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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
M430-2323 Subdivision of part of Lots 23-25 in the Township of Tudor Item 30 Aug 1961 View
M440-2338 Subdivision of Part of Lots 8, 12-13 in the Township of Mayo Item 17 May 1963
M430-2342 Subdivision of Elmwood Acres Extension in the Town of Trenton Item 14 Feb 1963 View
M430-2355 Map of Kingston to Ottawa Item c. 1930 View
M400-2367 Surveying for Settlement Map of Ontario Item 1992
M430-2371 Tremaine Map of York County in Canada West Item 1860
M430-2375 Part 1 of the Subdivision of Part of Lots 22-24 in the Township of Cashel Item 28 Oct 1963 View
M430-2381 Registrar's Plan of Lot 25 in the Township of Sidney Item 30 Mar 1965 View
M430-2391 Map of Sidney Township in 1787 - 1981 rewrite Item 1787 View
M440-2400 Registrar's Plan of part of Lot 3 in the Township of Thurlow Item 23 Mar 1966 View
M430-2408 Registrar's Plan of Lot 26 in Sidney Township Item 10 Mar 1967 View
M440-2412 Subdivision of Part of Lot 19 in the Belleville Item 21 Dec 1966 View
M440-2415 Graphic Index of Lot 28, Belleville Item 10 May 1968 View
M440-2416 Graphic Index of Lot 37, Belleville Item 28 May 1968 View
M470-2429 Topographical Map of Tweed - Canada sheet Item 1991
M470-2434 Topographical Map of Belleville - Canada sheet - east half Item 1950 View
M420-2438 Hydrographic Map of Bay of Quinte, Picton to Presqu'ile Bay Item 15 June 1962 View
M430-2468 Subdivision of Park Lots 10-11 in the Town of Trenton Item 12 Jul 1971
M430-2469 Plan of Easements Lot 1-86 in Trenton Item 13 Aug 1971
M430-2485 Subdivision of Park Lot 19 in the Town of Trenton Item 21 Aug 1973
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