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Cannifton Corbyville Women's Institute records

  • CA ON00156 CCWI
  • Fonds
  • 1950-2000

Fonds consist of 3 Tweedsmuir scrapbooks compiled by the Cannifton Corbyville Women's Institute. Also included are 2 minute books and 1 binder of president's notes. Books contain newsclippings, photographs, minutes, brochures, expenditures, handwritten notes, poems, maps and reports of local history and the Cannifton Corbyville Women's Institute. Subjects covered within the scrapbooks are programmes, banquets and miscellaneous events.

Cannifton Corbyville Women's Institute

Cannifton & The Holgate Family

This file contains a personal writing by Maribeth L. Bird of Belleville, dated 1983 and titled "Cannifton, The Seat of Thurlow Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada". It contains: a brief history of Cannifton and the people; several reproduced articles from the Intelligencer (death of a child, Clarence William Holgate), unveiling of a plaque in memory of Miss Mary Cowan, "Reminiscent of a Mark Twain Novel" by John Bateman. The majority of the book is a family genealogy starting with John and Mary Holgate, born in England and Scotland in the years 1791 and 1797. The family history also contains photocopies of family pictures.

Bird, Maribeth Lillian

Lazier Paper Mills & Dam

The file contains a number of legal documents dating from 1907 through to 1929 pertaining to land ownership of various parcels of land including: Hastings Paper Mills (Township of Thurlow), Lazier Paper Mills, Belleville Paper Mills, Lazier Dam. Family names included in these documents are: Colon Bruce Burnham, John Bell, Thomas P. Birchall, Samuel J. Bull, Jonas Canniff, James Canniff, William James Craig, William Oliver Luscomb (wife Coralie), Samuel H. Traverton, S.A. Lazier, Robert Elliott Lazier, Alec Robertson, Charles Edward Ford, Albert Ford, Frederick Ford, Walter Ford, Mary Ford, Mary Fenwick, William Moore, Clara Yeomans, Mary Yoemans, Louis C. Yeomans, Alicia Fenton Russell Yeomans , Horace Yeomans.

Twiddy family photographs and papers

  • CA ON00156 2012-20
  • Collection
  • 1890-c.1980

1) Publications, 1894-1979:
Carter’s Ink Company dictionary, c.1894
Reproduction of December 1900 Bell Telephone Directory for Belleville
‘The Original Egypt Dream Book’, 1924
History of Stone Church, Sidney Township, 1930
Belleville Centennial ‘What’s Happening’, July-August 1978
Belleville Centennial map and flyer, 1978
Cannifton-Corbyville Public School 70th anniversary booklet, c.1979
2) Two class diaries from Cedar Grove School in Cannifton, Ontario, 1907-1911
3) BHS/BCIVS Elevators, 1913-1947:
Easter 1913
June 1913
June 1915
Easter 1916
Christmas 1917
March 1918
April 1919
Christmas 1919
Program for official opening of Belleville Collegiate Institute and Vocational School, 12 December 1928
4) Autograph books: Myrtle Archibald, 1915 and Clare Twiddy, 1935
5) 10 volumes of Avondale Neighbors Aid minutes compiled by Margaret Twiddy, with a newspaper clipping about the group’s activities, 1937-1970
6) File of postcards, 1913-c1920; In Memoriam cards for Wellington R. Fairman, 1917 and Mrs W. R. Fairman, 1928; leaflet about Belleville Aqua Vitae, 1939
7) Odd Fellows certificate for Alfred Francis, 1958
8) Canada Civil Defence publications, 1958-1960
Booklet: ‘Civil Defence Notebook’, 1958
Flyer: ‘Civil Defence and Your Life’,1958
Flyer: ‘Your Emergency Pack’, 1959
Typescript pages: Belleville Civil Defence Routine Orders No. 2, 15 August 1959
Flyer: ‘Who is Responsible for Civil Defence’, c.1959
Identification card for Clare H. Twiddy, Civil Defence Warden in Belleville, 1959
Booklet: ‘Your Basement Fallout Shelter’, Blueprint for Survival No. 1, 1960
Booklet: ‘Fallout on the Farm’, Blueprint for Survival No. 3, 1961
Booklet: ‘11 Steps to Survival Emergency Measures Organization’ Blueprint for Survival No. 4, 1961
Booklet: ‘Home Safe Home’ by Lakeland Natural Gas Limited, c.1960
9) Plan of lots for sale on Skootamatta Lake, Anglesea Township, Ontario, with prices (not dated, c.1960)
10) Genealogy of the Twiddy family, c.1980
11) File of photographs and company publications relating to Clare Twiddy’s retirement from Northern Telecom, 1985
12) Family snapshots and photograph albums, with Twiddy, Alcombrack and Archibald families represented.

Twiddy, Clare Harvard

Canniff family collection

  • CA ON00156 2012-03
  • Collection
  • c.1890-1983

Collection comprises:
1) File of genealogical information on Dr. William Canniff
2) Canniff family correspondence, 1902-1920
3) News clippings about Dr. William Canniff, 1952-1983
4) Photographs of family members and Canniff properties in Cannifton, c.1890-1969

Canniff (family)

Plan of Subdivision of Lot 5 in Canniff's Mills

An original plan of subdivision of Lot # 5 in the 3rd Concession of Thurlow Township, referred to as “Canniff Mills,” for Joseph Canniff.
Surveyed by John Emerson, D.L.S. and signed July 31, 1852.

Emerson, John, P.L.S.

Plan of Victoria in the Township of Thurlow

A certified reproduction of the Plan of Victoria on part of Lot # 6 in the 2nd Concession of Thurlow, for the executors of the late James Canniff. Surveyed by John Emerson, P.L.S. and signed July 31, 1851.

This copy was made in 1972 of plan #47, as registered in the Hastings Land Registry Office.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, O.L.S.

Emerson, John, P.L.S.

Plan of Canniff-Ville in Thurlow

A certified reproduction of the Plan of Canniff-Ville on part of Lots # 5 and 6 in 2nd Concession of Thurlow Township for Jonas Canniff. Surveyed by John Emerson, P.L.S. and signed December 4, 1849.

This copy was made in 1972 of plan #46, as registered in the Hastings Land Registry Office.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, O.L.S.

Emerson, John, P.L.S.

Plan of Moira in the Township of Thurlow

A certified reproduction of the "Plan of Moira on part of Lot # 6 in 2nd Concession of Thurlow Township for Jones [Jonas] Canniff." Surveyed by John Emerson, P.L.S. and signed April 1853.

This copy was made in 1972 of plan #10, as registered in the Hastings Land Registry Office.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, O.L.S.

Emerson, John, P.L.S.

Subdivision of Lots 5-7 in west Cannifton

A certified reproduction of the "Plan shewing subdivisions of Lots # 5, 6 & 7 in 3rd Concession, Thurlow, west side of River Moira, formerly the property of the late Daniel Canniff in 1856." It was redesignated as “West Cannifton" by Jonas Canniff on August 9, 1862. Surveyed by Publius V. Elmore, P. L. S. Certified by John J. Haslett, P.L. S.

This copy was made in 1972 of plan #124, as registered in the Hastings Land Registry Office.

Beyond the bridge over River Moira and northerly are large lots named: 1. Elizabeth A. Ketchepaw; 2. Letty S. Belch; 3. Thomas Canniff; 4. Philean Canniff; 5. Nancy Canniff; 6. Daniel Canniff; 7. Sarah Mormon; 8. Anne Maria Burnes; 9. Catharine Brown.

Elmore, Publius Virgillius, D.P.S.

Map of Thurlow Township with annotations

A map of Thurlow Township featuring the addition of handwritten annotations. Concessions, railways, proprietors, businesses and locations are featured. The map extends from the Bay of Quinte in the southwest to Roslin the northeast. Circa 1950 (Bakelite plant opened c. 1948 and the Foxboro Cheese Factory closed in 1961).

Specific annotations are as follows: Halloway Grist Mill, Latta Bridge, Plainfield Grist, Saw Mill, O'Brien's Bridge, Grist Mill, Canning Factory Foxboro, Footbridge, Cheese Factory, Fairfields Bridge, Dam Corbyville, Distillery, Cannifton Dam, Grist & Saw Mill, Quarry & Substation, Round House, Brickyard, Graham's Dried Foods, Bell Telephone Lines, Hydro Power Lines, and Cement Works.

Plan of Lots 5 and 6 in Canniffton

A certified reproduction of the "Plan of Part of Lots # 5 & 6 in Concession 2, Township of Thurlow. Land owned by Jonas Canniff, or sold by him. ” The area contained includes; land on East side of the Moira River and on both sides of the Road from Belleville, 128 acres in Canniffton. Originally surveyed by John Emerson, P.L.S. and produced on January 13, 1861.

This reproduction was made on June 5, 1972 and approved by the Deputy Registrar.

Donated by Walter I. Watson, P. L. S.

Emerson, John, P.L.S.

Plan of town lots at Canniff's Mills

An original hand-painted, paper-on-linen map. The map was drawn in December 1853 for Joseph Cannif Esq. The area covers proposed town lots in Canniff's MIlls (Cannifton) which were never actually developed. Scale: 2 chains to one inch.

Maribeth Bird photograph collection

  • CA ON00156 1981-03
  • Collection
  • c.1880-1947

Photographs of members of the Winsor, Holgate and Searle families of Hastings County, Ontario and the Cannifton Mills of Charles Arthur Holgate.

Bird, Maribeth Lillian

Thurlow Township : miscellaneous notes / by Mrs. Mary Plumpton

File contains manuscript notes by Mary Plumpton including lists of Thurlow Town Clerks, 1798-1846; transcripts of pages from an unidentified diary 1870-1872, and notes on individuals appearing in Plumpton's work, The Rambling River. Also present is a photocopied printed excerpt from the 1879 Hastings County Directory with entries for Canifton[sic] listing residents by name and occupation.

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