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Records of the Belleville Lawn Bowling Club

  • CA ON00156 MG 64
  • Arquivo
  • 1910-1988
  1. Minutes of the Belleville Ladies Lawn Bowling Club

    1. 1910-1928
    2. 1929-1946
    3. 1946-1959
    4. 1960-1988
  2. Account book of the Belleville Lawn Bowling Club (the men's club) with lists of members, 1939-1949

  3. Notes from the first minute book, rules of bowling and a newspaper clipping from the Intelligencer on the 100th anniversary celebration of the Belleville Ladies Lawn Bowling Club, 13 August 2010

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Framed items from Belleville Council Chambers

  • CA ON00156 2021-002
  • Coleção
  • 1977-2010

Framed items removed from Belleville City Hall Council Chambers during renovations in January 2021.

  1. Framed reproduction of a photograph of members of the last council of the Town of Belleville, 1877
  2. Letter from the First Clerk Assistant of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario certifying that a photocopy of the Act for the Incorporation of the Town of Belleville as a City was a true copy of the act of 2 March 1877, 24 June 1977 [2 copies]
  3. Framed reproduction of the City of Belleville armorial bearings, 8 January 1982
  4. Frame containing four photographs of the former City of Belleville Council Chambers, 1987 [Note that this item was returned to City Hall for reframing and display in the refurbished Council Chambers on 24 August 2021.]
  5. Framed photograph of Queen Elizabeth II donated by Lyle Vanclief MP, c.1990
  6. Framed photograph of Prince Philip donated by Lyle Vanclief MP, c.1990
  7. Framed photograph of Governor General Ramon John Hnatyshyn donated by Lyle Vanclief MP, c.1990
  8. Framed registration of armorial bearings in the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada, 1 May 1992
  9. Framed photograph donated by the City of Lahr, August 2009
  10. Framed photograph of Queen Elizabeth II, 2010

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Museum Project, Faulkner House 1967

File contains a mimeographed typescript proposal entitled “Belleville Project for the Canadian Centennial : a proposal submitted by certain interested citizens.” The proposal contains a brief history of Faulkner House [Glanmore], architectural drawings and a proposed budget for restoration and subsequent operations.

Colouring book

  • CA ON00156 2023-108
  • Item
  • 2020

Colouring book (World of Flowers by Johanna Basford) completed by David Bentley during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown months of April to June 2020.

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Notes on the history of the Wallbridge family of Massassaga, Prince Edward County

  • CA ON00156 2023-107
  • Documento
  • 1984-2000

Notes on the history of the Wallbridge family, including the former owners of 246 Albert Street in Belleville, Ontario. Includes several reproduction photographs of houses and individuals and a copy of a pen-and-ink sketch of the Albert Street house. See also Orland French's history of the house at

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Various contact prints and negatives

  • CA ON00156 2023-102
  • Documento
  • 1978-1991

Contact prints of images taken during the Railway Week train excursion of May 1978 and negatives of houses in Tweed, Ontario, taken in April 1991. Two slides of buildings in Belleville, Ontario.

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Publications from the OSD-SJW Archives

  • CA ON00156 2023-099
  • Série
  • 2022-2023

Three publications relating to the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf:

  1. Admission List of Pupils, 1870-1879 (2022)
  2. Early Deaf Teache3rs, 1870-1931 (2023)
  3. Charles Bernard Coughlin, Third School Head, 1906-1928 (2023)

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Family histories

  • CA ON00156 2023-087
  • Série
  • 1987-c.2000

Family histories of the Gunter, Hall, Lowery, Maxwell and Woodcock families.

Phillips-Burrows-Faulkner papers

  • CA ON00156 2023-104
  • Arquivo
  • 1851-2022

Materials relating to the Phillips, Burrows and Faulkner families of Belleville, Ontario, former residents of Glanmore, their house on Bridge Street West and Dufferin Avenue.

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