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Palmer, Harry Sheridan

  • Persona
  • 1891-1976

Harry Sheridan Palmer was the child of Charles Sheridan Palmer and Corilla Louisa (Jines). He was born in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario, on 22 July 1891. In 1908 he won the Trenton to Belleville road race. He married Minnie Elizabeth Simpson on 22 January 1913 in Trenton, Ontario and was working as a painter at the time of the 1921 census. He died in 1976 and was buried in Whitby, Ontario.

McGeachie, John Brett 'Jack'

  • Persona
  • 1912-2003

Jack McGeachie was a resident of Limerick Township in Hastings County, and with his wife, Ethel Tweedie Morgan, was the donor of the McGeachie Conservation Area to the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority in 1994.

Rotary Club of Belleville

  • Entidad colectiva
  • 1920-

The Rotary Club of Belleville was formed in 1920.

MacTavish, Margaret MacKay

  • Persona
  • 1866-1928

Margaret MacKay was born in Zorra, Ontario on 10 July 1866, the child of William P. MacKay, a Presbyterian minister, and Amelia Jane (Youngs). She married William Sharpe MacTavish, also a minister in the Presbyterian Church, who served in St. George, Deseronto, Kingston, and Madoc. The couple had eight children. They retired to Belleville in 1922, where Margaret died on 23 August 1928. She wrote poetry, some of which was published by her husband after her death.

Quinte Conservation

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  • 1995-

Quinte Conservation was formed in 1995 as a merger of three existing conservation authorities: the Moira River Conservation Authority, the Napanee Region Conservation Authority, and the Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority.

Moira River Conservation Authority

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  • 1947-1995

The Moira River Conservation Authority was established on 31 July 1947 to protect the watershed of the Moira River in the counties of Hastings and Lennox and Addington, Ontario. It merged with the Prince Edward and Napanee Region authorities in 1995 to form Quinte Conservation.

Lazier, Alford Foster

  • Persona
  • 1874-1943

Alford Foster Lazier was born in Belleville, Ontario on 4 April 1874, the child of Samuel Lazier and Ada Smith Richardson. He worked as a painter and decorator and he married Edith Blanche Tugnett (1875-1955) on 15 June 1904. They lived at 164 Coleman Street and had four children: Gertrude, Fred, Allan and Erma. Alford died in Belleville in 1943.

Chapman, Thomas

  • Persona
  • fl. 1900-1918

A Gravesend printer who served as agent for Gilbert Parker

Ontario Business College (Belleville)

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  • 1868-1999

The Ontario Business College was established as the Ontario Commercial College in Belleville, Ontario, in 1868 by Samuel G. Beatty and George Wallbridge. In 1871 Beatty purchased Wallbridge's share of the business and was joined by William Byron Robinson (1846-1921) and John Wesley Johnson. Beatty retired in 1879. The College was in operation in various locations in Belleville until it went into receivership in 1999.

Note that the Community Archives does not hold student transcripts for the Ontario Business College. Private career colleges in Ontario were not legally obligated to maintain student records (transcripts and/or diplomas) for any length of time until 2007.

Gordon, Stanley Alec

  • Persona
  • 1905-1989

Stanley Alec Gordon was born in England in 1905, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Fred Gordon. The family moved to Canada in 1912. Alec was a teacher at the Ontario School for the Deaf in Belleville and was the organist for Bridge Street United Church. He died on January 16, 1989.

Rustige, Rona

  • Persona
  • fl. 1982-

Rona is a museum professional who was formerly the curator at Glanmore National Historic Site.

Stapley, James George

  • Persona
  • 1918-1988

James George 'Jim' Stapley was a resident of Stirling-Rawdon Township. He served in the Second World War and was employed by the Canadian National Railway. He died in 1988 and was buried in the Eggleton-Clark Cemetery at Stirling, Ontario.

Stirling Historical Society

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  • fl. 1990-2004

The Stirling Historical Society was active in Stirling, Ontario, between 1990 and 2004.

Hyde, James S.

  • Persona
  • 1928-2008

James S. 'Jim' Hyde was a painter. He died in Ottawa on 23 January 2008.

Hodgson, J. W.

  • Persona
  • 1915-2002

John Wesley 'Jack' Hodgson was a teacher at the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf from 1938. He died in Belleville on 3 May 2002.

Freeman, W.Ray

  • Persona
  • fl. 1961-1967

Ray Freeman was a historian of Brighton and Marmora, Ontario.

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