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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
M400-1008 Map of Upper Canada in 1835 Item 1835
M400-1015 Map of Essex County (Southwestern Ontario) Item 1887
M400-1017 Counties from Belleville to Ottawa Item 1887
M400-1020 Geological Map of the Province of Ontario Item 1958 View
M400-1027 See Ontario By Air Item 1988
M425-1029 Road Map of Ontario, 2003 Item 2003
M425-1030 Road Map of Ontario, 2007 Item 2007
M425-1031 Road Map of Ontario, 2008-2009 Item 2008-2009
M400-3047 Road Map of Ontario, 1988-89 Item 1988-1989
M410-1062 Canoe Routes in the Moira River Watershed Item c. 1975
M410-1063 Restoring Water Quality in the Bay of Quinte Item c. 1980
M410-1042 Teacher's Guide to Quinte in 1785 Item 1785
M410-1044 Reproduction of Murray Canal Plan Item 10 Apr 1883
M410-1053 Map of the Moira Region Watershed Item c.1950 View
M418-1071 Forestry in the Townships of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Item 1980
M420-1080 Plan of Hastings for Hastings Directory Item 1864-1865 View
M420-1090 Map of Hastings County in 4 sections Item 1894 View
M420-1093 Map of the Counties of Hastings and Prince Edward Item 1898 View
M420-1103 South and Central Hastings Map Item 1923 View
M420-1107 Minerals in northern Hastings County Item 1943 View
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