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Photograph of baby on fur

  • CA ON00156 DA 2013.16
  • Item
  • c.1905

Photograph of unidentified baby, posed on fur, taken in A. E. McCollum's studio, Brampton, Ontario.

Recording of Duncan brothers talking about life in Deseronto, Ontario

  • CA ON00156 DA 2013.13
  • Item
  • 1967

Recording by Don Duncan, made November 26th, 1990, comprising two older recordings.
(01:16) The first is of Jack and Bill Duncan (Don's father), made in 1967. The two men reminisce about their early days in Canada. Jack [John] was born in 1896 and Bill in 1889. They arrived in Deseronto in late 1906 and worked for the Rathbun Company for a short while, having been brought in to break a strike. They were originally from the Midlands in England and were a family with five children, the youngest being four months old.
Bill recalls arriving in Napanee and waiting for a flat car to take them down the company's railroad track to Deseronto and the poor state of the property they were initially housed in (03:00). Bill thought it was a chicken house – and there were rats in the place.
Bill bought a kettle for 75 cents. His father told him to take it back, as it was three shillings in English money. Bill refused to take it back, so they had tea made in the tin kettle, as they didn't have a teapot.
(04:49)They moved into a house across the street and got hold of furniture and a woodstove. Their father, John, worked at bringing up logs from the water, while Bill worked in the sash and door factory for the Rathbun Company.
(05:54) There had been a strike in Deseronto and the Duncans were being used as strike breakers. The winters were bad – snow piled high so that you couldn't see people walking on the other side of the street.
(07:00) Jack's teacher donated a basket of groceries for the family's first Christmas in Canada.
(08:19) Bill was laid off because he asked for $1.50 a day instead of $1.25. His father was laid off shortly afterwards. He worked at a charcoal-bagging firm for a few weeks. They were both out of work for a few weeks.
(10:45) They walked to Corbyville to the cement works but couldn't get work there. They nearly got run over by a train. They stayed in a boarding house in Belleville and had sausages and fried potatoes for breakfast. They got work on construction sites in Corbyville for $2 a day each.
(13:15) They went home for Christmas with the money they'd saved. It was a good Christmas – two ducks and a Christmas pudding were cooked on the old woodstove, with difficulty. Jack got in trouble for eating the leftover duck while the rest of the family were out.
(14:45) They got the wood for the stove from the Rathbun mill for about a dollar and tried to dry it at the back of the stove.
(15:25) Both the men were out of work after Christmas. Maria worked as a housekeeper for ten cents an hour. A pound of butter was 21 cents, eggs 15 cents a dozen and a whole calf's liver was 5 cents.
(16:40) John and other unemployed men were set to work by the Town breaking rocks with a manual drill. Bill couldn't bear to watch, because he feared his father would be hit with a sledgehammer. John was employed to go out on the frozen Bay in a cutter for a day but didn't get paid.
(19:30) Bill worked at a farm, splitting wood, and was paid with a bag of potatoes worth 50 cents. When he got home his shoelaces were frozen solid.
(21:40) Bill and his father worked at the iron works. John was unloading coke. Bill got a night job there breaking up slag at the furnace and dumping it in the Bay.
(24:13) They walked to Point Anne to see if they needed any workers.
(24:50) The authorities in Deseronto told the family that there was work in Stirling.
(25:57) Memories of Jim Wilson, an East End Cockney. He and Bill would go to the Post Office in Deseronto and stand in front of the radiators there in front of the windows for an hour or two to warm up.
(27:13) Bill rolled his own cigarettes with Betty Blue tobacco.
(28:04) The family stayed in Deseronto until May 1907, then moved to Stirling. Bill and John went to Stirling first to meet the Reeve (Mather), who ran the general store in Stirling. They got to know the Reverend F. A. Robinson in Stirling. John got work almost immediately. Bill got work with the village blacksmith, Burkitt. He and his father were also involved in building a house for a man called Ward in Stirling, for $1.50 a day.
(30:50) They got a house opposite St. Andrew's Church in Stirling. Bill worked for the blacksmith until the following May. The Clydesdale horses used to fall asleep on him when he lifted their hind leg.
(32:29) Memories of people in Stirling: Les Kennedy, Don Burn, Andy Anderson, Jessie Montgomery ("a blonde bomber").
(33:26) John Duncan used a team of horses to clear an old cemetery in Stirling to make way for a park.
(34:20) Jack worked in the General Store, where they operated a barter system for farmers. Bill got interested in joining the ministry.
(36:40) Discussed why they left England: John was a shoemaker who was involved in the trade union movement, which made it hard for him to get work. Bill was the only one working, earning 26 shillings a week. It was their mother, Maria, who was the biggest influence on the family's decision to leave England. Bill thinks it was a good decision, as the family is now professional and better off than they would have been in England.
(41:50) Very quiet discussion about Art [Arthur Duncan, born 1904] who worked in Stirling.
(45:15) Maria Duncan singing 'The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo' in the 1950s.

Duncan, Don

Ribbons from Deseronto's 100th Anniversary Homecoming

  • CA ON00156 DA 2013.10
  • Series
  • 1989

Four ribbons from ‘Deseronto’s 100th Anniversary Homecoming 1989’, a red one for first prize, a dark blue for second prize, a white for third prize and a pale blue for ‘I particpated’. Duplicate ribbons were discarded.

Town of Deseronto

List of Point Anne veterans of World War II

  • CA ON00156 2016-24
  • Item
  • c. 1945

List of people who served in the Second World War from Point Anne, Ontario. The list is headed "St. John's Anglican Church - Point Anne", but includes Roman Catholic members of the community.

Names listed:
Gordon Akey
Ross Akey
Maxwell Akey
Morley Akey
Stanley Akey
Carl Rolluf
Harold Ellis
Keith Lloyd
Wsley Cummins
Elmo MacDonald
Ralph Winters
Roy Mayne
Harold Mayne
Kenneth Haynes
Elwood Haynes
Laurence Trawley
Jack Whitehead
Leaman Bradshaw
Nelson Burshaw
Kenneth Butler
William Guthrie
MacElrath Carter
Wallace Anderson
Donald File
James Welsh
Angus MacDonald
Frank Sedore
Charles Pringle
Joseph Pringle
Lois Carter
John Legate
Ralph Sedore
Charles Lloyd
Daniel Sweney
Geroge Tulk
Charles Jenkinson
George Reid
James Juby
Gordon Casselman
Marvin Maracle
Reginald Maracle
Garnet Maracle
Eric Groom
Lewis Williams
Leveine Sweet
William Akey
Robert Bailey
Russell Vollick
Murney Green
William Insley
Frank Insley
Leonard Sweet
Wilfred Twining
Stanley Lockwood
Perry Everett
Alexander Sero
Donald Maracle
Leonard Maracle
Jessie Tulk
Thomas Gilmour
Earl Deforge
Ray Gilmour
John Gilmour
Maurice Gilmour
Donald Gilmour
Arthur Genereux
William Williams
Laurence Bradshaw
Gordon Huck
John Hart
Andrew Bennett
Douglas Bennett
Vincent Mahar
Leo Mahar
Wrexford Gilmour
James Dunley
Jack MacDonald
Ted Stewart
June Deforge
Laurence Horwood
Ronald Wake
John Finlan
Albert Moorman
Leo Logue
Peter Maslo
Arthur Wilson
Earl Wilson
William Ellis
Esmond Ellis
Basil McKendrick

St. John's Anglican Church (Point Anne, Ont.)

St. Thomas Cemetery burial transcriptions

  • CA ON00156 2016-27
  • Collection
  • 1990-1995

Photocopy of transcription of St. Thomas Anglican Churchyard burials between 1821 and 1874 (originally made by Gerry Boyce). Photocopy of Heather McKillop's article 'Recognizing Children's Graves in Nineteenth-Century Cemeteries: Excavations in St. Thomas Anglican Churchyard, Belleville, Ontario, Canada' from 'Historical Archaeology', 1995.

Boyce, Gerry

Vernon's City of Belleville Directories

  • CA ON00156 VER
  • Collection
  • 1909-2004

Vernon's directories, containing street-by-street listings of residents and alphabetical listings for the City of Belleville for the following years: 1909 (Held by Belleville Public Library) 1911 (Held by Belleville Public Library) 1913 (Held by Belleville Public Library) 1918 (Held by Glanmore National Historic Site) 1920 (Held by Glanmore National Historic Site) 1924 1928 1930 1932 1934 1938 1940 (Held by Glanmore National Historic Site) 1942 (Held by Glanmore National Historic Site) 1944 (Held by Glanmore National Historic Site) 1949 1951 1953 1957 1959 1961 1963 1972 1974 1986 1992 1994 1999 2003

Henry Vernon & Son

Topographical maps and Callaghan family scrapbook

  • CA ON00156 2020-011
  • Collection
  • 1970-1994

Collection of Canada Department of Mines and Technical Surveys maps of the Quinte region (1:25,000):
1) Topographical map 30N/15f of False Duck Islands (Prince Edward County), 1965
2) Topographical map 30N/14a of Gull Bar (Prince Edward County), 1965
3) Topographical map 31C/3d of Ameliasburgh (Prince Edward County), 1966
4) Topographical map 30N/15g,h of Main Duck Island (Prince Edward County), 1966
5) Topographical map 30N/14b of Point Petre (Prince Edward County), 1966
6) Topographical map 31C/3a of Glenora (Prince Edward County), 1966
7) Topographical map 31C/4g of Wooler, 1970
8) Topographical map 31C/3e of west Belleville, 1971
9) Topographical map 31C/3f of east Belleville, 1971
10) Topographical map 31C/3h of Deseronto, 1971
11) Topographical map 31C/2e of Napanee, 1971

12) Canadian Hydrographic Service nautical chart (1:30,000), of Belleville to Telegraph Narrows, with Belleville harbour inset, 1982

13) Scrapbook of newspaper clippings relating to members of the Callaghan and Kellaway family, including Chris Simboli, Thomas Callaghan, Kay Callaghan, Don Kellaway, Ellen Kellaway, Frank Maloney, Michael Callaghan, Theresa Kellaway and Jack Bradford, 1983-1994

Kellaway, Don

Kellaway family collection

  • CA ON00156 2019-123
  • Collection
  • 1863-c.2005

Materials collected by the Kellaway family.
Textual materials:
0) Photocopy of a letter written by Patrick Tighe from Virginia City, Nevada, on 3 January 1863
1) Printed Report of the County Valuators for Hastings County Council, 1866
2) Prospectus for Belleville Business College, c.1905
3) 'The Annual Announcement, Albert College, Belleville, Ontario', prospectus, 1913
4) '140 Years of Progress' U.E.L. souvenir, 1924
5) Program for 'The Girl in Red' musical comedy at the Empire Theatre, 9-11 July 1925
6) Share certificate for the Belleville Arena in the name of M. J. Callaghan, 1930
7) File containing folk songs collected from Tyendinaga Township by Bill Sipprell and Jim Downey in 1973
8) File of materials relating to a fur harvest and management course held in Napanee in 1982
9) 'Ellie Mae's Nifty Knits' volume of knitting patterns designed by Ellen Marie Kellaway (1961-2006), c.1992

10) View of south Front Street near the railway bridge, 1912
11) Photograph of children in confirmation clothes, c.1930
12) St. Mike's Regis Bowling League, April 1957
13) Boys in confirmation suits at the altar of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Belleville, Ontario, c.1970
14) & 15) Photographs of the stone building (former axe factory) at Station Street in Belleville, c.1980
16) People (including Theresa Kellaway) marching in a St. Patrick's Day parade on Front Street in Belleville, (published in Quinte Weekly News on 19 March 1991)
17) Group of people outside the Belleville Collegiate Institute and Vocational School Building, c.2000

Kellaway, Don

Photographs of St. Mark's Anglican Church, Deseronto

  • CA ON00156 DA 2013.08
  • Collection
  • c.1905-1976

Four photographs of St. Mark’s Church, Deseronto, Ontario:
1) Interior of church, taken by A. V. Richardson of Deseronto, early 20th century
2) Exterior of church, taken from Dundas Street, looking northwest, early 20th century
3) Interior of church, looking towards the altar, c.1940[?]
4) Exterior of church, taken from Dundas Street, looking north, dated December 1976

Deseronto souvenirs

  • CA ON00156 DA 2011.12
  • Collection
  • 1929-1982

1) ‘Souvenir and Programme’ of the 1929 Loyalist celebrations in Deseronto
2) ‘Deseronto is 100 Years Old this Year’ article from the Napanee Beaver, c. May 1971 (mentions Rathbun head office building as being owned by Redi-Heat appliance manufacturers, later by Dravo and "now empty")
3) ‘Deserontonian of the week’ newspaper article from the Napanee Beaver about Gerald and Kay Lott, owners of a Deseronto jewelry store from 1950-1982 (the approximate date of the article).

Town of Deseronto

Detlor family collection

  • CA ON00156 DA 2011.15 & DA 2011.16
  • Collection
  • 1860-1951

Materials relating to the Ostrander and Detlor families.
1) [Loaned for scanning] ‘The House of Ostrander’, family history of the Ostranders of Prince Edward County’, compiled by Manly Ostrander, who was Principal of Deseronto Public School
2) Negative of Bismark Detlor’s bake shop on St. George Street, Deseronto
3) a & b – negative and print of horse with ‘B L Detlor Baker & Confectioner, Home Made Bread’ wagon.
4) Laura (Moore?) Blake, Mark Detlor, Winnifred Detlor (nee Moore) and Ken Detlor, son of Mark and Winnifred, outside the Detlor bake shop with a car
5) Interior of shop (possibly Detlor bake shop), early 20th century
6) Woman and man seated at different tables inside a store. Note on back reads ‘Ice Cream Parlour, St. George Street, Bake Shop, Deseronto, Ont., M. Detlor’
7) Group of scouts (duplicate of YCLB-06-01) – standing individuals identified as Francis Brennan, Paul Maloney, ? Harold, Paul Brennan, Mr Vic Pearce, Howard Ostrander, Morley Rendell, Jeff Culhane. Boy on right of seated boys is P. Pearce.
8) Group of scouts (duplicate of YCLB-06-02). Howard Ostrander is identified as the boy carrying the dark flag.
9) Group of children from Deseronto Public School, including grade 4. Taken c. 1953. Back row: Billy Whitton, Mitchel Claus, Dennis Vick, John Wells, Fred Woodcock, Howard Fraser, Helena Loft, Roselean Green, Monica Tinney, Mary Harvey, Marilyn Stuart, Helen Barnhardt, Donna Brant, Mrs. R. Aylsworth Middle row: Brenda Allport, Carole Harvey, Kathleen Marlow, Lanna Pritchard, Donna Whitton, Brenda Potter, Carole Cole, Mary Jane Steeves, Brenda Fitch, Donna Hill, Heather Tompson, Sharon Unger, Joan Green Front row: George Maracle, Leonard Losee, Bert Sly, Michael Claus, Gary Tompkins, Roger Cole, Rodney Stuart, Phillip Bennett, Eugene Marlow, Betty Grey, Bobby Detlor, Billy Perry
10) Typewritten notes on the history of Deseronto, including lists of businesses in the town in 1907.

Printed items

11) Rules of order of the Municipal Council of the Town of Deseronto
12) Voters’ List of the Town of Deseronto, 1892
13) Photocopy of ‘The D. H. S. Pointer’, published by Deseronto High School, Easter 1920, including a short history of the school
14) Programme for the opening of the new wing of Deseronto Public School, May 27th, 1969.
15) Programme for the official opening of the Deseronto Lions Medical Centre, 444 Main Street, Deseronto, November 19, 1973.
16)-18) Newspaper cuttings about Howard Ostrander, Blanche Detlor and Reg Dawson.

2011.16 Additional items relating to Detlor family:

1) Scan of photogaph of Anna Moore, born Anna Moss, September 24, 1854
2) Scan of photograph of Winnifred Moore, born 1879
3) Scan of photograph of Winnifred Moore, aged about 4
4) Scans of Bell magazine ‘The Blue Bell’ about the Diamond Jubilee broadcast of 1927, in which William Kenneth Detlor played a part. His photo is n the article.
5) Graduation photograph of William Kenneth Detlor, taken by CH Boyes of Kingston
6) Editorial from the Deseronto Post of November 23, 1940, on the departure of editor Maurice Detlor to join the army
7) Issue of the Deseronto Post for January 10, 1951, with obituary for Bismarck Leroy Detlor (died January 6, 1951)
8) Photocopy of list of individuals buried in the Detlor family plot (#119) of Deseronto Cemetery.
9) Photocopied pages of a printed history of the Detlor Family, 1777-1917 (by Allen Detlor).
10) Scan of photograph of William Kenneth Detlor as a child, aged about 8 (c.1911)

Ostrander, Manly

"Aunt Rebecca says" publication

  • CA ON00156 DA 2011.06
  • Item
  • c.1925

"Aunt Rebecca Says": booklet of household tips with advertisements for Vinol and Saxol, distributed by T. J. McCullough, druggist, of Deseronto, Ontario.

Map of Hastings County, Ontario

  • CA ON00156 DA 2011.03
  • Item
  • c.1947

Map of Hastings County, Ontario, with business directory information for Belleville, Deseronto, Frankford, Madoc, Shannonville, Stirling and Tweed in the right and left-hand panels.

Croydon Publishing Company

Photocopy of photograph of Deseronto Fire Department

  • CA ON00156 DA 2011.02
  • Collection
  • c.1965-2007

Letter from Gael Blake reminiscing about her childhood in Deseronto, 2006 and 2007. Photocopy of a photograph of the Deseronto Fire Departmen, c.1965, with list of names: Captain Jim McVicker, Percy Knight, Don Hubble, Bennie Brant?, Grant Venton, Don 'Buff' Whitton, Don Kimmett, Ralph Lawlor, Jack Hamilton, Mitch Roebuck, Vern Boomhower, Al Fraser, Frank Tinney.

Dawson and Burley family materials

  • CA ON00156 DA 2011.21
  • Collection
  • c.1900-1981

Photocopies and scans of newspaper articles and photographs relating to the Dawson and Burley families.
1) Photocopy of Quinte Scanner article about Hudson’s Mill. December 18, 1981
2) Photocopy of photograph of front of Deseronto House Hotel, with Deseronto Bus Line coach and horses.
3) Photocopy of photos of the old Deseronto to Prince Edward County ferry, being made into a houseboat (Reg Dawson did this)
4) Photocopy of article in The Intelligencer about the ferry from October 30, 1974. Mentions Reg Dawson.
5) Photocopy of photos of the ferry in service. Undated.

Video of tour of Naylor's Theatre

  • CA ON00156 DA 2011.19
  • Collection
  • 28 May 2011

Video footage of a tour of Naylor's Theatre during the Doors Open event in Deseronto, Ontario, on 28 May 2011.

Clare, Paul

Deseronto Fire Department collection

  • CA ON00156 DA 2010.31
  • Collection
  • 1933-2000s

Materials relating to the Deseronto Fire Department, including photographs and press cutting and fund-raising materials.

Tourism-related materials for Deseronto

  • CA ON00156 DA 2010.32
  • Collection
  • c.1985-1995

File of tourism-related leaflets, flyers and correspondence relating to Deseronto, from the Town Hall. Originally in a brown file labelled ‘Tourist Information’.

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