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Clarke, Harry J.

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1869-1958

Harry J. Clarke was a teacher and school inspector in Belleville, Ontario. The Harry J. Clarke Public School is named after him.

Ruyg, Rene A.

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1990s


Flint, John James Bleecker

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1838-1929

Adopted son of Billa Flint, John J. B. Flint became a lawyer and was Police Magistrate of Belleville for 20 years and Magistrate of Hastings County for nine years. He was elected Mayor of Belleville in 1872.

Saunders, Roy

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1965

Ashley, Hartford

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1879

MacFadden, F. A. R.

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1923-1959

F. A. R. Macfadden was a chartered accountant and licensed municipal auditor.

Adams, William

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1968

Baird, A. B. Dr.

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1936-1950

Smith, Bartlett

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1838

Bell, John

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1878

Lewis, Ed

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1959

Yeotes, Jimmy

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1969

Baekeland, Leo Hendrik Dr.

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1863-1944

Leo Hendrik Baekeland was born in Ghent, Belgium. He was a chemist who went to the United States on a scholarship and later lived with his Belgian wife and son and daughter in Yonkers, New York. He formed the Bakelite Company in 1910 and was president until his retirement in 1939.

Barrett, Donald John

  • Pessoa singular
  • c. 1928-1978

Born in Belleville, Ontario, Donald John Barrett was a former insurance agent and Harbour master. He was President of Belleville Sales and Ad Club and a member of St. Joseph's Church.

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