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Frost, Mary Amelia

  • Person
  • 1874-1955

Mary Amelia Frost was born on 20 September 1874, the child of Isaac J. Frost and Amelia (Ford). She died on 4 March 1955.

Frost, Isaac John

  • Person
  • 1849-1923

Isaac Frost was a leather dealer who lived in Belleville, Ontario. He died in February 1923 at his home, 187 Ann Street, Belleville.

Township of Marmora and Lake

  • Corporate body
  • 1821-

The Township of Marmora was attached to the County of Hastings by an act of the provincial Parliament of Upper Canada passed on 14 April 1821. The townships of Lake and Marmora were combined in a by-law passed by the County of Hastings on 11 June 1852. The township amalgamated with the Village of Deloro in 1998 and with the Village of Marmora in 2001.

St. Paul's United Church, Stirling

  • Corporate body
  • 1925-

Stirling Pastoral Charge was formed in 1925; formerly Methodist and Presbyterian; it included St. Paul's United Church in Stirling and Carmel Church. St. Paul's United Church in Stirling was established in 1925; formerly Methodist. Carmel United Church in the Stirling Pastoral Charge was established in 1925; it closed ca.1967.

Bull, George Louis Toussaint

  • Person
  • 1827-1905

George L. T. Bull was born in Bertierville, Quebec, the child of Henry and Madalene Bull. He died in Isabel Street, Belleville in February 1905.

Oliphant, Robert

  • Person
  • 1862-1927

Robert Oliphant lived in Sidney Township, Hastings County, Ontario. He operated a butcher's shop at 44 Bridge Street East in Belleville.

Levesconté, Charles George

  • Person
  • 1818-1867

Charles George Levesconté was a druggist who lived and worked in Belleville. His apothecary was on the corner of Front and Campbell streets in 1864.

Holton, Lucy Louisa

  • Person
  • 1874-1956

Lucy Holton was the child of Charles Phillip Holton and Caroline Harriet Bowell. She died in Bermuda on 13 April 1956.

Bowell, Evalyn Margaret

  • Person
  • 1859-1944

Evalyn Bowell was the child of Mackenzie Bowell and Harriet Louisa Moore. She married George McCarthy in 1889 and she died in Belleville on 2 July 1944.

Bowell, Louisa Mahamah

  • Person
  • 1848-1919

Louisa Bowell was the child of Mackenzie Bowell and Harriet Louisa Moore. She married James Coleman Jamieson in 1868. She died in St. Paul, Minnesota, on 22 October 1919.

Pitceathly, David

  • Person
  • c.1825-1894

David Pitceathly was a grocer who lived in Belleville, Ontario.

Simmons, Jeremiah

  • Person
  • c.1807-1887

Jeremiah Simmons was a resident and town clerk of Trenton, Ontario.

Rutherford, Thomas

  • Person
  • 1816-1900

Thomas Rutherford was a carpenter and builder who lived in Belleville, Ontario.

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