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Belleville Oral History Project

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  • 1975, 2008

The Belleville Oral History Project was undertaken as a Community Involvement Project/Opportunities for Youth in cooperation with the Hastings County Historical Society. The project was overseen by Professor Sali Tagliamonte of the University of Toronto and the interviews were conducted by Nancy Foster, Robert Miller, Evelyn Sine and Dave Masters.

Centennial Secondary School

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  • 1967-

Centennial Secondary School is located on Palmer Road in Belleville, Ontario.

Beaver Foods

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  • fl. 1982

Quinte Living Centre Inc.

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  • 1973-

The Quinte Living Centre was established in 1973 as a non-denominational outreach project of Bridge Street United Church in Belleville, Ontario. It was incorporated as a registered non-profit corporation in 1979. It provides housing for senior citizens in Front Street, Belleville.

Quinte Arts Council

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  • 1967-

The Quinte Arts Council (QAC) was established in 1967 as a registered charitable organization dedicated to supporting artists and arts organizations in the Quinte region by developing various events, bursaries, and workshops. In a QAC mission statement, the organization declares its goal “to provide leadership within [the] community, to foster and develop creative excellence among artists and to promote awareness of and appreciation for the arts.”

The QAC was created as a result of the successful “Arts Fest” event in 1967, which led to an interest for an arts council that served the Quinte area. The Chairman of the Steering Committee for establishing the Council was Marian M. Wilson, who became the QAC’s charter president. After conversing with the Ontario Council for the Arts and sixty representatives from Belleville, Brighton, Picton, and Trenton, the QAC was officially created on September 25, 1967. The QAC was incorporated in 1984.

The QAC is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors with committees responsible for different aspects of the QAC’s operations. The Board, Committees and other volunteers are supported by hired members of staff. Artists, arts organizations and businesses can apply to join the QAC’s membership. The QAC also publishes the Umbrella, which informs readers about arts and culture in the Quinte region.


Bridge Street United Church

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  • 1815-

The first Methodist meeting held in Belleville took place in 1815. The first meeting house was built on Pinnacle Street in 1818 and expanded in later years. In 1865 a new church opened on Bridge Street, on land provided by Billa Flint.

Stirling Historical Society

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  • fl. 1990-2004

The Stirling Historical Society was active in Stirling, Ontario, between 1990 and 2004.

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