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Watkins, Stanley Lufkin

  • Person
  • 1917-2002

Stanley Lufkin Watkins was born in London, England on February 16th, 1917. He worked as an electrical engineer, coming to Canada in 1953. He worked in Montreal and Winnipeg and moved to Belleville, Ontario in 1959 to work for Northern Electric. The Watkins family built a house on Maitland Drive in Belleville. They lived in Belleville until June 1964 when they moved to Montreal. Stanley joined L.M. Ericsson in 1965 and in 1975 he formed his own company, Watkins & Associates, doing consultancy work and system sales. In 1982 he retired, living in Spain for three years and returning to Canada to settle in Toronto, spending winters in Florida. He died on May 8th, 2002.

Watson, Walter Irvine, O.L.S.

  • Person
  • b. 1929 - d. 2 Mar 2008

Walter was born in 1929 to parents William and Nellie Watson.
He was authorized in 1960 by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors. He later purchased the notes and records of John T. Ransom, an Ontario Land Surveyor, who had surveyed southern Hastings County since 1948. He soon founded Watson Land Surveyors Ltd., a local surveying firm in Belleville, Ontario. He worked on developing the east end of Belleville, the 401, the Quinte Mall, the Sears Warehouse, and subdivision development north of the 40.
He has donated many maps to CABHC.
He passed away on March 2nd, 2008, at Belleville, Ontario, in his 79th year.

Way, Janice

  • Person
  • fl. 1956-1974

Janice Way was a high school student in Madoc in 1974.

Webster, Frederick Theodore, O.L.S.

  • Person
  • b. 19 Sep 1892 - d. 14 Aug 1962

Fred was born on September 19, 1892, at York, Ontario, to parents Fred F. Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Cobb.
Throughout his career he was employed as an Ontario Land Surveyor.
He married his wife, Emily Lala Alford, on September 3, 1919, at Carleton, Ontario.

Weese, Durwood Alexander

  • Person
  • 1864-1936

Durwood Alexander Weese was born in Shannonville, Ontario, on 6 August 1864. He worked as a photographer in Belleville in the 1890s. He died in Hamilton, Ontario, on 11 February 1936.

Weir, George Vernon

  • Person
  • 1900-1983

George Vernon Weir was born in Leroy, New York in October of 1900. His family came to Belleville when he was about six. He played both hockey and basketball with Belleville teams. He was also a ball player with the Belleville Grand Trunks team, winner of Ontario championships in 1919 and 1924. He was married to Jessie Irene Russell. He worked in the Canadian National superintendent's office in Belleville until 1932, then joining London Life Insurance company from which he retired in 1960. Vernon Weir was a leading member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, serving 47 years on the church board of sessions. Vern Weir died on August 18, 1983.

Weir, Jessie Irene

  • Person
  • 1904-1999

Jessie Irene Weir was born on April 6, 1904 in Sidney Township, Hastings County, the daughter of David Russell and Emma Watson. She became a teacher and taught for five years in Point Anne, five years at King George School in Belleville and one year in Thurlow, No. 4. Her teaching career ended when she married George Vernon Weir.She was a lifetime member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Belleville. She died in Picton in March of 1999. Her funeral was held in the church on March 12, 1999.

Wessman, Olive Elsie

  • Person
  • 1893-1987

Olive Elsie Wessman (Trueman) was born on November 14, 1893 in Toronto, the daughter of William Henry Trueman and Margaret Ann Swinarton. She married Sigurd Wessman and they lived for most of their married lives in Belleville and Deseronto. Her husband was a factory owner, producing electric appliances. Olive Elsie Wessman died on April 25, 1987 in her 94th year. Her husband predeceased her in 1982.

Wessman, Sigurd

  • Person
  • 1885-1982

Sigurd Wessman was born in Norway in 1885, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wessman. He married Olive Elsie Trueman, and they came to Hastings County in 1921 from Renfrew. He and his brother ran the Belleville Electric and Stamping Co., initially making tools and dyes. In 1932 they moved to Deseronto where the business was called Redi Heat Electric Appliance Co., running to 1964. Mr. Wessman was on the Deseronto town council for two years and served as mayor for five years. During the Second World War the factory produced gear shifts, ammunition boxes and flame throwers. He and his wife moved back to Belleville in 1962. He died on July 12, 1982 in his 97th year.

West Huntingdon United Church

  • Corporate body
  • c.1875-1967

The Wesleyan Methodist 'Reed's Church' was built in West Huntingdon, Hastings County, in around 1875. It became part of the United Church in 1925 and was closed in 1967, the building becoming a private home (201 Sills Road, Stirling).

Whalen, Vern

  • Person
  • 1948-2017

Vern Whalen was a former resident of Point Anne, Ontario and an active member of the Hastings County Historical Society.

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