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W.H. Waldorf records

  • CA ON00156 1985-01
  • collection
  • 1904-1938

This fonds contains one folder of family records, twenty-seven folders of invoices from the following businesses:
W.M. Davies Pork Packers and Provision Merchants of Toronto, 1917
Dominion Sugar Companies Limited of Chatham, 1917
S. Domenico, Wholesale Fruit Merchants of Belleville, 1912-1917
Eby-Blain Limited, Wholesale Importing and Manufacturing Grocers of Toronto, 1916-1917
Grand Trunk Railroad System, 1917
R.B. Hayhoe & Company Importers of Teas and Coffees, Confectioners Supplies of Toronto, 1917
H.J. Heinz Company of Toronto, 1916-1917
Hodgens and Roberts Limited Tobacconists, Scales and Roberts Company Limited Tobacconists of Toronto, 1917
L.P. Hughes Flour and Feeds, Seeds, Rolled Oats and All Kinds of Breakfast Cereals of Belleville, 1917
Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario – Central Ontario System-Trenton, 1917-1918
P.C. Larkin and Company Tea Merchants of Toronto, 1917
S.B. McClung, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc. of Trenton, 1917
W.E. Mayhew – Trent Valley Mills of Trenton 1916-1917
William Patterson and Son Company of Belleville, 1916 to 1918
Wm. Rennie Company Limited Seeds of Toronto, 1916-1917
George A. Robertson and Son Limited, Wholesale Groceries of Kingston, 1908-1917
John Sloan & Company of Belleville, 1917
Swift Canadian Company of Toronto, 1917
Telfer Bros. Limited of Toronto, 1917
Trenton Garage, 1916 1917
White and Company Limited Fruit, Produce and Fish of Toronto, 1917
Dalley Products Limited of Hamilton, 1917
W.J. Crothers Company of Kingston, 1917
R.B. Cooper of Belleville, 1917
Belleville Creameries, 1917
Belleville Cider and Vinegar Company, 1917
Bell Telephone of Trenton, 1917
Armstrong and Paffard of Toronto, 1917
There is also one folder containing pages from a ledger, one cash book volume, one folder of sales slips with a sales slip book, and one folder of receipts, orders and correspondence. There is a folder containing land deeds and personal papers.

Waldorf, William H.

Central Electric Power Co.

File contains manuscript and typescript copies of correspondence sent and received by Col. W. N. Ponton concerning the development of hydroelectric power on the Trent River. Also contains correspondence regarding the proposed electrification of the Belleville waterworks by the Trenton Electric and Water Company.

Teacher's Guide to Quinte in 1785

Map showing the Bay of Quinte to Presqu'ile to the eastern tip of Grande Isle (Wolfe Island) used as a teacher's guide to the area in 1785. The 20th century names are in capital letters as per the Legend.

Reproduction of Murray Canal Plan

  • CA ON00156 M/M410-1044
  • Pièce
  • 10 Apr 1883
  • Fait partie de Map collection

"Murray Canal Plan Showing Portions of the Old Canal Reserve Which It is Proposed to Grant to the Province of Ontario."
A reproduction from an original at the Archives of Canada's map collection.

Map of Belleville to North of Bancroft

A map containing focused maps of: Trenton, Belleville, Prince Edward County, Frankford, Picton, Bancroft, Deseronto, Stirling, Tweed, Marmora and Madoc. Insets refer to roads, streets and highways. Published by Millhouse Maps in 2001.

MIllhouse Maps

Real Estate Board Map of Belleville and Trenton

A map featuring the streets in the City of Belleville and the Town of Trenton, as well as important buildings (e.g. schools, churches etc.).

Quinte and District Real Estate Board

Map of Town Plot at mouth of Trent River

  • CA ON00156 M/M440-1483
  • Pièce
  • 23 Sept 1926
  • Fait partie de Map collection

A map of a town plot at the mouth of the Trent River in the Newcastle District. The map features numbered lots, present streets and water ways. Scale: 1 inch = 2 chains. Originally surveyed by F. P. Rubidge, D.P.S., in 1834. This copy was issued September 23, 1926.

Rubidge, Frederick Preston, D.P.S.

Topographical map of east Trenton - Canada sheet

  • CA ON00156 M/M440-1485
  • Pièce
  • Dec 1962
  • Fait partie de Map collection

A topographical map of Trenton - Canada sheet 31 C/4. Map was published by the Department of National Defence in December 1962.
This second edition was converted from the first edition of the 1:63,360 map to 1:50,000 by the A. S. E. in 1950.

Insets include:
1) legend
2) index to adjoining sheets
3) mean declination
4) grid reference on the sheet and other minor information.

Army Survey Establishment

Map of City of Quinte West 2004

A map of Quinte West, Ontario featuring Frankford, Murray, Sidney and Trenton areas. Dated 2004.

Bay of Quinte Regional Mapping

Floor Plans for COR CPR Union Station at Trenton

  • CA ON00156 M/M450-1515
  • Pièce
  • 23 Aug 1897
  • Fait partie de Map collection

A blueprint planning the floor of the COR and CPR Union Station at Trenton, Hastings County, Ontario. Drawn by John Dunlop Evans, Chief Surveyor/Engineer - August 23, 1897.

Evans, John Dunlop, P.L.S.

Elmwood Acres Subdivision in the Town of Trenton

  • CA ON00156 M/M430-2313
  • Pièce
  • 8 Oct 1960
  • Fait partie de Map collection

A certified reproduction of the "Elmwood Acres Subdivision of part Lots # 3 & 4, part of Birch Street...Town of Trenton, County of Hastings.” The area includes; Lots # 1 to 70, west of the Township of Sidney and east of Byron Street, being Lots on Elmwood Drive, Warren Road, Nelles Avenue and Birch Street. Surveyed by John Thomas Ransom, O. L. S. and signed October 8, 1960.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, P. L. S.

Ransom, John Thomas, P.L.S.

Subdivision of Elmwood Acres Extension in the Town of Trenton

  • CA ON00156 M/M430-2342
  • Pièce
  • 14 Feb 1963
  • Fait partie de Map collection

A certified reproduction of the "Subdivision “Elmwood Acres Extension”, part [of] Lots # 5 & 6, Reg'd Plan No. 64, Town of Trenton- owner B E P Construction Ltd.” The area includes; west of town limits for the town of Trenton, west to Byron Street, Lots # 1 to 23 and Blocks A, B, C on North Elm Drive and Nelles Ave. Surveyed by Thomas S. Ransom, O. L. S. and signed February 14, 1963.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, P. L. S.

Ransom, Thomas Saunders, P.L.S.

Subdivision of Park Lots 10-11 in the Town of Trenton

  • CA ON00156 M/M430-2468
  • Pièce
  • 12 Jul 1971
  • Fait partie de Map collection

A certified reproduction of the "Subdivision of Park Lots # 10 & 11 and part of Park Lots # 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 Reg. Plan No. 64, Trenton.” The area includes; Lots # 1 to 86, Block A-D and streets Connally Aveune, Shoniker Avenue, Nelles Avenue, being South of Canadian Pacific Railway. Surveyed by Edward C. Carter, O. L. S. (Carter Horwood Ltd. , O. L. S.) and signed July 12, 1971.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, P. L. S.

Carter, Edward Christian, O.L.S.

Plan of Easements Lot 1-86 in Trenton

  • CA ON00156 M/M430-2469
  • Pièce
  • 13 Aug 1971
  • Fait partie de Map collection

A certified reproduction of the "Compiled Plan of Easements, Part of Lots # 1 to 86 & part of Blocks B & C. Reg. Plan No. 1946, Town of Trenton.” The area includes; East of Byron Street & including Connolly Avenue, Shoniker Avenue, Nelles Avenue. Surveyed by Edward C. Carter, O. L. S. (Carter Horwood Ltd. , O. L. S.) and signed August 13, 1971.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, P. L. S.

Carter, Edward Christian, O.L.S.

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