County and Townships Item c. 1950 View
M440-1287 Vernon Mights Clearview Map of Belleville Item 1932 View
M430-1204 Plan of Lots in Thurlow Township Item 1848 View
M440-1371 Map of Ketcheson Ward Item c. 1870 View
M418-1071 Forestry in the Townships of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Item 1980
M440-1288 Map of City Streets in Belleville 1932 Item 6 Jan 1932 View
M440-1289 Map of City Streets in Belleville 1940 Item Mar 1940 View
M430-1182 Map of Thurlow Township 1787 (with footnotes) Item 1787 View
M440-1367, 1391-1392, 1826 Maps of Belleville on the Bay of Quinte Item 2000-2010
M440-1320 Map of Hastings Highlands, Trenton and Belleville Item 1966-1967 View
M440-1302 Map of the Belleville Cemetery Item pre 1952 View
M430-1176 Quinte Planning Area - Concept Plan Item 31 Oct 1978
M440-1327 Zoning Map of Belleville 1974 Item 6 Feb 1974
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