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Items relating to Indigenous history

  • CA ON00156 2023-010
  • Dossier
  • 1971-2002

"Tawow" magazine with article about Oronhyatekha, Summer 1971
"Kahkewaquonaby (Peter Jones) and the Great Spirit (Jesus)," paper presented by Catherine Stoehr at the Canadian Historical Association Annual Conference, May 2002

Gerry Boyce diaries, membership and business cards

  • CA ON00156 2022-078
  • Dossier
  • c.1942-2016
  • Running log, 1980-2007
  • Detailed daily diaries maintained by Gerry Boyce for 1999-2019
  • Business cards and membership cards collected by Gerry Boyce, 1942-c.2016
  • Medal of congratulations from the Hastings County Historical Society on the publication of Eldorado book, 1992

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Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf Archives publications

  • CA ON00156 2023-004
  • Dossier
  • 2022

Two booklets produced by the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf Archives:
1. Admission list of Ontario School for the Deaf pupils, 1870-1879

  1. Robert Mathison, Second School Head, 1879-1906

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Readers for Ontario public schools

  • CA ON00156 2022-088
  • Dossier
  • 1885-1906

Three reading books authorized for use in Ontario public schools:

  1. First Reader Part I, by the Copp, Clark Company Limited, Toronto, 1884
  2. Morang's Modern Phonic Primer Part I by Morang & Co. Limited, Toronto, 1904
  3. Morang's Modern Phonic Primer Part II by Morang & Co. Limited, Toronto, 1906

These books have inscriptions relating to Archie Frank Anderson and Cassie E. Anderson of Mill Creek.

Notes on the Meagher family of Marysville

  • CA ON00156 2022-035
  • Dossier
  • c.2000

List of descendants of William Meagher (c.1804-1868) of Marysville, Tyendinaga Township and notes on the family history.

Deeds relating to properties in Elmer and Pine Streets, Belleville

  • CA ON00156 2022-038
  • Dossier
  • 1893-1949
  1. Deeds from 1893 to 1945 relating to the ownership of lot C on the north side of Elmer Street, Belleville
  2. One deed relating to lot 36 on the north side of Pine Street and east side of Albert Street, 1949

Photographs of members of the Belleville Utilities Commission

  • CA ON00156 2015-60
  • Dossier
  • 1975-1999
  1. 1975-1976: J. B. Corke, Mayor; H. N. Britton, General Manager; E. G. O'Connor, Chairman; L. A. Langabeer, Commissioner
  2. 1979-1980: J. B. Corke, Mayor; H. N. Britton, General Manager; L. F. Reid, Chairman 1979; E. G. O'Connor, Chairman 1980
  3. 1981-1982: P. D. Russell, Commissioner; G. A. Zegouras, Mayor; H. N. Britton, General Manager; E. G. O'Connor, Chairman
  4. 1991-1994: H. N. Britton, General Manager & Secretary; D. R. Parker, Assistant Secretary; E. G. O'Connor, Chairman 1993-1994; S. R. Langer, Mayor; R. A. Barrett, Chairman 1991-1993
  5. 1994-1995: D. R. Parker, General Manager & Secretary; R. L. McDougall, Mayor; E. G. O'Connor, Chairman 1994; R. A. Barrett, Chairman 1995 [2 copies]
  6. 1998-1999: R. L. McDougall, Mayor; D. R. Parker, General Manager & Secretary; E. G. O'Connor, Chairman 1998; J. A. Cox, Chairman 1999

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Correspondence and petition relating to Hastings County Land Registry copy books

  • CA ON00156 2022-033
  • Dossier
  • 1982-1985

File of correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to the plan to rehome the copy books of the Hastings County Land Registry Office at Queen's University Archives. Includes a petition to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations asking that the volumes remain in Belleville.

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Quinte Punt Racing items and Eaton's catalogue

  • CA ON00156 2022-029
  • Dossier
  • 1974-1993

File includes:

  • Signed copy of Quinte Punt Racing by Hugh Walter Barclay (1993)
  • Article on 'The Bay of Quinte Punts' by Don Kellaway
  • Photocopies of photographs of people on punts
  • Photocopy of order of service for a ceremony held at the Memorial Cenotaph in Belleville on 13 July 1947
  • Eaton's catalogue for Summer 1974

Research notes on aspects of Hastings County history

  • CA ON00156 2022-024
  • Dossier
  • 2022

Hand-written notes on:

  1. the history of the Ku Klux Klan in Belleville and Hastings County, Ontario
  2. politics in Hastings in the 1920s and 1930s
  3. the activities of the Rathbun company in Hastings

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Deeds relating to properties in Stirling and Rawdon

  • CA ON00156 2022-028
  • Dossier
  • 1842-1896

Deeds, abstracts of title, and correspondence relating to two properties:

  1. Lot 22 in Concession 7; Lots 23 and 24 in Concession 6 of of Rawdon Township, Ontario
    This property was originally granted to Captain John Deserontyon and was later purchased by William Totten and Robert Matthews
  2. Lots between Church, Front, Annis and Allen Streets in Stirling, Ontario

Negatives and slides of ice racing events on the Bay of Quinte

  • CA ON00156 2022-009
  • Dossier
  • 1978-1980

File contains 176 black and white negatives, 40 colour 35mm slides and one black and white print of ice boats and motorcycles racing on the Bay of Quinte near Belleville, Ontario. Photographer not identified.

Unveiling of plaque at former Fire Hall, 394 Front Street, Belleville

  • CA ON00156 2022-011
  • Dossier
  • 14 June 2017

Photographs of an event held to unveil a historical plaque at the former fire hall, 394 Front Street, Belleville. Guests included Mayor Taso Christopher, Fire Chief Mark MacDonald and members of the Hastings County Historical Society.

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