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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
M410-1047 Map of the Trent Canal Item 1 Sept 1918 View
M400-1100 Map Hastings, Prince Edward, Northumberland and Peterborough Counties Item 1916 View
M420-1103 South and Central Hastings Map Item 1923 View
M410-1051 Map of Facilities within the Moira River Watershed Item c. 1950 View
M420-1114 Road Map of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Item 1958 View
M410-1053 Map of the Moira Region Watershed Item c.1950 View
M430-1196 Thurlow Township Land Division Item 10 May 1874 View
M430-1169 Sidney Township Plan of Lots Item 2 Jan. 1912 View
M440-1271 Map of Parcel of Area #1 - Land Settlement Item 1881 View
M440-1244 Plan of the streets of Belleville Item 1860-1861 View
M440-1261 Map of Belleville by Evans & Bolger 1877 Item 1877
M410-1049 Map of Rivers and Lakes of Prince Edward County Item Jan. 1989
M400-1005 Map of Lower Canada, Quebec and Ontario Item 1825
M430-1213 Map of Limerick Township Item c.1869 View
M420-1136 Map of Hastings County and Townships Item c. 1950 View
M430-1180 Map of Sidney and Thurlow Townships Item c. 1860 View
M420-1125 Map of Lennox and Addington, Frontenac and Prince Edward Counties. Item 1 Apr. 1974
M440-1287 Vernon Mights Clearview Map of Belleville Item 1932 View
M430-1204 Plan of Lots in Thurlow Township Item 1848 View
M440-1301 Map of East end of Belleville Item 1 Mar 1951-14 Apr. 1960
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