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Robert B. Redner Papers

Photocopies taken from 2 Bibles donated to Belleville Public Library by Robert B. Redner in 1984. Records of births, deaths and marriages include family names: Osterhaout, Redner, Huyak, Wright, Conger, Patterson Clute, Goldsmith, Minaker, Tompkins, Wolever, Delong, Gordon and Baird.

Murray Canal

A photocopy of a poster created in 1886 proclaiming "Murray Canal Demonstration! The preliminary opening of the Murray Canal will be celebrated on Wednesday, Oct. 6th, '86 at Twelve O'Clock Point, near Trenton, by a grand Demonstration, at which Sir John A. MacDonald and Hon. Messrs. White, Foster & Bowell will be present."

Tweed Hydro-Electric Commission, History of

Five newspaper articles clipped from The Tweed News period from Jan 14, 1970 to Feb 11, 1970. Editorial history of Tweed Hydro-Electric Commission written by Cartha Cassidy, Commissioner. "Record of some of the significant happenings relating to the early history of electricity in Tweed and the march of Hydro in the community from 1930 until 1967 - Canada's Centennial Year."

Cartha Cassidy

Diary/Account Book

Diary/account book of an unidentified lumber merchant from Belleville, dated 1877. The author mentions shanties, Mill Point and the Rathbun Company, Mr. Wilkie, driving to Robert Bishop's, being at the Mill, attending church, sale of timber in Hungerford Township, daily account for the entire year.

U.E. Loyalist Church

Photocopy of a letter (in what appears to be a church bulletin) written by R.S. Forneri, B.D., Rector on behalf of the building committee extending an invitation to the opening Celebration of St. Alban's U.E. Loyalist Memorial Church.

Robert Shann account book

Parchment-covered paper book containing accounts of Robert Shann, flax dresser of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England, from 1836 to 1838. The volume also contains the will of Robert Shann, in which he leaves his estate to be divided equally between his borther and sister, Christopher and Jane Shann. The executor was George Elwood, shoemaker and the will was dated 2 June 1827. The will was witnessed by William Jennings, John Turnbull and Rob Butterfield. There are also some botanical and biological notes, a poem, and sketches of buildings and boats.

Shann, Robert

McEwen Land Records

The file contains land records as follows:

  1. 19-May-1841 – Thomas Beathy to Thomas Cooper
  2. Quit Claim Deed dated 13-Oct-1868 – Francis McAnnany to John Meighan
  3. Deed of Land dated 17-Jan-1879 – Thomas Cross to Samuel McEwan
  4. Deed of Land dated 10-Aug-1881 – Alexander S. Brown to Emily Elizabeth Brown Gardner
  5. Deed of Land dated 11-May-1887 – James Brown to Samuel McEwan
  6. Deed of Land dated Jan-1888 – Duncan Coulson to Samuel McEwen
  7. Proceedings under Power of Sale dated 28-Oct-1890 sold by Samuel Gardner
  8. Deed of Land dated 4-Nov-1890 - Francis Edmund O’Flynn and Samuel McEwan
  9. Deed of Land dated 2-Apr-1892 – Elizabeth Mumby and Samuel McEwan
  10. Treasurer’s Deed dated 17-Feb-1893 – to Samuel McEwen
  11. Deed of Land dated 1-Apr-1892 – Grace Keith to S. McEwen
  12. Treasurer’s Deed dated 11-Aug-1900 – to Samuel McEwen
  13. Mining Lease dated 11-Jan-1902 – Samuel Chambers to Samuel McEwan
  14. Deed of Land dated 28-June-1904 – Samuel McEwen to The Bay of Quinte Railway Company
  15. Treasurer’s Deed dated 11-Aug-1904 – to Samuel McEwen
  16. Treasurer’s Deed dated 22-Aug-1906 – to Samuel McEwen
  17. Mortgage dated 25-Mar-1907 between William Brown and Israel McEwan
  18. Deed of Land dated 1916 – Samuel McEwen to Samuel Lindsay McEwen and William John
  19. Deed of Land dated 23-Sept-1920 – The International Nickel Company of Canada Limited and Israel McEwen-
  20. Deed of Land dated 14-Sept-1923 – Israel McEwen to William McEwen
  21. Crown Sale dated 17-Oct-1924 –to William John McEwen
  22. Letter dated 12-Feb-1949 from Township of Madoc Clerk to Miss Jessie McEwen
  23. Deed of Land dated 6-Oct-1949 – Jessie McEwen to Walter Brett
  24. Deed of Land dated 27-Jun-1951 – Jessie McEwen to Alex Andrews

Lazier-Thomas Deed

The file contains a deed, dated 31-October-1918, for the property on the south side of Lot 26, west side of William Street, Belleville, ON. Owned by Mrs. Mary Matilda Lazier nee McMullen to Mrs. Jane Thomas.

Belleville Houses by Mrs. G.D. (Lenny Clarke) Williamson

The file contains research done by Mrs. G.D. (Lenny Clarke) Williamson on 6 houses in Foster Ward and 1 on Dundas Street East, Belleville. Notes included are:

  1. Clapboard house on the north east corner of Church and Saint Paul Streets.
  2. The Petrie House
  3. The Wallbridge House
  4. The MacKenzie Feeds Building
  5. The Lynch Coal House
  6. The Brick Store
  7. No. 260 Dundas Street East “The George Bleecker House”
    Also, contained in the file are newspaper clippings from the Ontario Intelligencer:
  8. April 16, 1964 – The George Bleeker House Dundas Street East, opposite Hospital (with photo).
  9. June 18, 1964 – Moodie Cottae Located on Sinclair Street at Bridge Street (with photo).
  10. July 2, 1964 – Welbanks House Located on James Street (with photo).
  11. The Hutton – Ponton House Located on Dundas Steet West (with photo).

Belleville Ross Block Deeds & Mortgages

File contains originals of Registry Office, County of Hastings, Belleville, dated April 3rd, 1891 “an abstract of all instruments which appear to have been registered in this office upon part of lots twelve and thirteen on the east side of John Street on plan of Ross’ Block laid out on part of lot 5 Con 1 Thurlow” from 1869 through to 1909 also contains origianal mortgages and deeds:

  1. Deed October 2, 1871 - Augusta E. Ross to Wm Boswell and Walter Alford - Lot 12 Rear Street and South Side of Alexander Street, Belleville.
  2. Indenture December 2, 1872 - Walter Alford to Wm Boswell - Lot 12 East Side of Rear Street and South Side of Alexander Street.
  3. Indenture December 2, 1872 William Boswell to Walter Alfrod
  4. Deed February 24, 1874 – William Boswell to Walter Alford
  5. Deed July 21, 1874 – Emma McArthur (Neil McArthur) to Walter Alford
  6. Deed February 28, 1882 - 1st party John Forin, 2nd party Jane Forin, 3rd party Robert Templeton - Lots 12 & 13 East Side of Rear and Alexander Streets. Lot 5 1st Cons.Township of Thurlow (The Ross Place)
  7. Statutory Declaration dated March 27, 1909 sworn by Annie Wilson
  8. Registry Office County of Hastings, April 3, 1891 an Abstract of all intruments wich appear to have been registered upon part of lots 12 & 13 on the East side of John Street on plan of Ross' Block land out on part of Lot 5 Cons 1 Thurlow from Apr 1869 to Mar 1909
  9. Insurance Certificate from Queen Insurance Company of America, dated April 12, 1912 issued to Mary A. Savage.
  10. Indenture April 29, 1912 - Martha Farley to Mary Asunta Savage - Lots 12 & 13 East Side of Rear and Alexander Streets. Lot 5 1st Cons.Township of Thurlow (The Ross Place)
  11. Mortgage April 29, 1912 - Marth Asunta Savage to Francis Walsh - Mortgage to secure $2500.22 on Lots 12 & 13 East Side of Rear and Alexander Streets. Lot 5 1st Cons.Township of Thurlow (The Ross Place)
  12. Mortgage April 29, 1913 – Mary Assunta Savage to Michael Francis Walsh.
  13. Agreement for Sale September 1, 1919 - Thomas Mauley and Margaret Barrett Agreement for Sale - House No. 295 John St. on the corner of John and Alexander Streets.
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