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Neal (family)

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  • fl. 1937

Phyllis and George Neal lived in Mountain View, Prince Edward County. George died of a heart attack while serving in the Second World War.

Thompson (family)

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  • fl. 1900-2016

The Thompson family lived in Thomasburg, Ontario.

Gee (family)

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  • 1947-

The Gee family settled in Belleville, Ontario, in the 1940s and started a gold leaf manufacturing business from their home at 14 Bettes Street.

Corby (family)

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  • 1807-

Henry Corby senior settled in Belleville, Ontario in around 1831 with his first wife, Jemima. She and their three children died in 1835 after their cutter fell through the ice of the Bay of Quinte. Corby married her sister, Matilda Williams and had a large family with her. Matilda died in 1874 and Henry married Gladwise Matthews in 1875.

Lake (family)

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  • fl. 1870

The Lake family lived in Foxboro, Ontario.

Fidlar-Parker (family)

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  • 1790-

The Fidlars and Parkers are descended from Magnus Fidlar and Janet Irvine of Stromness, Orkney, Scotland. Their son Edward settled in Stirling and was later joined by other family members. Sarah Fidlar married Francis Boreland Parker, son of Robert Parker, originally of Ayr, Scotland, who came to Canada in 1821 to operate the Marmora iron works.

Argue (family)

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  • 1860-1980

The Argue family have lived in Belleville, Ontario since 1929. Prior to that date, Cecil Elmer (John) Argue, born April 30, 1885, had been manager of the Standard Bank in Deseronto and served as that town's mayor. He and his wife, Mary Elizabeth West, moved to Belleville after the Standard Bank merged with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. John Argue then became involved in the construction of power plants to supply electricity in both Bancroft and Stirling. John and Elizabeth Argue died in 1974, he on May 4 and she on January 30. They were survived by three sons, John West (Jack), William Armstrong and Alan Edward.

Bogart (family)

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  • fl. 1821-1900

The Bogart family lived in Belleville, Ontario, from 1821.

Campbell (family)

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  • fl. 1832-1932

Family tree following the marriage of William Campbell and Isabella Mason

Barlow (family)

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  • 1792-

Jesse Barlow married Rachel Parfoot in Brooke, Norfolk, England on 30 October 1792. They had at least eight children: John (born 1793), William, Elizabeth, Susannah, Robert, Hannah, Isaac and George (born 16 April 1814). George moved to Canada before 1839 and farmed 35 acres of land forming part of lot 7 in the first concession of Thurlow Township. He married a woman called Mary Ann and in the 1871 census they had nine children living with them. George died on 2 April 1894 and was buried in the Belleville cemetery. His wife died in 1920.

Cummings (family)

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  • 1830-

Wilson Cummings was a tanner and glove-maker who lived at 72 Geddes Street, Belleville, Ontario, from 1875 until his death in 1908. He married Dianah Pitman and the couple had four daughters: Martha, Christiana, Alice, and Francis. Francis married Charles Nicholson in 1889 and lived at the house until the 1940s.

Hall (family)

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James Montgomery Hall was born in St. Peter Port in the Channel Island of Guernsey in 1851, the son of Stewart Hall and Margaret (née Johnson). Stewart was a tailor and James and his brother John followed his career. In 1881 James and John were residing at a hotel in Trenton, Hastings County, Ontario. In June of that year, James married Emma Johnson (1857-1937) of Trenton in Brighton, Ontario. By 1891 the couple were living in Deseronto, Ontario, with their two daughters, Evelyn 'Tottie' (b. 1882) and Flossie (b. 1887). James was continuing to work as a tailor. The Halls had a third child, Gordon, in 1894. They lived at 426 Thomas Street.

James died on August 4, 1919. His daughter Flossie became a school teacher and married Thomas Chalmers in Deseronto in 1926. The couple had one daughter, Frances.

Pitman (family)

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Edward Pitman (ca. 1861-1941) operated a blacksmith shop at the corner of Highway 62 and Moira Road in West Huntingdon, Hastings County, Ontario. He and his wife Margaret Jane (nee Hicks; ca. 1860-1953) lived in a home beside the smithy with their children Jack, Jean and Georgia. The Pitman family continued to run a store after Ed's death in 1941; they subsequently moved to Belleville, Ontario.

Cole (family)

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  • fl. 1880s-1920s

Members of the Cole family lived in Deseronto, Ontario.

Stapley (family)

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  • fl. 1917-1918

Members of the Stapley family lived north of Deseronto, Ontario, during the First World War.

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