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HCHS Textual Records collection: Files 3000-3499
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Thomasburg United Church

File contains several newspaper articles about the 100th & 101st Anniversary celebrations of Thomasburg United Church, as well as articles about the fire in 1963 that destroyed the church; and 1965 about the dedication of the new church.

Tivani Electric Steel Co. Ltd.

File contains original documents pertaining to the Tivani Electric Steel Co. Ltd. Including: minutes from meetings of directors as well as shareholders, correspondence, share certificates, accounts, bank drafts,legal assignments, agreements, balance sheets, by-laws, and processes.

Tudor Township : Provincial Land Surveyors' notes

File contains a copy of manuscript field notes by W.H. Deane, Provincial Land Surveyor concerning an 1858 survey of Tudor Township, and copies of manuscript field notes by A. McLeod, P.L.S connected with a survey of Tudor Township in 1863. Also present are i) manuscript correspondence from M.L. Jenkins to Gerry Boyce in response to a chapter review request on Tudor Township history and ii) manuscript notes on surveys and aspects of Tudor Township history by Gerry Boyce.

Boyce, Gerry

Tudor & Lake Townships : petitions

File contains several manuscript petitions by residents of Tudor and Lake Township for road clearances and the opening of roads in the townships. Also present are Hastings County Council resolutions approving surveys for roads in Tudor , Limerick and Cashel Townships in June, 1870.

Tweed Industry

File contains a newspaper article dated 3-January-1957 titled "Local Industries Will Not Be Seriously Affected by C.P.R. Firemen's Strike, Officials Say". It also contains an "Industrial Prospectus" for Tweed from circa 1965.

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