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Miller, Paul A., O.L.S.

  • Person
  • fl. 1993

A licensed Ontario Land Surveyor located in Hastings County, Ontario.

Smith, Kerry and Chace Engineers

  • Corporate body
  • c. 1907-1914

A surveying firm composed of William Gregory Chace (b. 1875 - d. 1937), John George Gale Kerry (b. 1867) and Cecil B. Smith.
The work completed by the firm resulted in the establishment of the Toronto Hydro-Electric System.

Richards, George Henry 'Harry', O.L.S.

  • Person
  • b. 25 May 1898 - d. 1966

Harry was born in the year 1898 to parents George Richards Sr. and Kate Price. He was baptized on July 8, 1898 at Rolleston, Stafford, England.
By 1913, the family had immigrated to Canada, where Harry trained and worked as an Ontario Land Surveyor.
He married his wife, Gertrude Mae Montgomery, on July 15, 1925, at Brantford, Ontario.
Harry died in 1966.

Murphy, Agnes Helena

  • Person
  • 1920-2018

Agnes Helena Murphy was raised on a farm near Shannonville, Ontario. She attended high school in Belleville and at a young age she joined the Sisters of Providence Order in Kingston and went on to work as a nurse in many locations across Canada. She retired to Belleville and died there in 2018 at the Hastings Manor long term care facility.

Bolger and Drewry, P.L.S.

  • Person
  • c. 1885

A land surveying firm based in Hastings County, Ontario, owned by Thomas Oliver Bolger, P.L.S., and William Stewart Drewry, P.L.S. & D.L.S.

Burkett, Mary Estella

  • Person
  • 1913-2010

Estella Burkett was born September 26, 1913 in Maynooth, Ontario, the child of Patrick and Agnes (Shields) Burkett. She trained as a teacher, working in Deseronto and in Germany (from 1955 to 1957). She retired from teaching in 1974 and died on October 12, 2010 in Belleville, Ontario.

Joyce, Thelma

  • Person
  • 1911-1986

Thelma Joyce was born in Deseronto, Ontario on 9 December 1911, the child of Albert and Annie (McCabe) Joyce. She died in Toronto in October 1986.

Ridout, Thomas

  • Person
  • b. 17 Mar 1754 - d. 8 Feb 1829

W. C. Chewett and Co.

  • Corporate body
  • 1861-1869

A publishing and printing company owned by William Cameron Chewett of Toronto, Ontario.

Elmore, William R., C. E.

  • Person
  • b. 1830

William was born in about 1830 to father Publius V. Elmore - a surveyor once active in Hastings County.
He married Miss Victoria Counter, daughter of the mayor of the City of Kingston (John Counter).
He lived in Buffalo and then in Philadelphia.
He played a role in developed the Atlantic and Great Western Railway.

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