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Plan of Elevations on Ponton Home in Belleville

  • CA ON00156 M/M450-2857
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 11 Jun 1941
  • Parte deMap collection

A blueprint plan of the front and side elevations of the Veranda at the Ponton Home on west Dundas Street (Highway 2). Over the door "Quinte Cottage" is written. Drawn by John Arnold Thomson, Architect, and signed June 11, 1941. The house is now demolished.

Donated by the Heritage Belleville Committee in 2017.

Thomson, John Arnold

Hannah Harrison collection

  • CA ON00156 2018-006
  • Colección
  • c.1900-1970

Collection comprises:

  • album with 128 photographs of family scenes taken by Hannah Harrison of 64 Emily Street, Belleville, Ontario
  • mounted photograph of the house at 64 Emily Street, c.1900
  • photograph of six young women in naval costumes (Hannah Harrison bottom right), c. 1900
  • Methodist Church annual ticket for 1902-1903 in the name of Hannah Harrison
  • Canadian National Railways passes for David Harrison, blacksmith, 1935-1942
  • 'Happy Birthday Sweetheart' card addressed to Hannah Harrison, 1939
  • Wharf Street Debating Club membership card in the name of D. Harrison, 1941
  • photographs of Hannah Harrison holding a baby, c.1970.

Harrison, Hannah Mary

VanDeusen Family

This file contains a pamphlet advertising a hardcover book published 1969 on the Genealogy of the Rev. W.H. VanDeusen Family and Hendrickson, Belton, Chelf, Custer, Evans and Stayton Families. Compiled by Cherry Laura Van Deusen Pratt, Ohio, USA. Inside the flyer is a list of family names connected with this genealogy.

Weller Family

The file contains a letter dated 9-May-1924 from Harwood Weller Quipp looking for information about the Weller Family of Carrying Place. Also, two newspaper articles; one on the death of Lottie Weller (nee Bingley) and one dated 14-April-on the 105th Birthday of Mrs. Laura Weller (nee Roberts). Both ladies descending from local pioneer families.

Willson, John Metcalfe - Papers

File contains original documents, presented to the Hastings County Historical Society in 1960; Biographical sketch written on 22-September-1869 covers the years 1862 to 1869 when Willson was teaching school in the southern part of Hastings County; educational papers; legal papers; correspondence and a poem entitled "To The Mohawks".

Yeomans, Horace Eugene

File contains an original copy of the Order of Service for the Memorial Service (April 23, 1916) for Horace Eugene Yeomans killed in action in France in 1916. It also contains two newspaper articles pertaining to his death and memorial service.

Young Family History

File contains the genealogy for George & Mary Lawrence Young, descended from Oliver Cromwell, settled Hastings County and donated land for present day Belleville Cemetery. The file also contains newspaper clippings from 1955 about the celebrations for Beniah Young's 101st birthday (January 12, 1955) and his obituary (November 2, 1955). Mr. Ben Young was born in Roblin's Mills, Prince Edward County and died in Trenton, Ontario. He is buried in Carrying Place Cemetery. Mr. Beniah Young was a decedent of George & Mary Lawrence Young.

Reminiscences of J.T. Clark

The file contains a copy of a Journal written by J.T. Clark (age 70) in 1965. It contains the family history starting with Edmund Snell, born abt. 1813 in Landrake Village, Cornwall and immigrated to Belleville in the spring of 1855. Donated - E.Law

Hutton Family Papers

This file contains an original journal belonging to William Hutton, Toronto it contains hand written copies of letters sent to Wm. Ponton, Esq. Belleville appointed Barrister in March 1857 to manage both Mr. Hutton's and his late son's estates. The journal also records financial records for the years 1857 to 1860. From the W.N. Ponton Estate, 1983, donated by Dorothy Sargent.

Hutton Family Papers

This file contains original documentation for William Hutton (1801-1861) and descendants: * Lease between William Hutton and Thomas Briggs dated July 1834;

  • Power of Attorney between William Hutton and Joseph Hutton dated January 1853;
  • Lease between William Hutton and Edward A. Copleston dated 1859;
  • Will of William Hutton dated April 1859;
  • Mortgage between Mary S. Hutton and Frances Hutton dated April 1867;
  • Will and Codicil of Frances Hutton dated Oct 1870 and Dec 1872;
  • Declaration James Hubbard Meacham dated March 1886;
  • Will and Probate for Anna Hutton Ponton August 1902;
  • Copy of Will of Anne Elizabeth Hutton and Probate dated August 1905;
  • Will of May ? Ponton dated January 1917
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