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Quinte Field Naturalists

  • Corporate body
  • 1952-

The Quinte Field Naturalists Club was founded on January 16, 1952. A local committee of the Ontario Field Naturalists from the Entomology Laboratory at Bleecker and Dundas Streets in Belleville met with the Belleville Brown Thrasher Nature Club to form the Quinte Field Naturalists Club. An executive was chosen and the public invited to join the club through an article in the local newspaper. Meetings were held the first Monday of each month, usually at the Entomology Laboratory.
The Quinte Field Naturalists of Belleville were incorporated on January 2, 1991 according to information found within the fonds. The Quinte Field Naturalists is one of many member organizations belonging to Ontario Nature (formerly known as the Federation of Ontario Naturalists) headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

Brock & Co.

  • Corporate body
  • fl.1906

Brock & Co. was a firm of photographers active in Trenton, Ontario in 1906.

Sheldon & Davis

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1865-1902

Sheldon and Davis was a photographic studio in Kingston, Ontario.

Township of Marmora and Lake

  • Corporate body
  • 1821-

The Township of Marmora was attached to the County of Hastings by an act of the provincial Parliament of Upper Canada passed on 14 April 1821. The townships of Lake and Marmora were combined in a by-law passed by the County of Hastings on 11 June 1852. The township amalgamated with the Village of Deloro in 1998 and with the Village of Marmora in 2001.

Bishop's Seeds

  • Corporate body
  • 1890-1990

Bishop's Seeds was established in Belleville, Ontario, by Charles Edward Bishop (1854-1941), who had immigrated from England in 1875. It remained a family firm in Belleville, selling seeds for farmers across Canada until its closure in 1990.

Capital City Chapter No. 242 R.A.M.

  • Corporate body
  • 1869-

The Capital City Chapter No. 242 Royal Arch Masons was established on April 14th, 1869 in Albany, New York.

Fraser, William Alexander

  • Person
  • 1886-1962

William Alexander Fraser (24 April 1886 – 26 October 1962) was a Canadian politician.
Fraser was born in Trenton, Ontario where he served as mayor in the 1920s. He represented the riding of Northumberland in Parliament with the Liberal party from 1930 through 1945. He served as Chief Whip in the Mackenzie King government. He was later appointed to the Senate, where he remained until his death in 1962.
Fraser pursued a variety of business interests including the Trenton Cooperage Mills, a major cold storage business, fruit-growing and processing, regional newspapers, movie theatres, and a bridge-building company that later helped manufacture corvettes for the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II. He was known as "Nickel Billy", perhaps in reference to his business skills.
He died at a Kingston, Ontario hospital, aged 76.

Bangay, Ralph Ernest

  • Person
  • 1926-2019

Ralph Bangay and his wife Eugenia (Sheppard) were the curators of the Memory Junction Museum in Brighton, Ontario until its closure in 2017.

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