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Christie, Jack

  • Person
  • fl. 1957-1986

Jack Christie was the Director of the Glenora Fisheries Research Station near Picton, Ontario. He was married to Susan Hepburn.

Joyce, Thelma

  • Person
  • 1911-1986

Thelma Joyce was born in Deseronto, Ontario on 9 December 1911, the child of Albert and Annie (McCabe) Joyce. She died in Toronto in October 1986.

Sharp, Cyril

  • Person
  • 1937-2017

Cyril Sharp was born in Bancroft, Ontario, on 7 February 1937, the child of Henry and Lena (Carrol) Sharp. He was a photographer in Belleville, Ontario. He died in the city on 3 June 2017.

Forneri and Kennedy, P.L.S.

  • Corporate body
  • 1866-1870

A land surveying firm headed by Cosford Chalmers Forneri P.L.S. (b. 5 Sep 1842) and Lachlan Kennedy P.L.S.

Keller, Joyce Pearl

  • Person
  • 1926-2014

Joyce Pearl Vardy was born in Bancroft on 6 August 1926, the child of Calvin and Pearl (Musclow) Vardy. She married Donald Edward Keller and the couple had two children. Joyce died on 20 January 2014.

Keller, Don

  • Person
  • 1925-2015

Donald Edward Keller was born in 1926, the child of Stanley and Marguerite (Noble) Keller. Don operated Keller Pools in Belleville, and previous to that was also involved with home-building construction. He was a founding member of the Quinte Homebuilders Association. He died on 8 April 2015.

MacLeod and Carre, P.L.S.

  • Corporate body
  • 1861-1867

MacLeod and Carre were a firm of engineers and surveyors from Belleville, Ontario.

Innes and MacLeod, P.L.S.

  • Person
  • fl. 1856-1865

A partnership between Mr. John Innes of Kingston, Ontario and Mr. Henry A. F. MacLeod, P.L.S.

Horsey and Nash, P.L.S.

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1857

A land surveying partnership composed of Henry Hodge Horsey P.L.S. (b. 30 Jun 1830 - d. 11 Aug 1911) and Thomas Webb Nash P.L.S. (d. 23 Mar 1915).

Wallbridge, William, P.L.S.

  • Person
  • b. 13 Jul 1825 - d. 3 Feb 1863

William Wallbridge was born on July 13, 1825 to parents Asa Wallbridge and Hannah Every, at Clark Township.
He received his land surveying license, in Ontario, on January 8, 1853.
He remained unmarried until one of his pursuits caused his fateful end. In visiting a lady with scarlet fever, he contracted the disease himself and died on February 3, 1863, at only 38 years.

William's grandfather was the local pioneer Elijah Wallbridge.

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