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Collection of ephemeral materials

  • CA ON00156 2019-086
  • Colección
  • 1882-1977

Collection of ephemeral items from Belleville, Trenton, and Prince Edward County. Includes:

File 1

  • page from the Ontario Commercial College Journal, 1873
  • receipts addressed to Hiram Snyder of Sidney Township, 1882-1904
  • prospectus of the Belleville Business College, c.1892
  • certificate and letter of recommendation from the Ontario Business College for N. B. McKibbon, 1883
  • 'Poems of the Turf' printed promotional booklet for D. H. Ackrill, veterinary, 1904
  • 'The Whaley-Royce Pianos' promotional flyer, not dated
  • sheet of advertisements aimed at students, c.1920

File 2

  • flyer for sale at Ritchie's clothes store, July 1920
  • receipt from Glenwood Cemetery Company to Guy Johnson for Lot 7 in Block 369 at the cemetery, 1922
  • card for Scott's Auto Bus Service, Picton and Belleville, not dated
  • paper bag for Geen's Drug Store, Belleville, not dated
  • negative envelope from Ed. A. Simmons drug store, Trenton
  • flyer for J. Sutcliffe & Sons store sale in Trenton, not dated
  • flyer for Crowe & Fairman store, Trenton, not dated
  • promotional item for George H. Cobley, furniture and funeral director, Trenton
  • flyer for an 87 cent sale at White's store in Trenton and Stirling, not dated
  • flyer for fall and winter sale at Vandervoort's store in Trenton, not dated
  • receipt from the Deacon Shirt Company [letterhead shows Coleman Street factory] to David J. White, 1925
  • programme for Old Boys' Reunion, 1925
  • souvenir postcard folder for Trenton, c.1930
  • Firestone promotional newspaper, May 1933
  • Constitution and By-Laws of the Belleville Agricultural Society, 1935
  • prize draw ticket from the Belleville Fair, 1938
  • Blue's Quality Foods coupons, c.1938
  • One Cent Sale flyer for Rexall Drug Store, 1949
  • programme for exhibition of pupils' work at the Ontario School for the Deaf, 1952
  • Ontario election flyer for Norris Whitney, Progressive Conservative candidate for Prince Edward-Lennox, 1955
  • Belleville fair prize list, 1960
  • Belleville Agricultural Society constitution and by laws, 1960
  • Quinte Driving and Riding Club race listing at the Belleville Fair, 1963

File 3

  • receipt for Rockland Slate, 1878
  • annual membership tickets for Mr & Mrs H. M. Reddick for the Main Street Methodist Church, Picton, 1907
  • various receipts for Charlie Wycott, 1926-1927
  • Platt's Marketeria, Wellington, coupons, c.1930
  • invitation to the Picton Centenary and Prince Edward County Old Boys' Reunion, 1937
  • Auditors' Reports for the Township of Ameliasburgh, 1937 and 1938
  • Laying up of the Colours of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, Picton, 4 Oct 1964
  • Two Prince Edward County Centennial Year programmes, 1967
  • programme for official opening of H. J. McFarland Memorial Home, 20 Aug 1975

File 4 (all undated)

  • Wills Hardware promotional plastic ruler
  • 'Choose a Career' flyer for the International Correspondence Schools, Scanton, Pennsylvania, local representative H. C. Brown, Hotel Quinte
  • Moira Fuels promotional blotting paper sheets
  • 3 Belleville souvenir postcard sets
  • paper bag from Clint McGee hardware store, Stirling
  • song sheet for the Young Men's Conservative Club, Belleville

Leonard LaBrash collection

  • CA ON00156 2019-087
  • Colección
  • 1917-1984

Collection comprises:
1) Photograph of Frank LaBrash in military uniform, c.1917
2) Military discharge certificate of Frank LaBrash from the Forestry Depot of the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, 9 May 1918
3) Two photographs of classes at S.S. 20 [Bayview Public School], Thurlow Township, c.1950
4) Grade 3 and 4 school reports for Leonard LaBrash, 1951 and 1952
5) Belleville Bulls Booster membership card for Len LaBrash, 1983-1984
6) Three photographs of Leonard LaBrash, taken at school (one by Henry Klaver), c.1952-1955

LaBrash, Leonard Franklin

Donald Boyle family research

  • CA ON00156 2019-092
  • Fondo
  • c.1860-2016

Family history research notes and photographs relating to the Boyle family of Belleville, Ontario, and their Alford, Armstrong, Blakely, Cooke, Corbett, Doolittle, Magarrell, Merriam, Rainbow and Thompson ancestors. Also includes a file on Walter George Bean, a home child from Kent, England. Electronic files contain Boyle family history information and family trees.

Box 1: Armstrong family, photos of tombstones
Box 2: Cooke, Corbett, Magarrell families
Box 3: Walter George Bean, Blakely, Corbett, Doolittle/Merriam, Thompson/Rainbow
Box 4: family photographs and reproductions of photographs

Boyle, Donald James

Digital photograph of Public Health Notice

  • CA ON00156 2019-093
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1948

Digital photograph of a City of Belleville Local Board of Health notice requiring residents of the city to clean their premises and empty and disinfect closets and privies before May 15. The poster was found in the basement of 280/282 Front Street in Belleville, Ontario.

City of Belleville

Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan information

  • CA ON00156 2019-101
  • Colección
  • 2001-2004

Information sent to Bay of Quinte shoreline property owners on fish habitat plans for the Bay of Quinte.

Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan

Maps, walking tours, promotional materials for Hastings County communities

  • CA ON00156 2019-104
  • Colección
  • 1967-1997

Collection of materials accumulated by Lois Foster, including:
1) Plan M.106 of Huntingdon Township from the Ontario Department of Mines, showing lots, railways, and roads, c.1967
2) Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (Quinte Branch) notes for a bus tour of Sidney Township, 16 September 1990
3) Pull-out guide for Sidney Bicentennial Events from 'In Touch With What's Happening', 1990
4) Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (Quinte Branch) notes for a tour of the village of Wooler, Ontario, 21 November 1993
5) Notes for a walking tour of west Trenton, Ontario, 16 March 1997
6) City of Trenton walking tour leaflet, c.1997
7) 'Hollywood North' flyer about the film industry in Trenton, c.1997
8) Photocopied plan of the village of Shannonville from a government map dated 1851 or 1857
9) Photocopied plan of Shannonville identifying lands within 999-year lease, September 1976
10) Printed 'Pioneer Country Tourist Guide', 1984
11) Bancroft & North Hastings travel guide, 1989
12) Algonquin Park, Bancroft, North Hastings tour guide, 1993
13) Highlands of Hastings Recreational Map, c.1995
14) Moira River Conservation Authority conservation areas map, c.1995
15) Printed reproduction of the Madoc Mercurty and North Riding News of 1886 (c.1996)

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Quinte Branch

Digital photographs of Hastings County Historical Society and Community Archives events

  • CA ON00156 2019-107
  • Serie
  • 2010-2015

Digital photographs recording events organized by or otherwise involving the Hastings County Historical Society, the Community Archives of Belleville and other local heritage organizations. The photographs are arranged in folders with the following titles: 2010-05 Irish Hall 2010-07 Canada Day 2010-09 HCHS General meeting 2010-11 HCHS Banquet 2010-12 Lois Foster Celebration 2011-01 HCHS AGM 2011-02 HCHS Heritage Centre 2011-02 HCHS Heritage Day 2011-02 HCHS Monthly Meeting 2011-03 HCHS CIBC cheque 2011-03 HCHS Monthly meeting 2011-03 Heritage Centre 2011-04 BPL Researching Your House 2011-04 HCHS Monthly Meeting 2011-05 Fundraising Launch 2011-05 HCHS Monthly Meeting 2011-06 HCHS Special Meeting 2011-06 Peter Newman Night 2011-06 Strawberry Social 2011-07 Canada Day 2011-07 Trillium Presentation 2011-08 to 09 Intell donation 2011-08 Tweed Ploughing 2011-09 David Thompson exhibit 2011-09 Doors Open Belleville 2011-09 General meeting 2011-09 Volunteer awards 2011-09 Quinte Mall 2011-10 Angel Cake 2011-10 Banquet 2011-10 General Meeting 2011-11 General Meeting 2011-11 Remembrance Day 2011-11 Slavery exhibit 2012-01 Annual General Meeting 2012-02 General Meeting 2012-03 Art Association 2012-03 General Meeting 2012-03 Seniors Fair 2012-03 Yacht Club 2012-04 Buildings East of the Moira 2012-04 General Meeting 2012-04 Melrose Women’s Institute 2012-04 St Theresa History Fair 2012-05 Garden Club 2012-05 General Meeting 2012-05 Volunteer Pins 2012-06 Business Irish Hall 2012-06 Quinte Gardens 2012-07 Canada Day 2012-08 Ploughing Match 2012-09 Applefest Belleville 2012-09 General Meeting 2012-10 General meeting 2012-10 St Theresa 2012-11 Christmas lights 2012-11 Collip day 2012-11 General Meeting 2012-11 Remembrance Day 2012-12 Christmas Party 2013-01 Annual General Meeting 2013-02 Heritage Belleville 2013-03 Seniors Fair 2013-04 General meeting 2013-05 General Meeting 2013-05 Volunteer Awards 2013-06 Bus Tour 2013-07 O'Hara Mill 2013-07 O'Hara Mill Tyre 2013-08 Marmora Event 2013-09 Doctors Hotel Demolition 2013-09 Doors Open 2013-09 General Meeting 2013-09 Tweed Gala 2013-10 General Meeting 2013-10 Heritage Centre - Keiran Laurel and Lois 2013-10 Land Symposium 2013-11 Tyendinaga (Bill Kennedy) 2014-02 Heritage Week 2014-06 Architect's Meeting 2014-06 Collip Plaque 2014-06 Gerry Boyce Night 2014-07 Canada Day 2014-08 Plowing Match & Farm Show 2014-10 ACO Walking Tour Consecon 2014-10 HCHS Annual Banquet 2015-03 Seniors Information Fair 2015-04 Stories from the Archives
*2015-04 Trent Port (toilets)

White, Nicholas

Sons of Jacob Synagogue and Belleville Centennial collections

  • CA ON00156 2019-110
  • Colección
  • 1956-2012

Collection includes:
1) Digital copy of Dedication Book to commemorate the opening of the Sons of Jacob Synagogue in Belleville, Ontario, 1956; Constitution and by-laws of the Sons of Jacob Congregation, c.1989; Nudnik newsletters from the Sons of Jacob congregation in Belleville, 2005-2012; flyers and programs for events, 2005-2010
2) materials relating to the 1978 Centennial celebrations in Belleville, Ontario and subsequent events: headed paper; map of locations for 1 July 1978 event; Quinte International Presentation Ball invitation, 1979; Quinte Ethnic Festival passport, 1982

Bochnek, Selma

Part of a deed for land in Hungerford Township

  • CA ON00156 2019-117
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 11 December 1829

Lower half of a memorial recording the sale of Lot 17 in Concession 1 of Hungerford Township from David Gardiner of to Thomas Goldsmith Gardiner, all of Whitby, for £50. The deed is instrument 1488 in Book L of the Hastings County Land Registry Office.

Hastings County Land Registry Office

Photograph albums and loose photographs

  • CA ON00156 2015-01
  • Colección
  • c.1860-1920

Two leather-bound photograph albums, one with the name Matilda (Tillie) Anderson on a label on the front, and 83 loose photographs.

Matilda Anderson's album contains 110 photographs, most of which are identified. An inscription in the front of the volume reads "Matilda (Tillie) Anderson, 6 Forin St. Belleville Ontario Presented this day to Miss Grace R. Graham, Belleville, Ont. March 3rd 1938". This album also contains photocopies of 5 photographs and of a newspaper clipping,and a pasted-in typewritten document outlining Anderson family ancestry. Repairs have been with sticky tape, some of which is on the images, and a few photographs are loose. Most photographs are partially identified and names used include: Bruce, Hazel, John, William, Frank, Martha, Ridley, Howard and Alex Anderson; James Redner; Elizabeth and Mary Wallbridge; John and Phillip Roblin; Morley Day (possibly became a Belleville doctor); David Southard (of East Lake Shore); Seymour Emmons. There is a group of 8 portraits of clergymen, surnames include - Knight, Wilson, McCauley, Bell, Cook, Wright, Carr. One image is of a young woman (surname illegible) who attended Ontario Ladies' College at Whitby (a Methodist institution). There is a portrait of a little girl (Fanny Bowsfield) in winter clothing with a sleigh and snowshoes. Two images are of uniformed men: a William Anderson is noted as having fought the Fenian raids.

The other album contains 132 photographs, mostly unidentified. The few people with names attached are: Dwight L. Moody, Mrs P. P. Bliss, Mr P. P. Bliss, William Lewis Jackson 1868, Princess Louise. Most of the portraits were taken by Belleville photographers.

The loose photographs are generally studio portraits (mostly taken by local photographers) and are unidentified. The images range over several decades and several image types. Most images were created in photographers' studios although there are several "snaps". Photographs are present in several sizes and are mainly studio portraits of unknown persons. There is a stock printed image of Queen Victoria; what appears to be a clipping of a much-published photograph of Justice Thomas Chandler Halibuton, the author of the "Sam Slick" stories; a small image of Rev. T. Jeffers; an image of Herbert James Noxon (11 months); an image of John Elvin, son of Edward Elvin by the J.H. Ford studio of Belleville, Ontario. There are two tintypes; 40 images from Belleville, and district i.e., Trenton, Madoc, Deseronto, Picton; 6 from other parts of Canada; 5 from the United States, i.e., New Jersey, Amsterdam, N.Y., Cleveland, Ohio, San Francisco; 29 with no known origin. The images include: a nurse in an early 1900's uniform; a man and woman in a poultry yard; little girls with bowling balls [c 1901]; man beside a car with a 1927 Ontario licence plate; group portait of rural school pupils.

Anderson, Matilda 'Tillie'

Watercolours of homes on West Hill, Belleville

  • CA ON00156 2020-004
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 2002

Page with four watercolour paintings of homes, entitled "Grey Ladies - West Hill I Belleville". The four homes are 23 Charlotte Street, 8 Holloway Street, 114 Bridge Street West, 14-20 Murney Street, Belleville, Ontario.

Rector, Anne Elspeth

Photographs by William Spence Clarke

  • CA ON00156 2020-008
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • c.1910

Two interior views of an unidentified butcher's store and a photograph of an Albert College hockey team from Belleville, Ontario.

Clarke, W. S.

Collection of Deseronto-related materials

  • CA ON00156 DA 2008.22
  • Colección
  • 1920-1999

Various items including:
3) Lists of recipients of copies of the voters’ lists (under Section 9 of The Ontario Voters’ Lists Act). Has names of various officials in the district. 1920-1935
4) Legislative Franchise Assessment Roll, arranged under the following columns:
No. on roll
Name of assessed person
Age of assessed person
British subject
Legislative franchise
Condition, M., M. W., W’er, W., B. or S.
No. of concession, name of street or other designation of the local division in which residence of Legislative Franchise voter lies
No. of Lot, House etc. in such division
Covers West, Centre and East wards and includes 65 names in total, 1943
5-7) Three sketched floor plans of Clement Block building (western corner of Thomas and St George Streets), showing ground floor restaurant and apartment and apartments on second and third floors. Drawn in pencil on cardboard (two are on the backs of advertisements). c.1950s?
8) Photographs of three Deseronto councillors: Dennis Tompkins, Sam Knapp, Brian Floyd, mounted on card. 1988-1991.

Photograph of Belleville McFarlands

  • CA ON00156 2014-30
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1959

Photograph of 14 team members of the Belleville McFarlands, taken in Prague, Czechoslovakia when the team won the World Hockey Championships. Taken by Foto ČSTV of Prague.

Records of Wollaston Township

  • CA ON00156 TW
  • Fondo
  • 1906-2006

Records of Wollaston Township in Hastings County, including minute books, by-laws, Council resolutions and collectors' cash books.

Township of Wollaston

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