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The Radio Four

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  • fl. 1924

The Radio Four was a male quartet with members Dr. Allan Boyd Haffner, Arnold Thompson, Harry Moorman and Al Stillman, with accompanist Leo Riggs.

City of Belleville. Recreation, Culture, and Community Services department

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  • 1949-

The Belleville Recreation Committee was established in 1949 with oversight of two playgrounds. By 1953 the committee had charge of eleven playgrounds and a number of recreation programs. It became Recreation and Arena Committee in 1966, and later the Parks and Recreation Department and then the Recreation, Culture and Community Services Department.

Belch, Clifford John

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  • 1933-2020

Clifford Belch worked for the City of Belleville in its Recreation Department, then as the City's first Chief Administrative Officer and, in retirement, he served two terms as a Councillor.

Harley, John

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  • fl. 1980

John Harley was a student with an interest in Frankford, Ontario.

Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer (Deseronto)

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  • 1876-

The first Presbyterian minister, Reverend Robert John Craig, was appointed in Mill Point (later Deseronto) in 1876. Construction began on a dedicated church building on George Street in Deseronto in 1881.

Dryden, Melissa Ann

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  • 1856-1945

Melissa Ann Irvine was born in Moira, Ontario, on 20 November 1856. She married James Dryden on 9 November 1881 and the couple had one daughter, Jennie, in 1888. Melissa died on 20 January 1945.

Dryden, James

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  • 1855-1921

James Dryden was born in Napanee, Ontario on 31 August 1855. He was a successful merchant in Deseronto and lived in the house to the north of the Post Office on Centre Street, later used as a funeral home. He married Melissa Ann Irvine on 9 November 1881 and they had one daughter, Jennie. James Dryden died on 7 September 1921.

Graham, Robert James

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  • 1860-1934

R. J. Graham had a business in dehydrating foods in Belleville, Ontario. He was mayor of the city between 1901 and 1903.

Hastings County Historical Society. Building Research Committee

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  • 1977-1992

The Building Research Committee was a group of the Hastings County Historical Society which researched the history of buildings, mostly in Belleville. It was originally called the Historic Structures Committee. The work of the group resulted in the publication of two illustrated volumes called 'Belleville's Heritage', published in 1978 and 1983.

Herington, Clarence

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  • 1882-1945

Clarence Herington was a photographer who was living on Murphy Street in Trenton, Ontario, at the time of the 1911 census. Clarence was the son of Henry Bordman Herington and Harriet Eliza Chapin. His father established a photographic studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1890s and Clarence worked there in 1904 but brought his wife and young family to Trenton by 1906, when his second child was born. Clarence died in Vancouver in 1945.

There are a number of photographs by Herington in the Archives' Flickr collection.

Gough, Art

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  • fl. 1986
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