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Delong, Nora Pearl

  • Person
  • 1886-1963

Nora Pearl Delong was born in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, on 19 December 1886, the child of Sarah (Latimer) and Thomas DeLong. She married Earnest Ward of Stirling in 1909, with whom she had five children. Nora died in Belleville, Ontario on 9 January 1963.

Latimer, Sarah

  • Person
  • 1865-1947

Sarah Latimer was born in Belleville, Ontario on 5 February 1865, the child of James Latimer and Margaret (Suttle). She married Thomas DeLong and had three children with him. After Thomas's death in 1893 she married William Wallbridge in 1897 and had another child. She died in Picton, Ontario on 26 Feb 1947.

Rollins, Maurice Houston

  • Person
  • 1927-2021

Maurice Rollins was the owner of the Rollins Construction and Rollins Lumber companies and the Journey's End motel chain. He was active in sports and became a well-known philanthropist in the Belleville area.

Birchard, Shirley

  • Person
  • fl. 1982

Shirley Birchard is a resident of Belleville, Ontario. She was a member of the Historic Structures Committee of the Hastings County Historical Society.

Robertson, Paul

  • Person
  • 1961-2022

Paul Robertson was a museum professional and former resident of Deseronto, Ontario. He was the chair of the Deseronto Archives Board from 2007-2016.

Sherman, Garry

  • Person
  • 1934-2011

James Garry Sherman was a photographer who lived in Belleville, Ontario.

City of Belleville. Transportation and Operations Department

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 2019

The Transportation and Operations Services is responsible for:

  • maintaining City’s roads and traffic management appurtenances (signals, signs, lights, etc.);
  • maintaining the City’s sidewalks and trails;
  • maintaining the City’s parks and open spaces (sports fields, boulevards, passive parks, and other City lands and natural areas) including all trees/plant materials;
  • overseeing the contract for the maintenance of the City’s street lights;
  • delivering fleet management services;
  • operating the municipal transit service including maintaining related appurtenances (ie. shelters and benches) and overseeing operation of the transit terminal;
  • providing winter control services;
  • operating the municipal landfill site and managing closed municipal landfill sites (conducting required environmental studies, remedial works, etc.);
  • providing waste collection services (where not under contract to others) and supporting contracted waste collection service providers;
  • providing administrative and by-law enforcement services respecting street occupancies and public lands (i.e. parks use, garbage, etc.), and noxious weeds;
  • providing assistance to organizers in the delivery of special events on public lands (as needed or set out in agreements or prior arrangements).
  • operating and maintaining the sanitary sewer and storm water management; systems (sewers, pump stations, ponds, related appurtenances, etc.)

[Information taken from the City of Belleville's website at on 10 April 2019]

Forneri, Cosford Chalmers

  • Person
  • 1842-1880

Cosford Chalmers Forneri was born in Belfast, Ireland, on 5 September 1842, the child of James (Giacomo Felice Carlo) DeForneri and Elizabeth Susannah Wiles. The family arrived in Nova Scotia in 1851 and moved to Toronto in 1853. Cosford became a Provincial Land Surveyor in 1864 and moved to Madoc, Ontario. He married Isabell Agar in 1868. Forneri died at Rat Portage [now Kenora], Ontario, on 15 August 1880.

Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Company

  • Corporate body
  • 1905-1963

The Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Association opened in 1905 on Lot 4, Concession 11 in Hungerford Township, Hastings County. The various officers operated the joint-stock corporation continuously until 1963.

The first President of the Victoria Cheese and Butter Manufacturing Company was Robert Sayers (1901 – 1904). His successors are as follows:

  • William Gordon (1905 – 1911)
  • Joseph Bateman (1913)
  • Herbert Sayers (1913 – 1922)
  • Wesley Bodgely (1922 – 1925)
  • S. McRea (1926 – 1929)
  • Clarence Graham (1930 – 1932)
  • W. E. Bateman (1933 – 1942).

The company ceased operations in 1963 because of a lapse in their insurance coverage, and the stakeholders were reimbursed.

Flint, John James Bleecker

  • Person
  • 1838-1929

J. J. B. Flint's birth parents were Tobias Bleecker (1797-1866) and Eliza (Haskin), who died in 1844. He was adopted by Billa Flint and became a lawyer. He was Police Magistrate of Belleville for 20 years and Magistrate of Hastings County for nine years. He married Eliza Jane Holton in 1866 and the couple had one child who died in infancy. Flint was elected Mayor of Belleville in 1872. He retired to Los Angeles, California after the First World War and died there on 16 August 1929. His body was buried in Belleville.

Bellstedt, Ina

  • Person
  • 1924-2015

Jacomina Laubscher was born in South Africa on 26 June 1924. She married Friedel Bellstedt and emigrated with him to Canada in 1958. She died in Pickering, Ontario on 16 August 2015.

Donoahue, Thomas

  • Person
  • 1863-1940

Thomas Donoahue was a photographer who was born in England and moved to Canada in 1877. He worked as a photographer in Tweed and Belleville. He died in London, Ontario on 11 February 1940.

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