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Gerry Boyce records
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St. Andrew's Cemetery

Notes by David Bentley and Gerry Boyce on the cemetery at St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church in Belleville, Ontario.

Gerry Boyce records

  • CA ON00156 GB
  • Fonds
  • 1880-2015

This group of records documents the educational, personal, political, research, and cultural activities of Gerry Boyce from his schooldays onward.

Boyce, Gerry

VInyl records

  1. Recordings by The Radio Four, c.1925
  2. A Message from Our Leader (speech by Mackenzie King), August 1948
  3. Canadian Poets 1, 1966
  4. The Journals of Susanna Moodie, 1968
  5. Tom Mason, Belleville Centennial recording, 1978
  6. Hart & Soul 100 Years of Music, 1978 (John Logue and Dennis Baragar)
  7. At Her Majesty's Mohawk Chapel, The Mohawk Singers, 1985

Side 4

This recording has the following poets and poems:

  1. George Bowering

    1. Grandfather
    2. Moonshadow
    3. Breaking Up, Breaking Out
    4. The Descent
  2. Gwendolyn MacEwen

    1. The Garden of Square Roots
    2. Thou Jacob
    3. The Thing Is Violent
    4. Arcanum One
    5. Arcanum Two
    6. Arcanum Three
    7. The Caravan
    8. The Self Assumes

Side 3

This recording has the following poets and poems:

  1. Irving Layton

    1. Mrs Fornheim, Refugee
    2. First Snow Lake Achagan
    3. The Birth of Tragedy
    4. Song for Naomi
    5. Golfers
    6. The Bull Calf
    7. On Seeing the Statuettes
    8. Keine Lazarovich, 1870-1959
    9. El Caudillo
  2. Leonard Cohen

    1. What I'm Doing Here
    2. You Have the Lovers
    3. Now of Sleeping
    4. Style
    5. Two Went to Sleep
    6. Nothing Has Been Broken
    7. These Heroics

Side 2

This recording has the following poets and poems:

  1. John Newlove

    1. Kamsack 3 (The Dog)
    2. It Just Lay There
    3. For Judith
    4. The Pride
  2. Alfred Purdy

    1. Percy Lawson
    2. Song of the Impermanent Husband
    3. Home-made Beer
    4. Winter at Roblin Lake
    5. The Winemaker's Beat Etude
    6. Wilderness Gothic
    7. O Recruiting Sergeants!

Side 1

This recording has the following poets and poems:

  1. Phyllis Webb

    1. Alex
    2. Rilke
    3. Sitting
    4. The Time of Man
    5. Propositions
    6. Breaking
    7. Naked Poems, Suite One and Suite Two
  2. Earle Birney

    1. Anglosaxon Street
    2. Ellesmereland I
    3. Ellesmereland II
    4. Appeal to a Lady with a Diaper
    5. Sestina for Tehauntepec
    6. Transistor

Canadian Poets 1

Recordings of Canadian poets reading their work, with sleeve notes by Robert McCormack. The poets included are:

  1. Phyllis Webb
  2. Earle Birney
  3. John Newlove
  4. Alfred [Al] Purdy
  5. Irving Layton
  6. Leonard Cohen
  7. George Browning
  8. Gwendolyn MacEwen

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Recordings by The Radio Four of Belleville

Record labels read:
"Melotone Electrically Recorded
Male Quartet
That Beautiful Land (White-Jones)
The Radio Four (Of Belleville, Ont.)
Leo B. Riggs, Director
Compo Co. Limited, Lachine, Montreal, Canada"

"Melotone Electrically Recorded
Male Quartet
Open Up The Gates of Glory (Geibel)
The Radio Four (Of Belleville, Ont.)
Leo B. Riggs, Director
Compo Co. Limited, Lachine, Montreal, Canada"

The Radio Four

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