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Corporate body

Women's Study Guild

  • Corporate body
  • 1931-1998

The Young Women's Guild was formed under the auspices of the John Street United Church in Belleville, Ontario in 1931. Its aim was "to study and discuss current topics in the light of the principles of Jesus' teaching". Members prepared talks on topics of interest to members and a guest speaker was invited once a year to address the group. During the Depression they organized a School for Leisure in the church hall, as a place for people to meet and learn basic skills such as knitting, nutrition, carpentry, sewing, and bookkeeping.

The name of the organization was changed at the 29th March 1950 meeting to the Women's Guild.

The future of the Guild was discussed at a meeting held on 28th September 1998, when it was unanimously agreed that the Study Guild should cease to exist. The remaining funds of the organization were donated to Eastminster Church.

Women's Christian Association

  • Corporate body
  • 1879-2018

The Women's Christian Association in Belleville, Ontario, held its inaugural meeting on 18th November, 1879. It was formed with the aim of establishing a hospital in the city, and a home for the aged. The organization was incorporated in 1907. Work started on the construction of the hospital in June 1884. In 1948 the Association turned ownership of the hospital over to the City of Belleville. The Association continued to fund healthcare related projects until 2018, when it was wound up, donating its remaining funds to Quinte Health Care toward the renovation of the Maternal Child Program at Belleville General Hospital.

Windswept Productions

  • Corporate body
  • 1989-

Video production company based in Belleville, Ontario.

Wharf Street Debating Club

  • Corporate body
  • c.1910-

The Wharf Street Debating Club began as a working class men's club in the Foster Ward area of Belleville, Ontario. At the time of municipal elections the club runs a 'Bun Feed', at which prospective candidates address the group. For many years, women candidates were admitted only to give their speech, then had to leave the room. The exclusion of women from the club continued until November 1988, when Julia Drake crashed the bun feed, dressed as a man. After that, the event became open to all.

West Huntingdon United Church

  • Corporate body
  • c.1875-1967

The Wesleyan Methodist 'Reed's Church' was built in West Huntingdon, Hastings County, in around 1875. It became part of the United Church in 1925 and was closed in 1967, the building becoming a private home (201 Sills Road, Stirling).

Wallbridge Women's Institute

  • Corporate body
  • 1907-1991

Wallbridge Women's Institute was founded in 1907 with 32 members from the eastern part of Sidney Township, Ontario. It closed in 1991.

W. C. Chewett and Co.

  • Corporate body
  • 1861-1869

A publishing and printing company owned by William Cameron Chewett of Toronto, Ontario.

Volunteer and Information Quinte

  • Corporate body
  • 1966-

Ruth Burrows established The Volunteer Bureau in August 1966 as part of United Community Services (United Way). The Bureau provided services such as driving services, a housing registry, a furniture exchange , clothing depot, English for Newcomers, Seniors' drop-in centres and literacy programs. It became an independent agency with a board of directors in 1970 and was incorporated in 1972. In 1997 the Bureau established information and referral services and became known as Volunteer and Information Quinte (VIQ). Website:

Village of Stirling

  • Corporate body
  • 1858-1997

The Village of Stirling in Hastings County, Ontario was incorporated as a municipality in 1858. In 1998 it was amalgamated with the Township of Rawdon to become part of the Township of Stirling-Rawdon.

Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Company

  • Corporate body
  • 1905-1963

The Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Association opened in 1905 on Lot 4, Concession 11 in Hungerford Township, Hastings County. The various officers operated the joint-stock corporation continuously until 1963.

The first President of the Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Company was Robert Sayers (1901 – 1904). His successors are as follows:

  • William Gordon (1905 – 1911)
  • Joseph Bateman (1913)
  • Herbert Sayers (1913 – 1922)
  • Wesley Bodgely (1922 – 1925)
  • S. McRea (1926 – 1929)
  • Clarence Graham (1930 – 1932)
  • W. E. Bateman (1933 – 1942).

The company ceased operations in 1963 because of a lapse in their insurance coverage, and the stakeholders were reimbursed.

Unwin, Murphy and Esten, O.L.S.

  • Corporate body
  • c. 1820–2001

Unwin, Murphy and Esten Ltd. was the first land survey firm located in Toronto, Ontario. Their surveys allowed much of the land within the city to be developed.
Their records currently lie with a successor - Krcmar Surveyors Ltd. in Thornhill, Ontario.

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