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First aid and nursing certificates

Certifcates including: St. John Ambulance Association First Aid to the Injured, Home Nursing; Canadian Red Cross Society Nutrition, Emergencies in War, Home Nursing.

Summary accounts

CB 3/18/1 is a printed 'Estimate of Receipts and Expenditures of the City of Belleville for the year 1879', listing salaries, departmental budgets and school expenditures and receipts from licenses, rents and taxes.

CB 3/18/2 is a summary of 'Debenture Indebtedness' of the City of Belleville on 31st December 1879. The relevant by-law numbers and the purpose of each is given, with the date of issue and the date the debentures fall due. Debentures listed include those for the building of Town Hall (now City Hall), the High School, a foot bridge across the Moira, the Lower Bridge and for the purchase of a Merryweather steam fire engine.


Correspondence relating to wartime housing, veterans' housing.

Bus Terminals

Requests to other municipalities for information on design of transit terminals.


Correspondence concerning the arrangments for celebrations for the end of the Second World War (in Europe), with letter about fireworks for VJ day.


Business Tax Licenses

Copy of Association of Assessing Officers of Ontario 1945 meeting (with article by Harold Bateman), 1943 tax breakdown.


Correspondence and brochures re ice equipment for the Hume arena.


Market Tender

Monthly income from Belleville Market in 1931 and 1932; tenders for collecting tolls and fees at the Belleville market, 1939; agreement with Raymond Arnott to manage market, 1939.



Notes on rents for 165 Church Street, 82 Wallbridge Road (rented by Mrs Weese) and 108 Cannifton Road (owned by Mrs Davidson, rented by Mrs Eddie Graves).



Printed By-Law no. 2005 for the reorganization and management of the Belleville Fire Department, 1915; correspondece relating to Fire Department equipment, including fabric samples, 1946


Foot Bridge/Suspension Bridge

The file contains:
-indenture between Ezra William and Lucy Holton, Elizabeth Sills, and the City of Belleville
-indenture between Charles Lester and Emily Coleman, and the City of Belleville
-City of Belleville By-Law # 325[5?] " A By-Law to authorize the execution and completition of a certain agreement between the corporation of the city of Belleville and one Walter H. Patterson
-an agreement between Belleville and contractor Walter H. Patterson to build a foot bridge over the Moira river
-Insurance agreement (policy no. CP59803) of the United States Fidelity and Gauranty Company of Baltimore, Maryland to insure Patterson Construction Company

Marsh and Henthorn Limited

The file contains materials relating to a discharge of a mortgage for the Marsh and Henthorn company by Stephens Adamson Ltd.

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