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Belleville McFarlands commemorative photograph album

  • CA ON00156 2010-49
  • Item
  • 1959

Album with photographs commemorating the Belleville McFarlands hockey team's time in Prague, Czechoslovakia at the Ice Hockey World Championships, where they visited a glass factory and other local landmarks.


Emergency alert about Government of Ontario stay-at-home order

  • CA ON00156 2021-035
  • Item
  • 8 April 2021

Screenshot of an emergency text message alert sent by the Government of Ontario on 8 April 2021 about the stay-at-home order which came into effect on that day to suppress the spread of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Government of Ontario

Photographs of closed-off items in Walmart

  • CA ON00156 2021-034
  • File
  • 8 April 2021

Photographs showing closed-off aisles and displays of non-essential items in Walmart, Belleville, after the Ontario government's stay-at-home order which took effect on April 8th, 2021 in an effort to stem the rise in Covid-19 cases in the province.

Lantz, Paul

Photographs by William Spence Clarke

  • CA ON00156 2020-008
  • File
  • c.1910

Two interior views of an unidentified butcher's store and a photograph of an Albert College hockey team from Belleville, Ontario.

Clarke, W. S.

Belleville Central School and St. Thomas church photographs

  • CA ON00156 2015-13
  • File
  • 1891-1901

Four photographs:

  1. Class photograph of children at Belleville Central School (later Victoria School), c.1891
  2. Class photograph of children at Belleville Central School (later Victoria School), c.1891
  3. Choir of St. Thomas's Anglican Church, Belleville, 1893
  4. Helen Corby's Young Men's Class of St. Thomas's Sunday School, Belleville, 1901

Mounted clippings with drawings of Belleville institutions

  • CA ON00156 2021-026
  • File
  • 1840-1876

Three mounted newspaper clippings with printed illustrations of Belleville institutions:

  1. Deaf and Dumb Asylum, November 1870
  2. Albert College, December 1870
  3. Marchmont House, 1876

Also a reproduction of HC01468 (view of Bridge Street West in 1840). This item was originally donated to Glanmore National Historic Site by Edith Clapp in March 2015 (as 005.502.005).

Photograph of Ontario Business College Basket Ball Club

  • CA ON00156 2015-68
  • Item
  • 1912

Photograph of nine men, identified as:
J. G. D. Byant, Sherbrooke, Quebec; Centre (Captain)
George Masters, Napanee, Ontario; Secretary-Treasurer
A. C. Major, Sherbrooke, Quebec; Right Guard
G. Walsh, Port Arthur, Ontario; Left Guard (Manager)
H. F. Gibson, Danville, Quebec; Vice-President
J. H. Daigle, St. Jacques, New Brunswick; Right Forward
J. W. Johnson, F.C.A., Belleville, Ontario; Honorary-President
H. Camirand, Blind River, Ontario; Left Forward
I. L. Moore, Belleville, Ontario; President

Clarke, W. S.

Steady Gleaners' signature quilt

  • CA ON00156 DA 2021.06
  • Item
  • 1894

A red and white quilt made in 1894 by the Steady Gleaners, a group of women affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer, Deseronto, Ontario, possibly with the aim of raising funds for missionary work. This quilt may have been made for such a purpose. The signatures of the women in the society are embroidered onto the squares of the quilt.

The names on the quilt are:
Bella Smyth
Mrs Wm. Gamble
Florence A. Davis
Mrs F. S. Rathbun
Alice McGault
Mrs C. E. Ravin
Mrs J. W. McCaw
Mrs G. Genge
Mrs Wm. Mitchell
Mrs R. J. Craig, President
Mrs Frank S. Hall [Bessie]
Annie Hill
Mrs McCoy
Mrs F. H. Sims
Mrs J. D. Dulmadge
Mrs J. Douglas
Tillie Maxwell
Mrs D. Dant
Miss Mary Huff
Mrs G. Gordon
Ella Pegan
Mrs G. A. Grant
Mrs Joe Hopper
Mrs Wm. Geney
Gertrude R. Craig
Aggie Elliott
Mrs Mackie
Mrs A. D. Macintyre
I. Thornton
Mrs C. Forrester
Mrs R. Anderson
Ira B. Anderson
L. Smyth
Mrs R. Geddes
Mrs F. McMaster
Mrs J. M. Denmark
Mrs A. G. Knight
Mrs J. Buter
Clara McClain
Mrs C. Bennett
Mrs J. T. Garmon

Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer (Deseronto)

Floyd Marlin collection

  • CA ON00156 DA FM
  • Collection
  • 1890-1970

Notes on Deseronto’s history and a number of postcards and photographs. Includes a collection of 43 calendars from firms in Napanee, Newburgh and Selby from 1941-1970.

Marlin, Floyd

Sir Gilbert Parker collection

  • Collection
  • 1902-1915

The Gilbert Parker collection consists of three folders. The first contains pieces of correspondence, primarily to Col. W.N. Ponton. Amoung the items he sent to Ponton were two propogandist pamphlets by Reverend H.M. Gwatkin and William Archer respectively. The second folder contains two of his publications, of which the poem "Was it Some Golden Star" was put to music by Edward Elgar, and two publications directed towards the United States with the aim of bringing them into World War I on the British side. The final folder contains items from the Gilbert Parker Banquet in 1902 with items including a menu and an invitation.

Parker, Sir Gilbert

Belleville postcards addressed to the McCreery family

  • CA ON00156 2021-012
  • File
  • 1923

Three postcards of Belleville views, sent to Grace McCreery (1882-1956) by her mother, Ada Mary Stewart (1859-1932):

  1. Bridge Street
  2. St. Thomas's Anglican Church
  3. Bridges over Moira River

Stewart, Ada Mary

Digital copies of 8mm films held by the Community Archives

  • CA ON00156 2021-009
  • Collection
  • 1948-1970

Twelve digitized copies of films previously donated to the Hastings County Historical Society by Pat Isaacs and Stan Else.

Films donated by Pat Isaacs of Roslin, Ontario:

  1. Parades with the Shriners, family events including children feeding a captive bear, aftermath of a fire at Robertson Block on Main Street, Belleville, Ontario, in 1954, the exterior of the Shrine Club in Belleville, a fire at a vehicle collision, a military parade and a track and field day. [running time: 15:19]
  2. Parades, including one at the Shannonville Fair and one on Front Street, Belleville, Ontario, and footage of family events and gatherings, c.1955 [running time: 13:28]
  3. General Motors picnic at Silver Lake, 14 June 1948 (including sports and games); speed boat races at the Government Dock, Belleville (with brief glimpse of City of Belleville ship); and the fire that destroyed Trudeau Motors on 20 December 1948 [running time: 12:02]
  4. Family vacation in Florida, with footage of the James Melton Autorama museum, the Sandy Shores Motel in Miami Beach, boat trips, pelicans, Zane Motel, Spook Hill road sign, orange trees, women in Victorian clothing in gardens, c.1950 [running time: 10:54]
  5. Animals and birds in a zoo and a visit to Ireland and Paris, c.1955 [running time: 4:06]
  6. RCMP musical ride at Belleville fairgrounds, 1957 and 1959 [running time: 7:34]
  7. Vacation in California, parades with the Shriners, family scenes, an event at the opening of the Kinsmen outdoor pool in Belleville, Ontario, with a band and a synchronized swimming display, crowds at the railway station for the royal visit to Belleville, Ontario in 1951 [running time: 13:29]
  8. Picton and Belleville Santa Claus parades of 1954 [running time: 11:16]
  9. Bus tour of UK including Meikleour Beech Hedge, Edinburgh, Durham, York, London, c.1955 [running time: 11:28]

Films donated by Stan Else (teacher at Moira Secondary School):

  1. Geneva Park YMCA project in Orillia, c.1966 [running time: 3:52]
  2. Women with car, nurses strike at Belleville General Hospital, c.1970 [running time: 4:05]
  3. Geology dig in Mohawk Valley, Fort Klock, c.1970 [running time: 4:23]

Scally, Sean

Photograph of G. Graham Fields

  • CA ON00156 2021-006
  • Item
  • c.1970

Photograph of G. Graham Fields, a supervisor with Bell Canada who lived in Belleville, Ontario.

Ted Murphy colleciton of postcards and photographs

  • CA ON00156 2021-005
  • Collection
  • c.1918-1963

Collection of photographs and postcards:

  1. Photograph of unidentified soldier, nurse and man in naval uniform, taken by Miss F. Maxwell of 187 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen, c.1918
  2. Five photographs of Belleville flooding, 1936
  3. Souvenir postcard folder of Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec, c.1937
  4. Souvenir postcard folder of Chaffey's Locks, Ontario, c.1943
  5. Postcard of Lakeview Cottages, Gilmour, Ontario, c.1960
  6. Postcard of Fleming's Fishing Lodge 'Twin Oaks', Elgin, Ontario, c.1960
  7. Postcard of Hotel Dock at Opinicon Resort Hotel, Chaffey's Locks, Ontario, sent by Helen on 20 August 1963
  8. Envelope addressed to John Edward Murphy in Ottawa, with 5c Churchill stamp, c.1965

Murphy, John Edward 'Ted'

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