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B. G. H. Quarterly newspaper

  • CA ON00156 2011-21
  • Series
  • 1977-1981

Issues of the quarterly newspaper published by the Belleville General Hospital, Belleville, Ontario.

Belleville General Hospital

High School entrance examination reprints

  • CA ON00156 2011-31
  • Series
  • 1950

Publications from The James Texts Limited of Belleville, Ontario:
1) High School Entrance Reprints of Examination Papers Ontario Last Sixteen Years
2) High School Entrance Answers of Examination Papers Ontario Last Sixteen Years

Walmsley family photographs

  • CA ON00156 2012-25
  • Series
  • c.1900-1936

Two photographs:
1) Portrait of a seated man and small child, possibly members of the Walmsley family, taken by D. A. Weese of 279 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario
2) View of floodwaters from CPR tracks near Dundas Street West in Belleville, Ontario, March 1936

Weese, Durwood Alexander

Photographs of Norris Whitney Bridge construction

  • CA ON00156 2013-04
  • Series
  • 1982

Nineteen photographs of the Norris Whitney bridge between Belleville and Rossmore, Ontario, under construction. Three were taken from the air when Ross Cummings was flying a Cessna 150 over the bridge.

Cummings, Ross J.

Photographs and negatives of O'Hara Mill

  • CA ON00156 2013-11
  • Series
  • c. 1965

Interior and exterior photographs of O'Hara Mill near Madoc, Ontario, taken by an unidentified photographer.

Correspondence and drawing

1) Letter from Edward Wodson of the Empire Club of Canada to W. N. Ponton apologizing for the short notice given to members of the Sir Robert Borden luncheon, dated 7 December 1914
2) Letter from Basil Campbell written to Colonel Ponton on board the R.M.S. Missanabie describing a destroyer escort on his voyage across the Atlantic, 3 July 1915
3) Sketch of William Nisbet Ponton over a maple leaf done on Argyll Light Infantry headed paper by A. Johnson in 1915

Printed materials

1) Canada Gazette proclamation regarding a day of mourning for President William McKinley on 19 September 1901 dated 18 September 1901
2) Canada Gazette on the opening of Parliament, 12 March 1903
3) 'Can you answer these-" questions encouraging young men to enlist, published by the Ontario Presses in Belleville, Ontario, c.1916
4) King Baldwin Preceptory Knights Templar No. 6, Belleville, Ontario pamphlet with list of officers, 1936 and list of Preceptors from 1861 to 1936
5) 'Report on the Military Institutions of Canada by General Sir Ian Hamilton, G.C.B., D.S.O., Inspector General of the Oversea Forces', 1913
6) 'Empire Day in Ontario, Friday May 23rd 1913' by the Ontario Department of Education
7) 'Speeches Delivered in Artillery Park, Kingston, on July 21st, 1915, by W. B. Northrup, Esq., M.P., and Michael Clark, M.D., M.P., at the opening meeting of the local branch of the Speakers' Patriotic league', 1915
8) 'How Germany seeks to justify her atrocities' by Joseph Bédier, 1915
9) 'How Austria-Hungary waged war in Serbia' by R. A. Reiss, 1915
10) 'In the Land of War, a Padre with the Bagpipes' by Luchlan MacLean Watt, 1915
11) 'Canada at War, speeches delivered by Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Laird Borden', July to December 1915
12) 'Armenian Atrocities, the Murder of a Nation' by Arnold J. Toynbee, 1915
13) 'British Staying Power, Lord Revelstoke's Views, Anglo-American Sympathies, Interview given to the United Press of America' 1916
14) 'A Signal of Distress from the Belgian Bishops to Public Opinion. The Story of the Belgian Deportations', 1916
15) 'The Mails as a German War Weapon, Memorandum on the censorship of mails carried by neutral ships', 1916
16) 'Memorandum of the Belgian Government on the deportation and forced labour of the Belgian civil population ordered by the German Government', [1917]
17) 'German Truth and a Matter of Fact', by J. M. Robertson, M.P., 1917
18) 'Russia and her Allies, extract from the Verbatim Report of the Imperial Duma, IVth Session, 16th Sitting', 1917
19) 'The Murderous Tyranny of the Turks', by Arnold J. Toynbee, 1917
20) 'The Germans and the Small Nations, an interview with Lord French', 1917
21) 'The New German Empire, a study of German war aims from German sources', 1917
22) 'Canada at War, speech delivered by Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Laird Borden', 18 May 1917
23) 'The True and the False Pacifism' by Count Goblet D'Alviella, 1917
24) 'The Character of the British Empire' by Ramsay Muir, 1917
25) 'Germany, Turkey and Armenia, a selection of documentary evidence relating to the Armenian Atrocities from German and other sources', 1917
26) 'The Medico-Legal Journal' Vol. 34, Issue 3, June 1917
27) 'To Make Men Traitors, Germany's attempts to seduce her Prisoners-of-War', 1918
28) 'Linguistic Oppression in the German Empire' by Ernest Baker, 1918
29) 'The Battles of the Ridges Arras-Messines March-June 1917' by Frank Fox, R.F.A., 1918

Photographs of Remembrance Day parade

  • CA ON00156 2014-66
  • Series
  • 11 Nov 2014

20 colour photographs of the Remembrance Day parade in Belleville, Ontario.

Morris, Bobby-Jo

Humphries family research notes by Doris Waddell

  • CA ON00156 2015-02
  • Series
  • 1964-1994

Research notes on members of the Humphries, Humphrys, and Feathersonhaugh family, used to write a book titled 'Humphries : a Canadian Family and Its Irish Background' in 1874.

Waddell, Doris

Deeds and other documents

Series comprises:
1 & 2) Drafts of sale of lot 10 in the 18th concession of Tudor Township by Joseph Alvy Fry to Daniel Trumble, 1871
3) Draft deed by Thomas Ricketts relating to lots 66 and 67 in Lake Township (not dated)
4) Chattel mortgage by Edward Willson on a horse, a pregnant mare, a harness and a heavy lumber wagon, for $50 from David Hugh Kelly of Madoc, 1887
5) Fire insurance policy for Thomas Ricketts on a frame house lot 12 of concession 18 of Tudor Township, 1891
6) Sale by John and Jessie Wilson of Tudor Township to Thomas Ricketts and Daniel Lummiss of lots 68, 69 and 80 on the East Hastings Road in Tudor Township, 1906
7) Sale by John Howe of Tudor Township to Ricketts and Lummiss, miners, of right to mine lots 45 and 46 of the East Hastings Road, 1909
8) Witness statement by Ann Lummiss to sale in 7), 1909
9) Sale by Abel Airhart of Tudor Township to Thomas Ricketts and Daniel Lummiss of 10 acres of the northeast part of lot 70 on the east side of the Hastings Road, 1910
10) Treasurer's deed of a tax sale to Thomas Ricketts of lots 66 and 67 on the west side of the Hastings Road in Lake Township, 1910
11) Sale by Isaac Golding of Bancroft to Thomas Ricketts and Daniel Lummis, of right to mine lot 6 in the 19th concession of Tudor Township, 1912
12) Letter from B. Mallory, County Treasurer, to Thomas Ricketts of Gilmour, 1913
13) Agreement between Thomas Ricketts and Daniel Lummiss (first part) and William Fraser Bowen of Marmora (second part) to grant Bowen the right to mine lot 17 in the 11th concession of Lake Township, 1913
14, 15 & 16) Sale by Thomas and Ann Ricketts to James Lummiss of lots 66 and 67 on the west side of the Hastings Road in Lake Township, 1914
17) Canadian National Railways employee's pass for J. B. Ricketts, 1922
18) Letters of administration granted to Frederick Charles Ricketts and Jefferson Barton Ricketts over the property of Thomas Rickets, who died 31 July 1923, 1925
19) Witness statement by Eleanor Rate Thomson concerning an instrument executed by Fred Ricketts, Jefferson Ricketts and Annie Lummiss, 1925
20) Appointment of Charles A. Lummiss as attorney for Fred Ricketts, Jefferson Rickets and Annie Lumiss in the sale of mines and minerals in lot 17 of the 11th concession of Lake Township, 1925
21) Receipt from Mary Spicer and Harry Ricketts of Deseronto for a cheque from F. C. Ricketts, 1926
22) Claim from James H. Sprackett against Frederick Charles Ricketts and Jefferson Barton Ricketts for arrears of taxes on lots 10, 11 and 12 in the 18th concession and lot 7 in the 19th concession of Tudor Township, 1928
23) Empty envelope addressed to Mrs Mary Ricketts, with Christmas stamps, 1968
24) Blank form for a will (not dated)

Maps and plans

Series comprises:
1) "Diagram shewing land required for Station for the Central Ontario Ry [Railway] through the property of Thomas Rickett, Lot 12 Con. XVIII [18] Tudor, scale 100 feet = 1 inch", c.1900
2) Sketch of north east half of lot 12 concession 18, Tudor Township, showing Gilmour Station and area marked 'Marble', c.1910
3) Plan by J. E. Appleby of lots and concessions in Tudor Township, with Central Ontario Railway and Gilmour Station marked and 'Marble' on Lot 12, Concession 18, c.1910
4) Printed map from the Canadian Department of Mines showing Orton Mine and Vicinity in Lot 17 of Concession 11 of Lake Township and Lot 57 of Tudor Township in Hastings County, surveyed by A. H. A. Robinson in 1915

Crown Sale grants

1) Grant to Thomas Ricketts of the northwest part of Lot 67 on the Hastings Road in Tudor Township, 1906
2) Grant to Thomas Ricketts and Daniel Lummis of part of Lot 17 in the 11th Concession of Lake Township for mining lands, 1909
3) Grant to Thomas Ricketts and Daniel Lummis of part of Lot 17 in the 11th Concession of Lake Township for mining lands, 1909
4) Grant to Thomas Ricketts and Daniel Lummis of part of Lot 17 in the 11th Concession of Lake Township for mining lands, 1909

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