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Neal (family)

  • Family
  • fl. 1937

Phyllis and George Neal lived in Mountain View, Prince Edward County. George died of a heart attack while serving in the Second World War.

Nickle (family)

  • Family
  • fl. 1987-1993

Bruce and Marjorie Nickle put on a Christmas display every year at their home in Marsh Street, Belleville, Ontario.

Pope (family)

  • Family
  • fl. 1950s

The Pope family lived in Shannonville, Ontario, in the 1950s.

Holton (family)

  • Family
  • fl. 1832-

The Holton family were lumber merchants in Belleville, Ontario. Ezra Holton came to Belleville in 1832 and worked for Billa Flint before building his own successful business. Ezra built homes for his four children on the lot bordered by Bridge and Charles Streets in Belleville.

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