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Holton, Donald Mackenzie

  • Persoon
  • 1915-1971

Donald Holton was the son of George Harold Holton and a volunteer recruit for the Canadian Army during the Second World War. His letters describe weather, social activities, politics, and his experiences during the conflict.

Clarke, Harry J.

  • Persoon
  • 1869-1958

Harry J. Clarke was a teacher and school inspector in Belleville, Ontario. The Harry J. Clarke Public School is named after him.

Flint, John James Bleecker

  • Persoon
  • 1838-1929

Adopted son of Billa Flint, John J. B. Flint became a lawyer and was Police Magistrate of Belleville for 20 years and Magistrate of Hastings County for nine years. He was elected Mayor of Belleville in 1872.

MacFadden, F. A. R.

  • Persoon
  • fl. 1923-1959

F. A. R. Macfadden was a chartered accountant and licensed municipal auditor.

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