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Quinte Conservation

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  • 1995-

Quinte Conservation was formed in 1995 as a merger of three existing conservation authorities: the Moira River Conservation Authority, the Napanee Region Conservation Authority, and the Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority.

Moira River Conservation Authority

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  • 1947-1995

The Moira River Conservation Authority was established on 31 July 1947 to protect the watershed of the Moira River in the counties of Hastings and Lennox and Addington, Ontario. It merged with the Prince Edward and Napanee Region authorities in 1995 to form Quinte Conservation.

Ontario Business College (Belleville)

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  • 1868-1999

The Ontario Business College was established as the Ontario Commercial College in Belleville, Ontario, in 1868 by Samuel G. Beatty and George Wallbridge. In 1871 Beatty purchased Wallbridge's share of the business and was joined by William Byron Robinson (1846-1921) and John Wesley Johnson. Beatty retired in 1879. The College was in operation in various locations in Belleville until it went into receivership in 1999.

Note that the Community Archives does not hold student transcripts for the Ontario Business College. Private career colleges in Ontario were not legally obligated to maintain student records (transcripts and/or diplomas) for any length of time until 2007.

Stirling Historical Society

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  • fl. 1990-2004

The Stirling Historical Society was active in Stirling, Ontario, between 1990 and 2004.

Thurlow Circulating Library

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  • 1847-

The Thurlow Circulating Library was established in 1847.

Foley Foundry & Machine Co. Ltd.

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  • fl. 1855-1961

The foundry was established in 1855 and operated as Walker Foundry, which manufactured agriculture machinery. In 1917, Francis "Frank" Bernard Foley and R.J. Graham purchased the factory from J.C. McCarthy to manufacture a line of evaporating and dehydrating machinery invented by Frank B. Foley. The business then became known as Fruit Machinery Company Limited. After World War I, the factory became a custom machine shop and foundry, repairing all types of machinery.

In 1948, the company became Foley Foundry & Machine Co. Ltd. Following Frank B. Foley's death in 1947, his son Frank H. Foley was elected President and General Manager. The Vice President of the business, the eldest son of Frank B. Foley, Thomas L. Foley, was killed in action while serving in the R.C.A.F. as a Bomber Pilot in World War II. A fire severely damaged the factory and its equipment in December 1960.

The business moved to a new building on Wallbridge Crescent in Belleville, ON, in 1961, operating as a repair and steel fabrication business. The company also operated as a supply business, distributing the products of Canadian Liquid Air Co. as well as automotive supplies on route to Cobourg, Kingston, and South to Picton, Ontario.

Quinte Arts Council

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  • 1967-

The Quinte Arts Council (QAC) was established in 1967 as a registered charitable organization dedicated to supporting artists and arts organizations in the Quinte region by developing various events, bursaries, and workshops. In a QAC mission statement, the organization declares its goal “to provide leadership within [the] community, to foster and develop creative excellence among artists and to promote awareness of and appreciation for the arts.”

The QAC was created as a result of the successful “Arts Fest” event in 1967, which led to an interest for an arts council that served the Quinte area. The Chairman of the Steering Committee for establishing the Council was Marian M. Wilson, who became the QAC’s charter president. After conversing with the Ontario Council for the Arts and sixty representatives from Belleville, Brighton, Picton, and Trenton, the QAC was officially created on September 25, 1967. The QAC was incorporated in 1984.

The QAC is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors with committees responsible for different aspects of the QAC’s operations. The Board, Committees and other volunteers are supported by hired members of staff. Artists, arts organizations and businesses can apply to join the QAC’s membership. The QAC also publishes the Umbrella, which informs readers about arts and culture in the Quinte region.


Quinte Homophile Association

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  • 1986-

The Quinte Homophile Association was established in Belleville in 1986 as a social support group for gay men and lesbians, their family and friends.

City of Belleville

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  • 1877-

The Town of Belleville, Ontario was incorporated effective January 1, 1850 under the terms of the Baldwin Act, Chapter 81, Canada Statutes, 1849. The town became a City on 31 December 1877 after "An Act for the Incorporation of the Town of Belleville as a City, and for the Consolidation of the debt thereof" was passed in March 1877 by the Government of Ontario. In 1998 it amalgamated with the surrounding Township of Thurlow.

Soroptimist Club of Belleville

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  • fl. 1947-c.1966

The Soroptimist Club of Belleville was formed in May 1947, becoming the 289th club in the Soroptimist International Association and the first women’s service organization in Belleville, Ontario. The Peterborough Soroptimist Club sponsored the formation of the Belleville chapter. Mrs. Georgia Smith was elected the first charter president of the Soroptimist Club of Belleville with Dr. Lily B. Mathieson as 1st Vice President, Mrs. Agnes Caton as 2nd Vice President, Miss Mary Lloyd as Secretary, Mrs. Inda A. Drew as Treasurer, and Miss Laura M. Johnston, Mrs. Mary L. Quinn, Miss Helen Keeler, and Miss Leona Riggs as Directors. The first Charter members were Miss Lillian Courneyea, Miss Lola Fluke, Miss Rachel Fox, Mrs. Francis Bennett, Miss Majorie Gothard, Mrs. Minnie Kerr, Mrs. Barbara McCaw, Miss Gladys H. MacDonald, Mrs. Mathilda Mazer, Mrs. Amy Rawson, and Mrs. Edna Wrightmeyer.

The Soroptimist Club of Belleville funded various endeavors throughout Belleville, Ontario. In 1992, Leona Hendry, Chief Librarian of the Belleville Public Library, reported that the Belleville Soroptimist Club donated $500 in 1950 to begin a record collection. In 1953, the Club sponsored a Tweed Ladies Coronation Tea and Fashion Show, held at Georgia Smith’s residence. In 1957-1958, the Belleville chapter established a $25 prize for the highest standing in the Grade XI Commercial Course for students of the Belleville Collegiate Institute and Vocational School. In May 1960, the 28th conference of the Eastern Canada Region of the Soroptimist Federation of the Americas was held in Belleville, with President Georgia Smith serving as chairman of the banquet. The Soroptimist Club of Belleville presumably concluded by the 1970s.

The Soroptimist International Association (SIA) was a volunteer service organization founded in the 1920s to serve as a classified service club for professional and executive business women of American, British and European Federations. In a SIA leaflet from the 1940s, the word Soroptimist derives from the word soror (sister) and optima (best), meaning “The Best for Women.” The leaflet states that the ideals of the Soroptimist Clubs are “the sincerity of friendship, the joy of achievement, the dignity of service, the integrity of professions, [and] the love of country.”

Trenton News

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  • fl. 1960
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