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C.N.R. Montreal

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  • 20 Dec 1918 -

The headquarters for the Canadian National Railway, located in Montreal, Quebec.

Northway Photomap Inc.

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  • 2004 -

A photogrammetric company providing services for the public and private sectors. They also hold over a million aerial photographs starting in the 1950s.

Unwin, Murphy and Esten, O.L.S.

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  • c. 1820–2001

Unwin, Murphy and Esten Ltd. was the first land survey firm located in Toronto, Ontario. Their surveys allowed much of the land within the city to be developed.
Their records currently lie with a successor - Krcmar Surveyors Ltd. in Thornhill, Ontario.

Smith and Smith, O.L.S.

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  • c. 1950 -

A surveying firm located in Ontario.

Horsey and Nash, P.L.S.

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  • fl. 1857

A land surveying partnership composed of Henry Hodge Horsey P.L.S. (b. 30 Jun 1830 - d. 11 Aug 1911) and Thomas Webb Nash P.L.S. (d. 23 Mar 1915).

Forneri and Kennedy, P.L.S.

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  • 1866-1870

A land surveying firm headed by Cosford Chalmers Forneri P.L.S. (b. 5 Sep 1842) and Lachlan Kennedy P.L.S.

Quinte Morning Music Club

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  • c.1963-2019

The Quinte Morning Music Club was a social organization established in the 1960s as a way of sharing information about music and musicians. The group met at the houses of its members, who would put on a programme of recorded music for the entertainment and education of their fellow club members. The group disbanded in 2019.

Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan

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  • 1985-

The Bay of Quinte was designated as and Area of Concern in 1985 by the International Joint Commission. Remedial Action Plans are coordinated by Environment Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Since 1997, recommended actions have been implemented by members of the Bay of Quinte Restoration Council.


Coronation Committee of Belleville

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  • 1902

The Coronation Committee was formed on 13 May 1902 to plan the celebrations in Belleville, Ontario, attending the coronation of Edward VII. The chair of the committee was R. J. Graham, Mayor of Belleville, and its secretary was Fred Adams. The chair of the Finance Committee was Charles Sulman.

Telephone Pioneers of America: Belleville Life Member Club

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  • 1988-2000

The Belleville Life Members Club of the Telephone Pioneers of America was established in 1988 by a group of retired Northern Telecom and Bell employees in Belleville, Ontario.

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