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Denike (family)

  • Família
  • fl. 1890-1938

Sidney Cheese and Butter Factory Association

  • Pessoa coletiva

The Sidney Cheese and Butter Factory Manufacturing Association was founded in 1893 by John R. Brower, Wellington Crouter, Lemuel Hogle, W.R. Vandervoort, Samuel Traverton, Peter Goldsmith, Fred A. Spafford. The factory was located in Sidney Township, County of Hastings, on Lot 22, in the 3rd Concession. The Association operated until it ceased operations in 1951 to pay creditors. President's of the association included: John Brower (1893-1898), A. V. Hogle (1899-1900), J.M. Farley (1900- ), U.A. Thrasher (1930-1932), Arthur Bunnet (1932-1933, 1935), J.W. Bailey (1934), Carmen Grills (1937-1941), Stanley Spafford (1942-1944), Ernest Kells (1945-1948), and Everett Hubbard (1948-1951).

South Hastings Film Council

  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1950-?

The South Hastings Film Council was formed in December 1950 by the merger of Hastings County Film Council and Foxboro & District Film Council. Each month the Film Council recieved one box of films from the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and arranged showings throughout their district, which consisted of Sidney, Thurlow and Tyendinaga Townships. Films were shown to school groups during the day, with a public showing in the evenings. The Film Council advertised the showings, supplied equipment (projectors) and organized the events. Connie Churchill was the secretary and Jim Churchill was "the fixer" the one in charge of setting up everything. Wanda I. Sine was treasurer.

Tyendinaga East Women's Institute

  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1929-2014

The Tyendinaga East Women's Institute was formed in February 1929. It was disbanded in 2014.

Mikel, William Charles

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1866-1950

William Charles Mikel was born in Belleville in 1866 and attended Belleville High School, and later Albert College. His post-secondary career began at Ontario Business College and culminated upon receiving his Bachelor of Civil Law degree from Toronto's Trinity College. Upon graduating he took up practice in Belleville where he achieved acclaim early on in his career as he successfully defended James Kane against a murder charge.

Mikel was named Master of the Supreme Court of Canada for Belleville in 1928. He served as Crown Prosecutor throughout the Province of Ontario, as well as appearing before both the Provincial Legislature and the House of Commons. Of note amongst his government cases, Mikel was a member of Counsel for the Farmers Bank of Canada. In addition to this, Mikel was named King's Council in 1908 and was named head of the Ontario Municipal Association in 1907 and 1908. He was among those who founded the Ontario Bar Association and was named its President in 1911 and 1912.

Mikel's public service is well noted as he was named Auditor and City Solicitor as well as being elected an Alderman for the City Belleville. In 1924 he was elected Mayor of Belleville with the largest majority the city had seen municipally or parliamentary. In 1925 he was elected once again, with a larger majority than the mandate he earned in 1924.

Mikel was a Captain in the 15th Battalion, Argyll Light Infantry and upon the eruption of World War I, he volunteered for service but was turned down. Despite not being allowed to participate in the war, he nonetheless was able to recruit local organizations to mobilize their resources for use overseas. He also was active in local and national fraternal organizations. These include serving as the Master of the Moira Masonic Lodge, the Council Commander of the Woodmen of the World, President of the Canadian Fraternal Association from 1918 to 1919, Vice-President of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada in 1928, and Vice President of the Ontario Magistrates Association in 1928.

Mayor Mikel was also an avid local historian. He set about writing one of the first recorded histories of Belleville, The City of Belleville History which was published in 1943. One of his ambitions was to see a "Quinte City" constructed, amalgamating villages, towns, and cities around the Bay of Quinte in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties. He died at his William Street home in 1950, and was survived by his wife Lillian and his daughter Audrey Milne-Jeffrey. Mikel Street in Northeast Belleville is named after him.

Holton, George Harold

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1885-1957

George Harold Holton was a prominent figure in the federal and provincial Liberal parties during the 1920s until his death.

Holton, Donald Mackenzie

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1915-1971

Donald Holton was the son of George Harold Holton and a volunteer recruit for the Canadian Army during the Second World War. His letters describe weather, social activities, politics, and his experiences during the conflict.

Cummins, Kathryn

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1900-1990

Clarke, W. S.

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1865-1944

William Spence Clarke was a photographer in Belleville, Ontario. He died on 15th January 1944.

Lloyd & Evans

  • Pessoa coletiva

Corupe, Linda

  • Pessoa singular

Clarke, Harry J.

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1869-1958

Harry J. Clarke was a teacher and school inspector in Belleville, Ontario. The Harry J. Clarke Public School is named after him.

Ruyg, Rene A.

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1990s


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