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Boyce, Gerry
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Tudor Township : Provincial Land Surveyors' notes

File contains a copy of manuscript field notes by W.H. Deane, Provincial Land Surveyor concerning an 1858 survey of Tudor Township, and copies of manuscript field notes by A. McLeod, P.L.S connected with a survey of Tudor Township in 1863. Also present are i) manuscript correspondence from M.L. Jenkins to Gerry Boyce in response to a chapter review request on Tudor Township history and ii) manuscript notes on surveys and aspects of Tudor Township history by Gerry Boyce.

Boyce, Gerry

Sidney Township : River Valley and Oak Hills Community, history

File contains several manuscript letters, 1965-1967, from C.S. Chard, River Valley Women's Institute, to Gerry Boyce, President of the Hastings County Historical Society, concerning the history of the River Valley and Oak Hills community ca. 1910-1967; a five page genealogy of early settler families in River Valley and Oak Hill; and a manuscript essay on the history of River Valley ca.1881-1959 by Mrs. Roy Bush, Stirling. Also present are several newspaper clippings concerning meetings of the River Valley Women's Institute, 1960-1964.

Boyce, Gerry

Meyers, John W. : historical plaque, correspondence and press release

File contains typescript correspondence originating from and received by Gerry Boyce, President of the Hastings County Historical Society regarding the installation of a plaque in Victoria Park, Belleville, in honour of Capt. John Walden Meyers. Also contains a typescript press release of the Ontario Department of Travel and Publicity regarding the public unveiling of the plaque on August 23, 1959.

Boyce, Gerry

Plans for Proposed Hastings Heritage Centre

  • CA ON00156 M/M450-2237
  • Unidad documental simple
  • Oct 1998
  • Parte deMap collection

Plans for a Proposed Hastings Heritage Centre in former Thurlow Township Municipal Hall and Offices, located at 154 Cannifton Rd. North. By Gerry Boyce, Susie Boyce, Carson Cross. The former Historical Society and Archives until 2016.

Boyce, Gerry

Photographs and text of 'Historic Hastings, Volume Two'

  • CA ON00156 2018-119
  • Serie
  • 2012

Five files of photographs and one file containing the 2012 text of Gerry Boyce's book 'Historic Hastings, Volume Two'. The photographs show scenes in Hastings County and include some Boyce family photographs.

Boyce, Gerry

Elmer Family

File contains a photocopied manuscript biographical sketch of lawyer and council member, Andrew Ball Elmer, together with genealogical information regarding the Elmer Family of Belleville, compiled by G.E. Boyce.

Boyce, Gerry

McClure Township : historical survey

File contains a typescript historical survey with questions concerning the geography, settlement and and social and economic development of communities in Hastings County together with manuscript notes completed by D.K. Card in response to the survey of McClure Township. Also present is typescript and manuscript correspondence from and received by Gerry Boyce concerning the history of McClure Township.

Boyce, Gerry

Gerry Boyce records

  • CA ON00156 GB
  • Fondo
  • 1939-2015

This group of records documents the educational, personal, political, research, and cultural activities of Gerry Boyce from his schooldays onward.

Boyce, Gerry

Newspapers : Seaview Gazette: 1892-1894

File contains a photocopied manuscript set of volumes 1 and 2 of The Seaview Gazette, a newsletter produced by members of the 'Bancroft Clan' in Belleville, Ontario, for the period June 1892 to April 1893. Also included are photocopied printed monthly issues of the publication August 1893 to June 1894. The issues largely focus on social news, visits and community events. Also present is a letter of 28 September 1966 from Wlliam F.E. Morley, Curator, Special Collections Queen's University, Kingston to Gerald Boyce accompanying the transmission of the copies.

Boyce, Gerry

Rebellion of 1837 / G. Boyce

File contains extensive typescript notes transcribed by Gerry Boyce from newspaper, archival and secondary sources concerning recruitment of volunteers, and military action in the Rebellion of 1837. Also present are mimeographs of two essays concerning Hastings County connections and military contributions to the defence of Upper Canada during the Rebellion.

Boyce, Gerry

Sidney Township : Glen Ross

File contains a manuscript history of Glen Ross from its founding ca. 1859 as the settlement of Tupperville to ca. 1918, by Mrs. Arthur Pyear. Also present is a letter from Mrs.Arthur Pyear to Gerry Boyce, 3 June 1965 accompanying the history.

Boyce, Gerry

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