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Wanamaker family photographs and objects

  • CA ON00156 2011-19
  • Collection
  • c.1915-1952

Collection comprises:

  • Wanamaker family photograph album
  • Three pipes and two Canada Post long-service pins
  • File of miscellaneous items, including: an Easter and a Christmas card; a ribbon for an F. A. L. C. convention in Quebec, June 1938; a painting of a fig and grape seller, on wood; 38 Canadian 4 cent stamps (Edward VIII); 'Primer of Pianoforte playing' by Franklin Taylor, 1884
  • File of loose photographs: tintype photograph of four young women, c.1860; Jean Boyd, London, England, 1915; Harold Airhart, c.1920; postcard from Helen to Clara Wallbridge; Cater Anderson's baby, Mauston, Wisconsin, July 1928

The Wanamaker Photograph Album (29x20x1.5cm) contains 84 photographs; the presence of many "corners" indicates that many images were removed before the album was donated.

  • A picture of fishing boats has on back, "Taken in Tarpon Springs Fla 1940 these are the sponge fisheries boats".
  • An image of a cart pulled by a yoke of oxen has on the back, "Taken in Tarpon Springs Florida Jan 1940".
  • A picture of a man feeding hens has on the back, "John H. Wanamaker Lorel's grandfather".
  • Below on the page is the image of an old woman in a long skirt, on back is written, "Taken circa 1915-16 Aunt Jane Bovay farm under hill from Mountain View Air Post. She was Jane Wanamaker sister of John H. Wanamaker who was my granfather and father of Grant. Loral Wanamaker". In the album is an image of "Uncle Ralph's Ser. Sta. Watertown N.Y." - this is a Sinclair station. A family is depicted at "Wellers Bay 1932".
  • On the back of the image depicting a woman with a walking stick beside a camping trailer are the words "Taken in De Land Florida 1940. You can see part of trailer it sleeps 4 people Caught ma unawares she had sprained her ankle you will notice she is using a cane."
  • A photograph is inscribed "Jamieson Lake." There are 2 images of "Leo W.", in one, Leo is wearing an American sailor's uniform. A picture of two little girls is inscribed on the back, "Taken on Sunday @ Belleville on Sept 6th 1931 Coleman St. One week before mother passed away."
  • Another image is titled "Silver Lake 1933".
  • An image of a man in a dressy hat in front of a palm trunk is marked "Ralph taken at Silver Springs Florida"; on the same album page is a photo of "Mrs RR Wanamaker taken in Orange City Florida by RR Wanamaker".
  • On the following page is a larger version of the Mrs RR Wanamaker image, a handtrimmed oval image of a little girl in early 20th century dress, labeled "Aunt Annies and Ralphs oldest girl"
  • A picture of the rear of a camping trailer painted with "Watertown, N.Y. "Dun Workin" - on the back is written "Our trailer Mrs Wanamaker and our cat tige taken in Orange Sity Florida by RR Wanamaker".
  • On next page are two images of a large (at least 22) group of people seated around a laden picnic table and one of a man embracing an older woman.
  • The same man appears in an image on the following page wearing a WWII air force uniform posing with a woman - on the back is written "Bill and myself taken in garden Honiton Devon Eng 1946".
  • There is an image of two women inscribed "Mrs Antoine Laviolette 100 year 22/August 1942"
  • One photo of an old woman with five little childen has written on back "Mothers Day 1952 Cooks, Lorna Sr, & baby Terry Joyce & Lorna (Jims & Ethels) Heather & Alfred (Howards & Shirleys)".
  • A picture of an old woman with one little boy in striped T-shirt has written on back "me and J[illegible} Wanamaker Leo's youngest boy".

Wanamaker, Castello Loral Roy

Photograph of the Kiwanis Club of Belleville officers

  • CA ON00156 2022-074
  • Item
  • 1948

Photograph of the Kiwanis Club of Belleville officers and board of directors.
People in photograph listed as:
Lieutenant-Governor W. Bruce Lattimer
Director Taylor Franklin
Director Dr. Reg Anderson
Past Lieutenant-Governor Cliff Baragar
Past President Jack White
Secretary Stafford McKenna
President Ted Schwab
Treasurer Bob Stone
Vice-President Norman Edwards
Director Venerable Archdeacon Arthur Smith
Director Maurice Button
Director Frank Creeggan
Director Harry Trepanier
Director Everett Fairman

Riley, William E.

Records of the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club

  • CA ON00156 2022-060
  • Fonds
  • 1920-2011

Newsletters, minutes, correspondence and photographic materials created by the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club, based in Belleville, Ontario.

Bay of Quinte Yacht Club

Varty family history

  • CA ON00156 2014-70
  • Item
  • c.1984

Compilation of information about the United Empire Loyalist Varty family.

Scrapbooks compiled by Mary Roberts Haig

  • CA ON00156 2022-073
  • Series
  • 1931-1944

Two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, invitations and cards compiled by Mary Elizabeth Roberts (later Mary Elizabeth Haig).

Roberts, Mary Elizabeth

Photographs of Clifford Belch and colleagues on City of Belleville Council

  • CA ON00156 2022-072
  • Series
  • 1976-2013

Nine photographs taken during Clifford Belch's time with the City of Belleville, as Director of Recreation, Chief Administrative Officer and Councillor.

  1. Recreation group leaders, c.1975
  2. Recreation-Arena Committee, 1976
  3. City Council group with Mayor George Zegouras, c.1988
  4. City Council group with Mayor Shirley Langer, c.1991
  5. City Council group with Mayor Ross McDougall, c.1994
  6. Hastings County group, c.2000
  7. Committee group, c.2000
  8. City Council group with Mayor George Zegouras, c.2003
  9. Six directors of the Recreation department: Lloyd Syer, Lorne Williams, Clifford Belch, Doug Moses, Marj Buck, Mark Fluhrer, 2013

Lumbers, Richard

Bob House negatives and Quinte Arts Council materials

  • CA ON00156 2022-070
  • Fonds
  • 1983-1997

Negatives, prints and administrative materials relating to exhibits and Quinte Arts Council activities involving Bob House.
Files contain:

  1. Quinte Arts Council publications, 1983-1997, with handwritten note of support from Northern Telecom, 1991
  2. Photomatrix (Quinte Association of Photographic Artists) minutes and newsletters, 1986-1990
  3. 'Collage' magazines, 1986-1992
  4. Newspaper clippings relating to photographic exhibits in Belleville, 1987-1989
  5. Negatives for 'Best Regards' and other exhibits, 1987
    1. 1st Expressions Show
    2. Peter & Bunny Bates
    3. Jindriska Cekota & Barb Forgie
    4. Marilyn Lawrie
    5. Karen Williamson & Andy Forgie
    6. Florence Lennox
    7. Molly Bramley, Dexter Taylor & Jennifer Chanter
    8. Peter Ferri
    9. Linda Barber
    10. Gord & Audrey Davies
    11. Bea Willimson
    12. Jan Dolby
    13. Veronique Howe
    14. John Myers
    15. Sharon Bower
    16. Jeannie McRight
    17. Wayne Cardinalli
    18. Deborah Dacombe
    19. Barb Whalen
    20. Penny Harrop Thompson
    21. Winsome Lewis
    22. Peter Davis
    23. Ed Cronk
    24. Audrey Caryi
    25. Lee Jourard
    26. Harlan House
    27. William (Bill) Maddox
    28. Joe Callahan
    29. Tim Campbell
    30. John Mortenson
  6. 'Best Regards' file relating to Bob House's exhibit of photographs of local artists, held at the Belleville Public Library in 1992
  7. 'Best Regards' prints of photographs of artists, 1993: artists are John Babiak, Jennifer Chanter, Peter Ferri, Molly Bramley, Pat Harmann, Harlan House, Brian Scott, Gord Davies, Audrey Davies, William (Bill) Maddox, Dexter Taylor, Jan Dolby, Peter Bates, Bunny Bates, Wayne Cardinallli, Peter Davis, Jeannie McRight, Audrey Caryi, Winsome Lewis, John Mortenson, Barb Forgie, Penny Harrop Thompson, Lloyd Thompson, Deborah Dacombe, Joe Callahan, Lee Jourard, Rhoda Robb, Bert Henderson, Tim Campbell, Barb Whelan, Linda Barber, Andy Forgie, Karen Williamson
  8. File relating to the organization of the 'Two Days in May' Festival, 1994
  9. Photographs and negatives of undated and unidentified exhibits, c.1990

House, Robert

Framed materials transferred from Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board

  • CA ON00156 2022-068
  • Series
  • c.1945-2001

Framed items:

  1. Twelve framed photographic collages of Hastings County Board of Education trustees, 1969-1998
  2. Six framed 'family tree' drawings of school groupings in the Hastings County, c.1990: North Hastings A.S.G; Centre Hastings A.S.G; Hastings County Board of Education; B.C.I, Moira, Quinte A.S.G.; Centennial, Bayside A.S.G.; Trenton A.S.G.
  3. Three school photographs: unidentified school interior, c.1900; Deseronto High School in 1947-1948; Paudash Public School, 2001
  4. Two Second World War memorial listings of volunteers from Cannifton-Corbyville and King George Public Schools
  5. Centennial Commission certificates for classes at Queen Mary School, Belleville, 1967

Mohawk Nation Drummer

  • Fonds
  • 1997-2010

The Mohawk Nation Drummer was a newspaper published in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

Camp Wangoma history and newsletters

  • CA ON00156 2022-067
  • Series
  • 2021-2022

Newsletters about the history of Camp Wangoma, situated near McArthurs Mills in north Hastings County. The camp ran from 1956 to 1980.

Grigg, Alf

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Belleville) records

  • CA ON00156 MG 29
  • Fonds
  • 1885-2006

This fonds comprises two accessions. Materials donated by church officials in 2002 include:

  • 36 annual reports dating from 1898 to 2000
  • 'St. Andrew's Church Weekly News', 1888-1890
  • 'St. Andrew's Church News', 1968-1969
  • 'Open Door', 1972-1983
  • 'St. Andrew's Newsletter', 1984-1994
  • 'The Lamp and the Thistle', 1995-2001
  • 100th Anniversary Services, 1927
  • History of the church (4 pages)
  • Correspondence
  • Report: Hastings-Prince Edward Children's Services Committee, 'Directory of Services for Children in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties', 1980
  • Report: Community Care for Seniors, 'A Study of the Needs of the Disabled in the Belleville Area', 1980
  • Report: Community Development Council of Belleville and District, 'Task Force on Hunger Report', 1992

The remaining materials were extracted from the Hastings County Historical Society's textual records in the summer of 2014:

  • File of documents relating to the church's history such as a 1901 article in the Daily Intelligencer and a history of the church written by Kenneth S. Hill
  • File of correspondence and newsletters
  • 15 assorted annual reports and financial statements up to 1970, with a fund-raising proposal.
  • Minutes from the St. Andrew's Society from February 12, 1885 and a menu from the St. Andrew's Day anniversary from 1890
  • File of notices, a program from a service dedicated to Queen Victoria's funeral; a list of soldiers from the congregation who fought in World War One; a program from Sunday, December 4, 1932; programs from Stainer's "The Crucifixion" from 1958, 1959, and 1961; the itinerary from the 1959 annual council meeting of the Women's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Canada; the list to elect the church's elders from 1959; a program from the church choir's production of Handel's Messiah in 1960; a program from the Girl Guide – Brownie Sunday service in 1961; a catalogue of art painted by Allan and Donnah Cameron for an exhibit held in 1964; a program and an advertisement for an organ recital from 1968; there is also a 1968 retelling of a performance by the Ladies of St. Andrews Church from 1889; and a copy of Talk 405 given by Gerald Boyce on Anniversary Sunday 2006
  • File of newspaper clippings

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Belleville)

Records of the Belleville Theatre Guild

  • CA ON00156 2022-064
  • Collection
  • 1951-2022

Programs, photographs, minutes and newspaper cuttings relating to the Belleville Theatre Guild.

Belleville Theatre Guild

Needham Throop collection

  • CA ON00156 2017-38
  • Collection
  • 1955-1998

Reports and publications relating to Northern Electric and their Belleville operation. Includes:

  • 'Northern News', 14 Mar 1955
  • Résumé for W. J. Needham Throop, 1965
  • 'Look What's Going On in Belleville' publication, 26 October 1970
  • 'Look What's Going On in Belleville' publication, 25 January 1971
  • 'Northern Electric now...and the future' publication, 1974
  • Proposal for Business Systems to assume responsibility for the office service function, 1980
  • Suggestion Plan Manual for the Subscriber Switching Division, 28 January 1983
  • Certificate of membership in the Telephone Pioneers of America for W. J. Needham Throop
  • Nortel Belleville 50th Anniversary publication, 1997

Other items:

  • Four postcards of the Ontario School for the Deaf; Front Street and United Empire Loyalists monument; Bay Bridge; Moira River, c.1940s
  • Belleville McFarlands decal, 1959
  • Promotional card for Dixie Inn Barbeque on Bridge Street West in Belleville, owned by George A. De Vuyst, c.1959
  • Belleville-Trenton directory published by F & N Directories, 1962-1963

Throop, (William James) Needham

Deseronto Tribune volumes

  • Series
  • 1883-1900

The following volumes are held:

  • 1883, Sep 27 – 1884, Sep 11
  • 1883, Oct 4 – 1884, Sep 18
  • 1884, Sep 25 – 1885, Sep 11
  • 1885, Sep 18 – 1886, Sep 10
  • Sep 1886 – Sep 1887 MISSING
  • 1887, Sep 30 – 1888, Sep 21
  • Sep 1888 – Sep 1889 MISSING
  • 1889, Sep 27 – 1890, Sep 19
  • Sep 1890 – Sep 1892 MISSING
  • 1892, Sep 23 – 1893, Sep 15
  • 1894, Sep 21 – 1895, Sep 27
  • 1895, Oct 4 – 1896, Sep 25
  • 1896, Oct 2 – 1897, Sep 24
  • 1897, Oct 1 – 1898, Sep 23
  • 1898, Sep 30 – 1899, Sep 22
  • 1899, Sep 29 – 1900, Sep 21

Jessie Cunningham collection

  • CA ON00156 2022-062
  • Collection
  • 1923-1938

Collection of items formerly in the possession of Jessie Cunningham:

  1. Diary of John Wesley Roblin of Picton for the year 1923, with observations on the weather and his daily activities
  2. Paintings and drawings created by Jessie Cunningham in art classes, 1932-1934
  3. Silver Jubilee souvenir booklet, 1935
  4. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings compiled by Jessie Cunningham relating to global news events, 1936-1938

Cunningham, Janet 'Jessie'

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