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Publications from the OSD-SJW Archives

  • CA ON00156 2023-099
  • Series
  • 2022-2023

Three publications relating to the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf:

  1. Admission List of Pupils, 1870-1879 (2022)
  2. Early Deaf Teache3rs, 1870-1931 (2023)
  3. Charles Bernard Coughlin, Third School Head, 1906-1928 (2023)

Fano, Donna

Family histories

  • CA ON00156 2023-087
  • Series
  • 1987-c.2000

Family histories of the Gunter, Hall, Lowery, Maxwell and Woodcock families.

Photographs of various buildings in Hastings County

  • CA ON00156 2023-051
  • Series
  • 1979-2006
  1. 10 black and white photographs of buildings on John, North Front, Front and South Front Streets in Belleville, 1979-1980
  2. 51 photographs of churches and schoolhouses in various locations, 1979-2006, including: Victoria Avenue Baptist Church; Fuller Public School; Moneymore Anglican Church; Actinolite United Church; Actinolite school; St. John's United Church, Tweed; Madoc Anglican Church; St. Andrew's Church, Tweed; St. Paul's Anglican, Roslin; St. Edmunds Parish Hall; the Blue Church, Cooper; former church, Holloway Heights; Flinton Anglican Church; St. Matthew Anglican Church, Marlbank; Queensborough Anglican Church; Bonarlaw Anglican Church; Millbridge Church; Millbridge Public School; St. Carthagh's Catholic Church, Tweed; Potter Settlement School
  3. 66 colour photographs and three 35mm slides of various historic buildings in Hastings County, 1980-2006. These include the train station at Madoc; O'Hara Mill; houses in Belleville; properties in Springbrook and Moira.

Warren Marrow, Sandi

Photographs of buildings in Tweed, Ontario

  • CA ON00156 2018-074
  • Series
  • c.1990

Two photographs taken in Tweed, Ontario:
1) Garage building on Spring Street
2) The old Ketcheson house

Warren Marrow, Sandi

Research materials

Records of Gerry Boyce's research on a number of published and unpublished subjects relating to the local history of Belleville and Hastings County. Research for published books include:

  • Hutton of Hastings
  • St. Andrew's Chronicles
  • Eldorado: Ontario's First Gold Rush
  • Sidney Township, 1790-1990
  • Historic Hastings
  • Belleville: Birth of a City
  • Belleville: A Popular History
  • Belleville City Hall


  1. Diary of J. D. Bissonnette as a student in Stirling and Kingston, Ontario, 1872-1878
  2. Five diaries of J. D. Bissonnette as a head teacher in Dundas, Ontario, 1886-1890
  3. 15 diaries of J. D. Bissonnette as a doctor in Stirling, Ontario, 1900-1915 [1901 missing]
  4. Diary of Thomas Bissonette, 1926

Map collection of John Uttley

  • CA ON00156 2023-097
  • Series
  • 1962-2010

Nine printed and annotated maps:

  1. Preliminary Geological Map of Tudor Township South (91cm x 74cm), 1962
  2. Preliminary Geological Map of Tudor Township North (90cm x 79cm), 1962
  3. Ontario Department of Highways map of Hastings South Portion (105cm x 87cm), 1969
  4. Ontario Department of Highways map of Hastings Middle Portion (101cm x 87cm), 1969
  5. Ontario Department of Highways map of Hastings North Portion (94cm x 90cm), 1969
  6. Ontario Department of Highways map of Lennox and Addington, South Portion (81cm x 112cm), 1969
  7. Ontario Department of Highways map of Lennox and Addington, North Portion (64cm x 115cm), 1969
  8. Ontario Department of Highways map of Prince Edward County (112cm x 81cm), 1969
  9. Road map of the counties of Lennox and Addington, Frontenac and Prince Edward (58cm x 73cm), 1974

Maps 3 to 8 are annotated with routes of bicycle rides taken by John Uttley between 1949 and 2010 and with occasional notes about the removal of railway lines.

Uttley, John

Educational coursework

  1. Compositions written by J. D. Bissonnette while at Stirling High School. Topics include The Cow, The Dog, Snow, Decorations, Stirling High School, Public School Teachers, Sugar, Health, Easter Holidays, 1875
  2. Essays submitted during Bachelor of Arts degree at Queen's University, 1878-1880
  3. Testimonials and certificates relating to Bissonnette's study for a Doctor of Medicine degree at Queen's University, 1889-1892 (includes two glass slides sent to Toronto for microscopic analysis)


Certificates earned by Julien D. Bissonnette from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

  1. Bachelor of Arts, 1880
  2. Diploma of Merit, 1890
  3. Master of Surgery, 1892
  4. Doctor of Medicine, 1892

Queen's University

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