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Photographs by William Spence Clarke

  • CA ON00156 2020-008
  • Documento
  • c.1910

Two interior views of an unidentified butcher's store and a photograph of an Albert College hockey team from Belleville, Ontario.

Clarke, W. S.

Digital copies of photographs taken in Deseronto

  • CA ON00156 DA 2014.06
  • Documento
  • 1980s

Copies of photographs:

  1. United Restaurant, 349 Main Street, Deseronto, Ontario
  2. United Restaurant
  3. Former Deseronto High School building on Thomas Street, Deseronto

Brant, Diane

Hastings County Council Notes 1962

File contains various newspaper clippings about Hastings County Council activities from 1962-1966 such as: an assessment report, Hungerford Township Reeve Harold Varty elected as Warden, a meeting to discuss hospital requirements, creation of a harbour commission, Rawdon Reeve Fred Beckett elected as Warden, surplus of the budget, Thurlow Reeve Clayton Hall elected as Warden, etc.

Hastings County Jail 1866

File contains financial records regarding the construction of a new Court House and jail from 1866. Is also a letter from 1866 discussing the care of Miranda Myers at the jail and a document from the Department of Public Instructions for Upper Canada regarding their cooperation with Hastings County to build a library in the jail.

Hastings County Jail 1867

File contains various expense reports the County jail, including the cost of carrying for a “criminal lunatic” in custody and various letters regarding miscellaneous topics, including: the Police Magistrate discussing an act passed by the Policement of Canada in 1864 that increased the jurisdiction of the Police Magistrate, a letter discussing the water closets in the Court House, a Grand Jury report, etc.

Hungerford 1952-1960

File contains newspaper clippings about various council activities in Hungerford and Hungtingdon. There are also newspaper clippings about the opening of the Foxboro Cheese Factory in Carmel District.

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