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Photograph of Income Tax Division staff at Belleville, Ontario

  • CA ON00156 2019-120
  • Pièce
  • 1945

Panoramic photograph of staff at the Income Tax Division office of the Department of National Revenue in Belleville, Ontario. There are six signatures on the back of the photograph for: Dorothy Reid, Noreen Callaghan, Jack Watson, Dot Studwick, Dorothy Wonnacott and Doris Aikins.

Photographs from Tweed and Madoc

  • CA ON00156 2010-47
  • Collection
  • c.1890-1956

1) Unidentified man and woman, taken by D. Morrice of Madoc, Ontario
2) Jemima Potter, taken by M. A. Jackson of Tweed, Ontario
3) James Molyneux, Florence Suddard and Myrtle Rodgers, taken by M. A. Jackson of Tweed, Ontario
4) Alberta Sedore, Hazel and Elrena, taken by M. A. Jackson of Tweed, Ontario
5) Tillie Kleinsteuber and an unidentified woman, taken by L. F. Morrice of Madoc, Ontario
6) Mr & Mrs Will McBain, taken by L. F. Morrice of Madoc, Ontario
7) Nettie Jackson, taken by Thomas Donoahue of Tweed, Ontario
8) Photo-postcard of Sam Greatrix's home, posted to Mrs Calvin Rabbie of Bloomfield, Ontario, from Actinolite
9) Newspaper clipping from the St. Catharines Standard of Mr and Mrs Percy Suddard on their golden wedding anniversary, 7 June 1956

Morrice, David

Belleville Centennial collection

  • CA ON00156 2019-114
  • Collection
  • 1978

Collection of items relating to the celebrations of Belleville's centennial as a city in 1978:
1) Calendar by the Belleville Art Association for March 1978 to June 1979, with drawings by local artists and photographs of the artists on the back page
2) Two paper place mats with April and May events around the border and a drawing of City Hall and the log cabin in the centre
3) Belleville Centennial Souvenir Guide, with listing of events from mid-April 1978
4) Poster for The Arts in the Park Picnic, 24 June 1978
5) Program for "Centennial! A Musical Tribute to Belleville's British Heritage", held at Bridge Street United Church in 1978
6) Decal with Belleville Centennial logo

Dack, William (Bill)

Part of a deed for land in Hungerford Township

  • CA ON00156 2019-117
  • Pièce
  • 11 December 1829

Lower half of a memorial recording the sale of Lot 17 in Concession 1 of Hungerford Township from David Gardiner of to Thomas Goldsmith Gardiner, all of Whitby, for £50. The deed is instrument 1488 in Book L of the Hastings County Land Registry Office.

Hastings County Land Registry Office

Collection of calendars

  • CA ON00156 2019-118
  • Collection
  • 2008-2009

Three calendars:
1) 2008 calendar produced to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hastings County Historical Society
2) 2009 commemorative calendar to mark the 100th anniversary of powered flight in Canada
3) 2009 fundraising 'Calendar Girls' style calendar produced by the Quinte Grannies for Africa [sales of this calendar raised over $52,000]

Hastings County Historical Society

Collection of photographs

  • CA ON00156 2019-119
  • Collection
  • c.1890-2003

Collection of previously uncatalogued photographs, apparently from different sources. They include:
1) "Election day in Flinton", c.1890
2) Fragment of a photograph showing staff outside the Walker Foundry in Belleville, c.1890
3) Seven photographs of the Hewitt property and a church in Roslin, Ontario, with one photograph of the Bridge Street United Church in Belleville, c.1890-1920
4) "Dr & Mrs Stephens", c.1910
5) Photograph of the frame house at 358 Arthur Street in Tweed, Ontario, taken by T. Donohue, c.1910
6) Lucy Kleinsteuber (1915-2011) as a small child, c.1918
7) Colour photograph of Minnie Clarence (born Whiteman) of Albert Street, Belleville (1903-2007), 2003

Leo Arthur Young collection

  • CA ON00156 LAY
  • Collection
  • 1917-1940

Collection of photographs and albums relating to the Young family of Belleville, Ontario.

Young, Leo Arthur

Petition of M.D. Moodie & others

Petition of the state of a road leading to 2nd Concession of Sidney, signed by M. Dumbar Moodie, William Symons, Benjamin Hinker, William Haddrell, Joseph Bedford, G. Booth, James Booth, Farley Ellis, Robert Bennett, James Winelett, William Harris, Daniel Perry, Walter Lackie, and W. Tofrell.

Photographs and negatives

Photographs of members of Hastings County Council for the following years:
1 1913
2 1920
3 1929
4 1933
5 1936
6 1939 (2 copies)
7 1941-1942
8 1962
9 1963
10 1964
11 1965
12 1966
13 1967
14 1968
15 1969
16 1970
17 1971
18 1972 (2 copies)
19 1973
20 1974
21 1975
22 1976
23 1977
24 1978
25 1979
26 1980
27 1981
28 1982
29 1983
30 1984
31 1985
32 1986
33 1987
34 1988
35 1989
36 1990
37 1991
38 1992
39 1993
40 1994
41 1995
42 1996
43 1997
44 1998
45 1999
46 2000
47 2001
48 2002
49 2003
50 2004-2006
51 2011-2014

There is also a photograph taken c.1961 of officials standing in front of 235 Pinnacle Street with a CJBQ radio microphone (52) and a 1988 photograph of the County Chain of Office (53).

There is also a series of envelopes holding negatives dated 1963-1997 (54), mainly of portraits of County Wardens and of the group photographs of County Council. Some include prints of the negatives. Other images include:
1964 "County Roads Committee" Smith, Mackay, Jerome, Gerrn, Hass, Sabine, Armstrong, Bird, Flynn
1964 "County Court Judges [Lennox & Addington 1864-1950]
1965 "County Assessment"
1982 "Presentation of keys to rescue vehicles"
1986 "Field workers" S. Lowe, Eric Fry, L. Varon, E. Wickert, B. McPherson, L. MacDonald, T. Cassidy
1986 "Carl Bateman & Dorothy Bowen for Plough Match Brochure"
1989 "Warden's chain of office"
1993 [negative reproductions of earlier photographs] "Wardens from Sidney Township: Baltis Rose, S. T. Wilmot, H. G. Bleeker, Jas. Farley, J. S. Dench, J. A. Holgate, Chas. Ketcheson, Col. R. Vanderwater, Harleigh Hamilton, J. Fred Wilson, Lee Grills; also Henry Haryett of Carlow Township, Wm. R. Mather of Stirling Village, Robt. Lancaster of Dungannon, W. C. Farley of Thurlow, Wm. Rodgers of Rawdon; "

Photograph of Hastings County Council

Names of officials: Front row: K. Smith (Elzevir & Grimsthorpe; D. Card (Bangor et al); B. Allen (Tweed); A Donnelly (DR Bancroft); C. Gibson (Warden); C. Bateman (Administrator); P. Merrill (Exec. Sec.); C. T. Rollins (MLA Hastings); G. Boyce (Author, Hutton of Hastings); J. Brown (Bancroft). Centre row: J. Bush (Sidney); M. Waite (Bldg. Supt.); J. McKenzie (Faraday); D. Bateman (Solicitor); K. Yorke (Admin. Hastings Manor); T. Barton (Madoc V.); B. Forsythe (DR Thurlow); S. Cassidy (Hungerford); M. Heath (DR Rawdon); F. Pinder (Engineer); G. Hunt (DR Hungerford); D. Lougheed (Deputy Clerk-Treas.); C. White (Dungannon); R. Sills (Huntingdon); C. Gordanier (Deloro); H. Casey (Thurlow); F. Peever (Herschel). Back row: G. Caldwell (Admin. Hastings Centennial Manor); R. Shortt (Rawdon); G. Wilman (DR Sidney); W. Rose (Frankford); L. Walsh (DR Tyendinaga); G. Lyons (Deseronto); R. Anderson (Stirling); R. Hannah (Mayo); J. Reynolds (Marmora V.); J. Carr (Monteagle); M. Douglas (Carlow); R. Sprackett (Tudor & Cashel); G. Wood (DR Huntingdon); M. Hamm (Limerick); A. Vader (Wollaston); J. Wilkes (Marmora & Lake); C. Woods (Madoc T.). Absent: R. Tucker (Director, Social Services).

Riley, William E.

Belleville Grand Trunk Railway Riot 1877

File contains a c.1877 copy of a telegram to Col.Powell in Ottawa, report of the Queen's Own suppressing railway mob in Belleville, c.1877 copy of telegram from Belleville City Council to Lt.Col. Durie of Toronto re military presence required to suppress uprising at Grand Trunk railway, and other miscellaneous documents on the c.1877 railway uprising of workers in Belleville.

Petition of F. Ross and others

Petition for a sidewalk on the east side of Pinnacle Street, signed by Fredericka Ross, G.J. Playter, Alexander Ross, Miles Rankins, George Robertson, John Nelson, John Keith, James Ross, Chris Bawes, Thomas Bruce, C.L. Garnes, J. Smith, H. Sierichs, Walter Ross, Thomas Hayes, Peter Morell.

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