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Madoc, Township of
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Madoc Township : lodges and railroads

File contains photocopied manuscript notes on Orange Lodge branches and other social organizations including the Women's Institute and the Oddfellows in the period from 1885-ca. 1949. Also contains brief manuscript notes on railways in Madoc Township from ca. 1882-1964.

Plan of Hastings for Hastings Directory

A map of Hastings County outlining townships:
Marmora, Lake, Madoc, Tudor, Grimsthorpe, Elzevir; Rawdon, Huntingdon, Hungerford, Sidney, Thurlow, Tyendinaga - as well as the northern townships.
Inset is "the Village of Marmora." Surveyed by H. A. F. Macleod, C.E. and P.L.S. Published by W. A. Little Lith., Montreal in the 1864-1865 copy of the Hastings Directory . Scale: 1:190,000.

MacLeod, Henry Augustine Fitzgerald, P.L.S.

Map of Hastings County in 4 sections

A map of Hastings County outlining townships from the Bay of Quinte in the south, to Wallaston, Limerick and Cashel in the north.
Map is in four sections. Scale: 3 miles : 1 inch. Original map is dated 1894. Photocopy from the Archives of Ontario.

Map of the Counties of Hastings and Prince Edward

A "Map of the Counties of Hastings and Prince Edward." In 1898, the lots, concessions, churches, schools and mines are shown of the townships in Hastings and Prince Edward. Scale: 1.5 miles to an inch. Published by the Canadian Map Publishing Company in Hamilton, Ontario, for the Belleville Sun. Revised by Henry Carre, C.E. Inset is the map of North Hastings, scale 400 chains to an inch.

Carre, Henry, O.L.S.

South and Central Hastings Map

"Cummins Rural Directory Map:" A map of South and Central Hastings, in 1923, featuring post offices, hamlets and lot owners. Map is surrounded by advertisements. Published by Cummins Map Co., Toronto. Dimensions 71cm x 50.5cm.

Cummins Map Company

Minerals in northern Hastings County

A map of northern Hastings County detailing different types of mineral occurrences, see Legend. Published in 1943 by the Ontario Department of Mines. Scale: 1:120,000. The map includes parts of Quebec and USA, in relation to the region. It was produced to "accompany report by Jas E. Thomson in Vol. LII Ontario Department of Mines, Annual Report, 1943."

Donated by the Ontario Department of Mines, April 1, 1965.

Ontario. Department of Mines

Map of Belleville to North of Bancroft

A map containing focused maps of: Trenton, Belleville, Prince Edward County, Frankford, Picton, Bancroft, Deseronto, Stirling, Tweed, Marmora and Madoc. Insets refer to roads, streets and highways. Published by Millhouse Maps in 2001.

MIllhouse Maps

Geological Map of Madoc Gold Region

A Geological Map of the Madoc Gold Region, 1866. Geological data on map was taken principally from the reports of the Geological Survey of Canada. Secondly, by information and facts obtained on the spot by gentlemen engaged in the gold fields. What follows is a description of the general geological character of the area.

Author: Henry White, P.L.S. Published by G. B. Ware, 16 Toronto Street, Toronto, Ontario.

Ware, G.B.

Map of Madoc Township

A map showing concessions and lots of Huntingdon - Madoc Township, Hastings County. Circa 1869. 30 advertisements for companies surround the map. Published by Macleod and Carre, Engineers and Surveyors. Scale: 1:63,000. Dimensions: 34.0cm x 37.0cm. Map was created from Government plan.

Donated from the Col. W. N. Ponton Estate. Penciled notes on map show Ponton family's interest in mining, especially after the Eldorado Gold Rush in 1866.

MacLeod and Carre, P.L.S.

Geological Map of the Madoc and Gananoque areas

2 maps showing geological areas in Madoc (Map No. 2053) and Gananoque (Map No. 2053). Scale 1 in to 2 miles. Booklet by D. F. Hewitt, Senior Geologist, Ontario Department of Mines, Toronto.

Ontario. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, Tweed-Section

  • CA ON00156 M/M430-2995 - 2996, 3018 - 3021, 3031/3018
  • Item
  • 16 Oct 1951
  • Parte de Map collection

An original map produced for the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, concerning hydro power lines, stations and transformers. However, the map also features railways, roads and land boundaries.

This map is the West Centre Section - Tweed ROA. The total area includes parts of Rawdon, Marmora, Huntingdon, Madoc, Hungerford, and Elzevir Townships. Dated October 16, 1951. Scale: 1.2 inches = 1 m.

Donated by David Pershik.

Plan of Lot 2 in the Township of Madoc

A certified reproduction of the "Plan of Lot # 2, Concession 5, Township of Madoc - the property of Thomas Cross." The Plan includes 30 subdivision Lots between St. Lawrence Street and the side line between Lots # 1 & 2, Concession 5, Madoc Township. Surveyed by Evans and Bolger, P.L.S., and signed February 2, 1876.

This copy was made in 1972 of plan #199, as registered in the Hastings Land Registry Office.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, P. L. S.

Evans and Bolger

Plan and Section of south Lot 18 in the Township of Madoc

A certified reproduction of the "Plan & Section of part of [the] south half of Lot # 18, Concession V, Township of Madoc, surveyed for Hugh R. Fletcher & T. D. Ledyard." The plan includes Lots on Richardson Ridge with Wellington Gold Mining Company and Richardson Mine. Surveyed by Murdoch Reid and Unwin, P. L. S. and signed November 1867.

This copy was made in 1972 of plan #121, as registered in the Hastings Land Registry Office.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, O.L.S.

Subdivision of part of east half of Lot 1 in the Township of Madoc

A certified reproduction of the "Subdivision of part of the east half of Lot # 1, Concession 6, Township of Madoc & partly in Village of Madoc, property of W. H. McBain.” Surveyed by Henry Carre O. L. S., and signed January 13, 1914.

This copy was made in 1972 of plan #454, as registered in the Hastings Land Registry Office.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, P. L. S.

Carre, Henry, O.L.S.

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