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Belleville Transit Commission

  • Corporate body
  • 1 May 1960 -

The first public transit appeared on May 23, 1876 with 16 horses and drivers operating from 6:00am to 10:00pm.
Throughout the years, the service disappeared, appeared again and upgraded thanks to many different franchisees.
By 1924, Fred Rawson Sr. had started a one-bus transit system. When he died in 1935, his wife and son drove the buses.
After the second World War, revenues dropped and the family sold to the City of Belleville.
The Belleville Transit Commission was appointed by the Belleville City Council to form and maintain bus transportation under the "City of Belleville Act, 1960." During its first years, routes and equipment were heavily studied to form the foundation of the transit system that still runs today.

Belleville Yardmen Benefit Fund

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1977

The Belleville Yardmen Benefit Fund was a fundraising organization which ran a lottery in the 1970s. The group donated funds for the construction of the Quinte Sports Centre on Cannifton Road in Belleville, Ontario, in 1977.

Belleville-Sargent and Co. Limited

  • Corporate body
  • 1931-1947

Operating at 270 Pinnacle Street, the Belleville-Sargent and Co. Limited manufactured Locks and associated building hardware. In 1947 it enlarged to include marine hardware. It was purchased by the American Hardware Company in 1956.

Bellin, Jacques Nicolas

  • Person
  • b. 1703 - d. 21 Mar 1772

Jacques was born in France in 1703.
In 1721 he was appointed chief cartographer to the French Navy.
Later, in August 1741, he was named Official Hydrographer of the French King. Throughout his career he charted area in France and eventually in Canada.
He passed away at 69 years on March 21, 1772.

Belnap, Pete

  • Person
  • 1896-c. 1966

Pete Belnap was born in 1896. He was in business as a barber since 1915 except for time out fighting in the First World War. He retired in 1966.

Benedict, Rollin C.

  • Person
  • 1812-1879

Rollin Corrobus Benedict was born in Vermont in 1812. He published the Hastings Times and Farmer's Journal in Belleville, Ontario, in 1833. He died in Kingston, Ontario on 22 January 1879.

Benn, Ronald, O.L.S.

  • Person
  • 1919-2008

Ronald Benn was born in 1919. He was a pilot in World War ll as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. In 1950, he earned his Ontario Land Surveying Certificate. Throughout his career as a surveyor he worked for Ontario Hydro, in private practice and finally in legal surveys with the City of Ottawa. Benn and his wife, Agnes, were married in 1953. They had two children. He died on February 4, 2008 at Nepean, Ontario.

Benson, Frank

  • Person
  • 1903-1990

Frank Benson was a resident of Belleville, Ontario.

Benson, Mary

  • Person
  • 1864-1954

Mary Benson was born in Picton, Ontario, on 30 September 1864. She married George Boyle, a grocer, on 26 April 1893 and the couple lived in Belleville, Ontario at 226 William Street. George died on 20 June 1923. Mary died on 1 April 1954 and they were both buried in the Belleville Cemetery.

Benson, Samuel Manson, D.P.S. & P.L.S.

  • Person
  • 1801-1876

Samuel Manson Benson was born on 23 March 1801 in York, Ontario, Canada, the child of Ezekiel Benson and Ann Manson. He became a surveyor and was active in various townships of the Midland District of Ontario. He served in the militia during the rebellion of 1837-1838. Benson died in Belleville on 28 December 1876 of cancer, at the age of 75.

Berkeley, Garnet Lawrence, O.L.S.

  • Person
  • 1890-1967

Garnet Lawrence Berkeley was born on May 4, 1890 in Belleville, Ontario, to parents John Alfred Berkeley and Ellen Catharine Zufelt. He married his wife, Gertrude Louise Butler, on June 22, 1912 in York, Ontario. Prior to enlisting in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, he was employed as a land surveyor and civil engineer. On April 1, 1916 he joined the 4th Divisional Cyclists Company as a Captain. At some point in his time overseas, he acquired a hand and knee injury from a motorcycle accident. He was later discharged on November 17, 1917. After the First World War Berkeley returned to his family and previous profession. He died in Smith's Falls, Ontario on 13 August 1967.

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