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U.E. Thompson, Banker 1881

File contains Metropolitan national Bank cheques that are payable to the order of Mr.Gatting, cheque paid to the order of U.E. Thompson, and a note sent to the office of U.E.Thompson enclosing a cheque for services rendered as an architect.

The Merchants' Bank

File contains an ink blotter from the merchants Bank of Canada, a Merchants Bank of Canada pamphlet, cheques from the Merchants Bank of Canada, a card from the Merchants Bank of Canada advertising its capital and reserve, and other miscellaneous d...

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

File contains a memoranda booklet from the Canadian Bank of Commerce, a blank cheque c.188-'s from the Canadian Bank of commerce, a c.1960's newspaper clip on an open house of the new commerce branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, and...

Belleville – Standard Bank

File contains a Standard Bank of Canada pass book, a blank cheque book, cheques, a plastic card with the image of the Toronto Standard bank, and a newspaper clip advertising the Standard Bank of Canada.

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